Igor Wakhevitch

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Igor Wakhevitch (France, 1948), a pupil of both Olivier Messiaen and Pierre Schaeffer, composed the eight-part free-form electronic poem Logos (1970), subtitled, "rituel sonore pour group pop, choeur mixte et bande magnetique", for a ballet, a work inspired by the electronic music of Varese and Stockhausen but full of idiosyncratic nuances: the stormy operatic polyphony of Ergon, the droning voices and metallic hisses of Mineral Vegetal Animal, the wandering percussion amid bubbling radioactive fields of Homo Sapiens Ignorabimus, The austere Initiation represents the classical extreme of the spectrum, whereas Danse Sacrale represents the rock extreme (similar to, but less impressive than, Pierre Henry's electronic rock music).

Docteur Faust (1971) contains the ten-minute Materia-Prima which displays a much more creative fusion of rock and avantgarde orchestral music. The brief Licornes is a charming ditty in this genre, with hard-rock riff and carillon-like piano. The electronic sounds prevail in the intense shock-therapy of Eau-Ardente more traditional orchestral music Tenebres (Walpurgis)

Hathor (1974) is a more "technological" work that boasts the grandiloquent liturgical Hymne A Sathanael, perhaps his most memorable melodic theme, and the ten-minute "Gregorian" nightmare Amenthi for droning monks' choir, fluttering cosmic sounds and psychedelic voices, as well as abstract vignettes like the heavy and claustrophobic Grand Sabbat Luciferien and the polyrhythmic tribal dance Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre

He also scored Salvador Dali's opera To Be God (1974) for rock band and orchestra.

Etre Dieu (1974) was reissued in 1992 as a three-cd box-set.

The six-cd box-set Donc (Fractal, 1998) contains Logos (1970), Docteur Faust (1971), Hathor (1974), Les Fous d'Or (1975), a much more refined electroacoustic opera, Nagual (1977), a confused and fragmented ballet, and Let's Start (1979), that contains he 21-minute minimalist concerto Let's Start.

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