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Fan Wang (1970, first name Fan) was one of the pioneers of China's avantgarde music. He first employed a Roland 1680 hard-drive recorder but in 2006 turned to the computer.

Sound Of Meditation Within the Body (Subjam, 2001) blended the Western and Eastern ways of music in a singular manner. The 26-minute first track (that comprises the first six movements) begins like a musique-concrete collage of subterranean currents and otherworldly noises but slowly grows into a om-like cosmic drone that evokes Buddhist meditational techniques. After 13 minutes the drone mutates significantly, and the music seems to turn its attention the external space, to a broader and eventful soundscape. The 34-minute second track (last two movements) opens with operatic chanting that blends or mutates into a jarring drone that sounds like a distorted violin. The process of decomposition seems to link Chinese opera and Western avantgarde.

More akin to new-age music, Five Primary Elements (Kwan Yin, 2006) is a 67-minute symphony of natural sounds and soothing flute-like melodic electronic sounds

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