Tim Wheater
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Calmer Panorama (Image Maker 2001, 1988) ***
Green Dream (Image Maker 2002, 198#) *
Eclipse (Image Maker 2003, 199#) *
Whalesong (Image Maker 2004, 1990) *
Timeless (Image Maker 2005, 199#) **
Fish Nite Monn (Image Maker 2006, 199#) **
The Yearning (Bainbridge, 1993) * with Michael Hoppe`
Awakenings (New World 109, 19##) *
The Enchanter (New World 118, 19##) *
The Naked Flame (New World 146, 19##) *
Babel (###, 1993) * with Nick Franks
Heartland (Almo, 1995) *
Romances (Erdenklang, 1993) * with Michael Hoppe`
The Dreamer (New World, 1994) * with Michael Hoppe`
Wind Songs (Seventh Wave, 1996) ** with Michael Hoppe`
Unforgetting Heart (Real, 1998) * with Michael Hoppe`
Afterglow (Hearts of Space, 1999) ** with Michael Hoppe` and Martin Tillmann

Il flautista inglese Tim Wheater compone musica per piccolo ensemble acustico con sottofondo di tastiere elettroniche.

Il suo quinto lavoro, Calmer Panorama, è un disco per meditazione, composto da due lunghe suite per flauto, sintetizzatore e suoni naturali. Analogamente Whalesong, la cui musica è però ispirata dai duetti fra flauto e balene. I brani lunghi e forbiti di Timeless sono invece più vicini alla tradizione del pop e del jazz (la lunga The Wind Of Freedom su tutte).

The Yearning è un doppio interamente dedicato a "romances for alto flute" del compositore Michael Hoppè. Su Babel Wheater accompagna semplicemente le evoluzioni caleidoscopiche dell'elettronica di Nick Franks.

Wind Songs (Seventh Wave, 1996), a collaboration with keyboardist Michael Hoppe`, offers spiritually intense improvisations a` la Paul Horn, permeated by Indian and middle-eastern flourishes. Most of them are the musical equivalent of a delicate breeze (Between Cave And Cloud, Tears of the Earth), but a few contain touching melodies that unfold slowly (Silence of Stars, The Lark's Return).

Afterglow (Hearts of Space, 1999), a collaboration with Michael Hoppe` and cellist Martin Tillmann, is devoted to neoclassical compositions by Hoppe`, and accompanied by Hoppe`'s sinister mournful keyboards drones. The cello compositions (A Thousand Whispers, The Waiting with sounds of rain) are particularly tender, bordering on romantic languor (Long Ago). The flute compositions are more experimental, thanks to the inventions of the accompanying cello: Shadows Fall for flute and cello reverbs, The Reckoning for flute and percussive cello sounds, The Listening Wind for flute and haunting cello rhythm.

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