Reinier Van Houdt

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Dutch composer and pianist Reinier van Houdt specialized in musique concrete of found sounds starting with Paths Of The Errant Gaze (2016), that contains the ghostly hymn Gaussian Veils and the ear-splitting noisescape of Transfinite Spectre.

Igitur Carbon Copies (2018) mixes a buoyant ecosystem of sounds with Stephane Mallarme's poetry (recited by David Tibet).

The Earth And The Sky (2016) and Shades Of Eternal Night (2018) document collaborations with guitarist Michael Pisaro Lettres Et Replis (2019) was a collaboration with French artist Bruno Duplant. Dead Beats (2019) consists of Alvin Curran's piano compositions performed by Van Houdt.

MMXX-04 (2020) contains the 20-minute Les Champs Lissajous, one of his most mesmerizing manipulations of found sounds.

Mouths Without A Head (2021) was inspired by Orlando di Lasso’s motets Prophetiae Sibyllarum.

The triple-disc Lieues D'Ombres (2022) collects compositions by Swiss composer Juerg Frey. Untitled #400 (2022) was a collaboration with Francisco Lopez Drift Nowhere Past/ The Adventure Of Sleep (2022) was composed for "quarantines" during the covid pandemic.

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