Theresa Wong

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Theresa Wong is a composer, cellist and vocalist from San Francisco.

The Unlearning (Tzadik, 2011) is a cycle of 21 songs inspired by Goya's "Disasters of War". Her dissonant cello alternatively (and sometimes at the same time) penetrates, fuels and tortures the brief vocal creatures. The standouts are the hummed lullaby Bury Them And Keep Quiet, that survives some of the most vicious cello attacks, the multitracked vocal game Proud Monster, and the lively, almost rocking, Candlehat, propelled by a neurotic percussive noise before the frantically strummed mandolin-like coda.

O Sleep (2010) is an opera inspired by the conundrum of sleep and dream life.

Venice Is A Fish (Sensitive Skin, 2014) is a collection of five more lieder. The chant of Venice Is A Fish floats between a shrill drone and cello noise, with the instrument reduced to a spastic voice. The detuning peaks (bottoms?) with the prolonged vivisection of Nightwatching, that challenges the most dissonant kind of free jazz. Lost Bird feels like a mathematical puzzle, while the first half of Fog Visitation feels like traditional, slow-motion Chinese music.

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