Yoshi Wada

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Japanese-born Yoshi Wada (1943) moved to New York in 1967 and in 1968 joined the "Fluxus" movement.

Lament For The Rise and Fall of Elephantine Crocodile (november 1981 - India Navigation, 1982 - EM, 2007) contained two performances, one a solo voice invocation (a` la Pandit Pran Nath) and the other one a duet for voice and loudly-droning Partch-like sound-making sculptures.

Off The Wall (may 1984 - India Navigation, 1985), recorded by Yoshi Wada, Wayne Hankin (bagpipe), Marilyn Bogerd (adapted organ), Andreas Schmidt Neri (percussion) in may 1984, is a lengthy concerto that merged the droning and repetitive brands of minimalism.

The Appointed Cloud (november 1987 - Omega Point, 2008) documents a 60-minute live performance of an installation from 1987, featuring a custom-made 80-pipe organ, bagpipes, a siren, percussion and computer.

The three-LP Singing In Unison (EM, 2012) documents live improvisations of march 1978.

The three-disc Earth Horns with Electronic Drone contains a 160-minute performance for pipehorn quartet from february 1974.

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