Josef Van Wissem

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Dutch lutist Jozef Van Wissem adapted the Renaissance instrument to the 21st century via sampling, field recordings, minimalist repetition and improvisation on works such as Retrograde Renaissance Lute (2000), Narcissus Drowning (2001), Simulacrum (BVHaast, 2003), Stations of the Cross (2007), A Priori (2008), It Is All That Is Made (2009), Ex Patris (2009), The Joy That Never Ends (2011), etc.

He collaborated with rock guitarist Gary Lucas on Diplopia (BVHaast, 2002) and The Universe of Absence (BVHaast, 2004), and with Mitchell Akiyama on Proletarian Drift (2004) and Hymn for a Fallen Angel (2007).

Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity (Important, 2012) was a collaboration with film-maker Jim Jarmusch.

(Copyright © 2006 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions )
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