John Wall
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English sampling composer John Wall creates collages of samples taken from rock, jazz and classical music but, rather than focusing on the frantic juxtaposition of different sources, he fuses the snippets into organic flows of real music. His early works, Fear of Gravity (UtterPsalm, 1993) and Alterstill (UtterPsalm, 1996) concocted dark and ominous atmospheres, with frequent nods to free-jazz while maintaining a timbric elegance that was more typical of classical music. Fractuur (Utterpsalm, 1998) blended glitchy noises and samples of classical music.

He later turned towards the sparser (quasi-glitch) soundscapes of Constructions I-IV (Utterpsalm, 1999), that sounds like a natural continuation of Fractuur, the EP Constructions V-VII (Utterpsalm, 2001) and the EP Hylic (Utterpsalm, 2003).

The 20-minute EP Cphon (Utterpsalm, 2006) further dissolved the soundscape.

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