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38. Dialogue of the Lovers (Amazon, 2023) ISBN: 9798860841352

37. A History of Silicon Valley - Vol 2: The 21st Century (2023 Update) (Amazon, 2023) ISBN: 9798393156824

36. A History of Silicon Valley - Vol 1: The 20th Century (2023 Update) (Amazon, 2023) ISBN: 9798393154721

35. Chinese edition of "Intelligence is not Artificial: Expanded Edition (Posts & Telecom Press, 2020) ISBN: 978-7-115-53680-8

34. A History of Silicon Valley - Vol 2: The 21st Century (Amazon, 2019) ISBN: 9781686604904

33. A History of Silicon Valley - Vol 1: The 20th Century (Amazon, 2019) ISBN: 9781686595059

This is the 2019 edition of "A History of Silicon Valley", first published in 2012. It is now in two volumes, The 20th Century and The 21st Century. It begins more than 100 years ago and it chronicles developments up to 2019. The title is sort of misleading because "Silicon Valley" has expanded to the whole Bay Area, so this is really a history of the high-tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the most incredible stories of the modern world: how a relatively poor and underdeveloped region became the main hub of innovation in the whole world. This did not happen in a vacuum. The history of a region is always driven, first and foremost, by its society, and the society is really the protagonist of this book. Don't buy this book if you simply want to read that such and such famous billionaire was a genius. Most likely, he was not: he was the product of a society that is amazingly good at generating revolutionary (disruptive) ideas and, indirectly, at creating immense wealth, including some famous billionaires. Despite so many attempts in so many parts of the world, there is still only one Silicon Valley. Looking for the secret of Silicon Valley, one realizes how important it is to first study what is truly unique about the society of the Bay Area, the same society that has produced so many unorthodox movements: irreverent, rebellious, interdisciplinary, international, and communitarian.

32. Peace Technology (2019) ISBN 978-7-5057-4708-1

Available only in Chinese.

31. Intelligence is not Artificial - Expanded Edition (2018) ISBN 978-1984101457

30. Humankind 2.0: The Technologies of the Future (CITIC, 2017) ISBN 978-7-5086-7176-5

Available only in Chinese.

29. Thinking about Thought - Vol 1-4 (Amazon, 2015)

  • Vol1 Brain - ISBN-13: 978-1503361065
  • Vol2 Life - ISBN-13: 978-1503362000
  • Vol3 Matter - ISBN-13: 978-1503362079
  • Vol4 Consciousness - ISBN-13: 978-1503362161

28. A History of Silicon Valley - almost a third edition (Amazon, 2014-2016) ISBN: 978-1508758730

27. Intelligence is not Artificial (2013-16) ISBN: 978-0-9765531-9-9

Chinese edition (2018)

26. A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 3: The Age of Globalization (2013)

25. A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 2: From Abstract Art to Conceptual Art (2012)

26. A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 1: From Impressionism to Surrealism (2012)

24. A Brief History of Knowledge (Amazon eBook, 2011) ISBN: 978-1500526658

23. A History of Silicon Valley (Omniware, 2011) ISBN: 978-0-9765531-8-2 (Note: the second edition of 2013 was curated, edited and assembled by Arun Rao using updated texts from this website)

Chinese edition - ISBN: 978-7-115-42996-4 (2016)

22. Synthesis. Essays, Photographs, Poems (Omniware, 2009) ISBN: 978-0-9765531-7-5

21. A History of Rock and Dance Music Vol 2 (Omniware, 2009) ISBN: 978-0-9765531-6-8

20. A History of Rock and Dance Music Vol 1 (Omniware, 2009) ISBN: 978-0-9765531-5-1

19. A History of Jazz Music 1900-2000 (Omniware, 2007) ISBN: 978-0-9765531-3-7 (Italian translation: 978-0-9765531-4-4)

18. A History of Popular Music (Omniware, 2007) ISBN 978-0-9765531-2-0

17. The Nature of Consciousness (Omniware, 2006). ISBN 978-0-9765531-1-2

Now available as "Thinking about Thought" (see above)

16. A History of Rock Music 1951-2000 (Iuniverse, 2003) ISBN 0-595-29565-7 (Italian translation: 0-9765531-0-4)

New English edition above.

15. Thinking About Thought (Iuniverse, 2003) ISBN 0-595-26420-4

Obsolete. See the new edition above.

14. Dialogo Degli Amanti - Poesie (Dialogue of the Lovers - Poems) (Lacaita, 1998)

13. Il Terzo Secolo (The Third Century - Essays on the USA) (Feltrinelli, 1996)

12. Enciclopedia della Musica New Age (Encyclopedia of New Age Music) (Arcana, 1996)

11. La Fabbrica del Pensiero (The Factory of Thought - Cognitive Science) (La Stampa, 1994)

10. Guida alla Musica d'Avanguardia (A Guide to Avantgarde Music) (Arcana, 1991)

9. La Mente Artificiale (The Artificial Mind - Cognitive Science) (Franco Angeli, 1991)

8. L'Ultimo - Poesie (The Last One - Poems) (Il Salice, 1991)

7. Storia della Musica Rock, vol 6 (Arcana, 1997)

6. Storia della Musica Rock, vol 5 (Arcana, 1994)

5. Storia della Musica Rock, vol 4 (Arcana, 1990)

4. Storia della Musica Rock, vol 3 (Arcana, 1990)
3. Storia della Musica Rock, vol 2 (Arcana, 1989)
2. Storia della Musica Rock, vol 1 (Arcana, 1989)

1. L'Intelligenza Artificiale (Artificial Intelligence) (Muzzio, 1987)

A.I. papers of the 1980s

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