David Watson
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New Zealand composer David Watson Fingering An Idea (XI, 2007) two discs. The first disc, Dexter, features eight compositions for an ensemble of bagpipes. The first track runs the gamut from buzzing swarm of insects to rousing Scottish anthem to droning Indian sitar to festive Irish dance to cold alien frequency, and so it sets the tone for the rest of the performance. The fifth track is the most obviously "transcendent" (a slowly-mutating multi-layered "om"-like drone) but the fourth track is probably the one that best represents the "spiritual" quality of the project, with agonizing overtones that add a tragic dimension to it. Not quite what Glenn Branca did to guitars, but certainly reminiscent of that idea. The sixth track exhales sustained structures in a rather disjointed manner, producing an alienating effect. The seventh track is pure abstract droning minimalism. In a sense it marks the end of the journey started by the much more dynamic first track.
The (vastly inferior) second disc, Sinister, features solo de-tuned guitar experiments. The random plucking and clattering is rather inconclusive.
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