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Recensioni del 1999

Seleziona la prima lettera del nome del gruppo o cognome del musicista; seleziona il titolo dell'album per vedere la recensione del disco seleziona il nome del musicista per vedere la scheda del musicista. Oppure guarda soltanto la classifica dei migliori.

Reviews of 1999 albums

Most reviews are in English, but some were written for Italian magazines and are not available in English yet. Click on the first letter of the last name of the artist or name of the band; click on the title of the album to view the review; click on the name of the band to view a profile of the band. Or view just the list of the best albums of the year.
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Artist Album Title (Label) Genre Rat. ©
A Minor Forest So Were They In Some Sort Of Fight? (My Pal God) alt rock 6/10
Add N To (X) Avant Hard (Mute) electronica 7/10
Agalloch Pale Folklore (End) folk-metal 6/10
Agnostic Front Riot Riot Upstart (Epitaph) hardcore 5/10
Al Jabr One Million And Three (Alphaphone) industrial 5/10
Marc Almond Open All Night (Instinct) Genre 5/10
American Analog Set The Golden Band (Emperor Jones) psychedelic 6/10
Tori Amos To Venus And Back (Atlantic) songwriter 5/10
Anathema Judgement (Music for Nations) doom-metal 4/10
And You Will Know Us Madonna (Merge) Genre 5/10
Bruce Anderson Balkana (Family Vineyard) experimental 6/10
Angels Of Light New Mother (Young God) Gothic 6/10 M
Antenna Installation (Mushroom) Genre 5/10
Appendix Out Daylight Saving (Drag City) folk 6/10
Fiona Apple When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts (Epic) songwriter 5/10
Apples In Stereo Her Wallpaper Reverie (Which) pop 6/10
Appliance Manual (Mute) post-rock 6/10
Arab On Radar Rough Day At The Orifice (On Pop Pop) noise-rock 7/10
Arab Strap Elephant Shoe (Go Beat) folk-pop 5/10
Arcana (Cold Meat Industry) gothic 6/10
Arcwelder Everest (Touch & Go) Alt rock 6/10 R
Arovane Atol Scrap (DIN) ambient 6/10
Art Of Noise The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (Universal) dance-pop 6/10
Atari Teenage Riot 60 Seconds Wipeout (DHR) techno 5/10
Natache Atlas Gedida (Beggars Banquet) ethno techno 7/10
Atman Tradition (Drunken Fish) world-music 7/10
Atomic Bitchwax Atomic Bitchwax (Mia) stoner 7/10
Atomine Elektrine Archimetrical Universe (Yantra) Genre5/10
Attrition The Jeopardy Maze (Projekt) industrial 6/10
Autechre EP7 (Nothing) electronica 6/10
Auteurs How I Learned To Love The Bootboys (Hut) brit-pop 4/10
Backstreet Boys Millennium (Jive) pop 4/10
Badawi The Heretic Of Ether (Asphodel) illbient 6/10
Jessica Bailiff Hour Of The Trace (Kranky) songwriter 7/10 L
Bailter Space Solar 3 (Turnbuckle) Australia 6/10
Banco De Gaia The Magical Sound Of (Six Degrees) rave 6/10
Banyan Anytime at All (Higher Octave) funk-rock 6/10
Bardo Pond Set And Setting (Matador) 6/10
Basement Jaxx Remedy (Astralwerks) techno 7/10
Beck Midnite Vultures (Geffen) songwriter 6/10
Behemoth Satanica (Metal Mind) death-metal 7/10
Adrian Belew Salad Days (Thirsty Ear) pop 5/10
Ben Folds Five The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Sony) Progressive 5/10
Beta Band The Three EPs (Astralwerks) dance-pop 8/10
Beta Band The Beta Band (Astralwerks) Genre 6/10
Better Than A Thousand Value Driven (Supersoul) hardcore 6/10
Beulah When Your Heartstrings Break (Sugar Free) alt-rock 6/10
Bevis Frond Vavona Burr (Flydaddy) Genre 4/10
Bicycle Thief You Come And Go Like A Pop Song (Golden Voice) roots-rock 5/10
Bile Sex Reflex (Bile Style) industrial 5/10
Binary System From the Epicenter (Atavistic) progr-rock 6/10
Biohazard New World Disorder (Warner Bros) punk-metal 4/10
Bionaut Friends (Harvest) techno 5/10
Bis Social Dancing (Grand Royal) Genre 5/10
Brant Bjork Jalamanta (Man's Ruin) hard-rock 6/10
Frank Black Pistolero (Play It Again Sam) Alt rock 6/10
Black 47 Trouble In The Land (Tim/Kerr) folk-rock 5/10
Black Halos Black Halos (Die Young) punk-rock 6/10
Black Heart Procession 2 (Touch & Go) alt-rock 8/10
Black Watch The King Of Good Intentions (Not Lame Limited) psyc-pop 6/10
Blast A Sophisticated Face (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Blink 182 Enema Of The State (MCA) Punk-pop 6/10
Blinker The Star August Everywhere (Dreamworks) grunge 4/10
Blondie No Exit (Beyond) disco-punk 4/10
Blue Mountain Tales Of A Traveler (Roadrunner) folk 5/10
Blue Rags Eat At Joe's (SubPop) 4/10 B
Blur 13 (Wiiija) Brit-pop 5/10
Richard Bone Coxa (Quirkworks) electronica 6/10
Boredoms Super (Birdman) Noise-rock 6/10
Boredoms Super aR (Birdman) noise-rock 6/10
Bottle Rockets Brand New Year (Doolittle) roots-rock 4/10
Bowery Electric Lushlife (Beggars Banquet) psychedelic 6/10
Bows Blush (Too Pure) dance-pop 6/10
Boxhead Ensemble Niagara Falls (Atavistic) post-rock 6/10
Breakbeat Era Ultra Obscene (A&M) jungle 6/10
Breathless Blue Moon (Tenor Vossa) Genre4/10
Bright Blue Christian (Darla) Genre 6/10
Brokeback Field Recordings (Thrill Jockey) instrumental 7/10
Meredith Brooks Deconstruction (Capitol) songwriter 4/10
Brother JT Way To Go (Drag City) psychedelic 6/10 R
Ian Brown Golden Greats (Polydor) songwriter 5/10
Buckethead Monsters And Robots (Cyber Octave) instrumental 6/10
Nigel Bunn Index (Emperor Jones) Avantgarde 6/10
Burning Airlines Mission Control (DeSoto) hardcore 6/10
Bush The Science Of Things (Interscope) grunge 5/10
Bernard Butler Friends And Lovers (Creation) Brit-pop 5/10
Buzzcocks Modern (Go Kart) punk-pop 4/10
C Average C Average (Kill Rock Stars) heavy metal 5/10
Cake Like Goodbye So What (Vapor) 5/10
Calla Calla (Sub Rosa) ambient-folk 7/10
Mariah Carey Rainbow (Columbia) soul-pop 5/10
Ralph Carney I Like You (Birdman) songwriter 5/10
Kim Cascone Cathodeflower (Ritornell) industrial 6/10
Catatonia Equally Cursed and Blessed (Blanco Y Negro) Brit-pop 5/10
Catheters Catheters (Empty) punk-rock 6/10
Caustic Resin Trick Question (Alias) psychedelic 6/10
Cerberus Shoal Homb (Temporary Residence) prog-rock 7/10
Tracy Chapman Telling Stories (Elektra) songwriter 5/10
Charalambides Houston (Siltbreeze) psychedelic 6/10
Charlatans Us And Us Only (Universal) Madchester 5/10
Chemical Brothers Surrender (Astralwerks) techno 5/10
Chesterfield Kings Where The Action Is (Sundazed) garage-rock 5/10
Cibo Matto Stereo Type A (Warner Bros) alt-pop 5/10
Cinematic Orchestra Motion (Ninja) post-jazz 7/10
Citizens' Utilities Sunbreak (My Own Planet) alt-rock 7/10
Clan of Xymos Creatures (Pandaimonium) techno 5/10
Kit Clayton Nek Sanalet (Scape) electronica 6/10
Cleen Second Path (Zoth Ommog) Industrial 5/10
Nels Cline Trio Ebbie Flowers (WIN) instrumental 6/10
Clinton Disco & The Halfway To Discontent (Luaka Bop) dance-music 5/10
Clutch The Elephant Riders (Columbia) Genre 4/10
Coal Chamber Chamber Music (Roadrunner) grunge 5/10
Coalesce 0:12 Revolution In Just Listening (Relapse) hardcore 7/10
Cobalt 60 Twelve (Edel) industrial 5/10
Cobra Verde Nightlife (Motel) alt rock 6/10
Coil Astral Disaster (World Serpent) industrial 7/10
Coil Musick to Play In The Dark Volume One (World Serpent) industrial 6/10
Coldcut Let Us Replay (Ninja Tune) Genre 4/10
Collective Soul Dosage (Atlantic) mainstream 5/10
James Combs Remotor (Bliss) songwriter 5/10
Comet Gain Tigertow Pictures (Kill Rock Stars) garage-pop 7/10 B
Console Racket In The Pocket (Payola) post-rock 6/10
Consolidated Tikkun (Clearspot) rap 4/10
Cornelius CM (Matador) Electronica 6/10
Cornelius FM (Matador) Electronica 5/10
Chris Cornell Euphoria Morning (A&M) songwriter 4/10
Counting Crows This Desert Life (Geffen) roots-rock 4/10
Coyote Oldman House Made Of Dawn (Hearts Of Space) New Age /10
Crabs Sea And Sand (K) lo-fi pop 6/10
Cranberries Bury The Hatchet (Mercury) Irish pop 4/10
Crawlspace Ready For The Future (Crawlspace) Psychedelia 6/10
Crawlspace Nectar Flows From This Chalice (Crawlspace) Psychedelia 6/10
Creatures Anima Animus (Sioux) alt-rock 6/10
Creed Human Clay (Wind-up) grunge 4/10
Marshall Crenshaw #447 (Razor & Tie) songwriter6/10
Crescent Collected Songs (Roomtone) psychedelic 4/10
Crooked Fingers Crooked Fingers (Warm) alt-rock 7/10
Adrian Crowley A Strange Kind (Ba Da Bing) songwriter 7/10
Cul De Sac Crashes To Light (Thirsty Ear) Progressive 8/10 R
Beth Custer The Broken Fields Where I Lie (BC) avantgarde 6/10
Cyrus Rego Cyrus Rego (Emperor Jones) ambient 6/10
D Generation Through The Darkness (Columbia) Punk-rock 5/10
Danielson Famile Tri-Danielson!!! (Omega) (Tooth & Nail) lo-fi pop 6/10
Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child (Nuclear Blast) Genre 5/10
DJ Dara Halfway Home (Smile) drum'n'bass 5/10
Dat Politics Tracto Flirt (Skipp) post-rock 6/10
Dat Politics Villiger (A-Musik) post-rock 6/10
Datach'i 10110101 (Caipirinha) drum'n'bass 7/10
Day One Ordinary Man (Astralwerks) trip-hop 5/10
DDT Urban Observer (Elektra) punk 5/10
Deadsy Commencement (Warner) synth-pop 5/10
Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes (Barsuk) slo-core 7/10
Death In Vegas The Contino Sessions (Concrete) prog-techno 7/10
Warren Defever I Want You To Live 100 Years (Lo) songwriter 4/10
Mark Degliantoni Horse Tricks (Tzadik) Genre 7/10
Vladislav Delay Ele (Sigma Editions) electronica 6/10
Delgados Peloton (Chemikal Underground) folk-rock 6/10
Demolition Doll Rods TLA (Matador) garage-rock 5/10
Amy Denio Greatest Hits (Unit Circle Rekkids) songwriter 7/10 R
Der Blutharsch The Pleasures Received In Pain (World Serpent) electronica 7/10
dEUS The Ideal Crash (Island) alt-rock 5/10
Dickies Dogs From The Hare That Bit Us (Fat Wreck) punk-rock 4/10
Ani DiFranco Fellow Workers (Righteous Babe) songwriter 5/10
Ani DiFranco To the Teeth (Righteous Babe) songwriter 6/10
Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity (Relapse) grindcore 6/10
Dinner Is Ruined A Maggot in their Heads (Sonic Unyon) lo-fi 6/10
Dismemberment Plan Emergency and I (DeSoto) power-pop 7/10
Ditch Croaker Tranquil Waters (Vital Cog) lo-fi pop 5/10
Don Dixon The Invisible Man (Gadfly) songwriter 5/10
Djam Karet Live At Orion (Cuneiform) Progressive 7/10 M
Sally Doherty Daughter Of The Sea (Tiger) songwriter 5/10
Doldrums Desk Trickery (Kranky) experimental 7/10 B
Don Caballero Singles Breaking Up (Touch & Go) Instrumental 8/10
Sarah Dougher Day One (K) songwriter 6/10
Donnas Get Skintight (Lookout) foxcore 5/10
Bill Douglas Earth Prayer (Hearts of Space) New Age /10
Down By Law Fly The Flag (Go Kart) hardcore 4/10
Bob Drake Animal Medallion Carpet (ReR) prog-rock 7/10
Dream City Film Club In The Cold Light Of Morning (Beggars Banquet) alt-pop 5/10
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From A Memory (East West) Progr-metal 6/10
Dropkick Murphys The Gang's All Hers (Epitaph) hardcore 6/10
Drunk Raised Toward (Jagiaguwar) alt-country 6/10
Dub Narcotic Sound System Sideways Soul (K) lo-fi 5/10
Heather Duby Post To Wire (Subpop) songwriter 8/10 B
Dumptruck Terminal (Devil In The Woods) Genre 6/10
Dunlavy John Merkle is a Miracle (Fleece) psychedelic 6/10
Dylan Group More Adventures In Lying Down (Bubble Core) post-rock 7/10
Earth Crisis Slither (Victory) hardcore 4/10
East River Pipe The Gasoline Age (Merge) songwriter 6/10
Echo & The Bunnymen What Are You Going To Do With Your Life (London) Genre 5/10
Echoboy Echoboy (Pointblank) avant-pop 5/10
Einstein's Secret Orchestra Witch Disco (SwampRadio) instrumental 6/10
Electric Company Omakase (Vinyl Communications) electronica 7/10
Electric Frankenstein How to Make a Monster (Victory) garage-rock 5/10
Electric Voodoo Stayin Powers (Tekito) instrumental 6/10
Electric Wizard Come My Fanatics (Rise Above) stoner-rock 7/10
Elevator Through Vague Premonition (Subpop) alt-rock 5/10
Elf Power A Dream In Sound (Arena Rock) psych-pop 6/10
Eminem The Slim Shady (Universal) rap 7/10
Emperor IX Equilibrium (Candlelight) black metal 6/10
Alec Empire The No Attitude (DHR) techno 6/10
Alec Empire: Miss Black America (DHR) techno 6/10
Entombed Black Juju (Man's Ruins) hard-rock 4/10
Entropic Advance A Subsidiary of CAVE (Symbolic Insight) electronica 5/10
Entropic Advance New Improved Formula (Symbolic Insight) electronica 5/10
Ester Default State (Thirsty Ear) Blues-rock 5/10 B
Ether Music for Air Raids (Extreme) ambient 6/10
Everything But The Girl Temperamental (Atlantic) dance 5/10
Evil Tambourines Library Nation (SubPop) Genre 4/10 B
Ex Starters Alternators (Touch & Go) Avant rock 5/10
Experimental Audio Research Pestrepeller (Ochre) shoegazing 5/10
Experimental Audio Research Living Sound (Histrionic) shoegazing 5/10
Melissa Etheridge Breakdown (Island) songwriter 4/10
Euphone The Calendar of Unlucky Days (Jade Tree) post-rock 6/10
Eurythmics Peace (RCA) synth-pop 4/10
Experimental Pop Band Homesick (Swarf Finger) pop 4/10
Face To Face Ignorance Is Bliss (Ladyluck) hardcore 5/10
Jad Fair & David Fair Strange But True (Matador) Genre 5/10
Falcon Project The Revenge Of Sonic Soular (Idol) psych-rock 6/10
Fall The Marshall Suite (Artful) alt-rock 4/10
Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury (Emperor North) retro-pop 6/10
Fantomas self-titled (Ipecac) Alt rock 6/10
Farflung The Myth Of Solid Ground (Farflung) psychedelic 5/10
Farside The Monroe Doctrine (Revelation) hardcore 6/10
Fastbacks The Day That Didn't Exist (Spinart) punk-pop 6/10
Faultline Closer Colder (Leaf) jungle 7/10
DJ Faust Inward Journeys (Bomb) hip hop 6/10
Feeder Yesterday Went Too Soon (Elektra) grunge-pop 4/10
Fennesz Plus Forty Seven Degrees (Touch) electronica 6/10
Fila Brazilia A Touch Of Cloth (Tritone) drum'n'bass 6/10
Filter Title of Record (Reprise) Genre 5/10
Neil Finn Try Whistling This (Work) Genre 4/10
Tim Finn Say It So (Periscope) Genre 4/10
Fishmans 98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare (Polydor) psych-rock 6/10
Five Eight The Good Nurse (Deep Elm) roots-rock 5/10
5ive Style Miniature Portraits (SubPop) Instrumental 8/10 R
Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin (Warner Brothers) psychedelic 6/10
Flanger Templates (Ntone) jazz-rock 6/10
Flat Duo Jets Lucky Eye (Outpost) rockabilly 5/10
Fleshtones Hitsburg Revisited (Epitaph) retro-rock 5/10
Gary Floyd Back Door Preacher Man (Inner State) songwriter 4/10
Flying Luttenbachers The Truth Is A Fucking Lie (Skin Graft) punk-jazz 6/10
Foehn Silent Night (Swarffinger) ambient 5/10
Folk Implosion One Party Lullaby (Interscope) psychedelic 6/10
Foo Fighters There Is Nothing Left To Lose (Capitol) 5/10
Fountains Of Wayne Utopia Parkway (Atlantic) pop 6/10
Frank & Walters Beauty Becomes More Than Life (Setanta) pop 5/10
Brian Fraser & Chris Palmatier Slowdown the Hoedown (Brian And Chris) prog-rock 6/10
Freakwater End Time (Thrill Jockey) alt-country 6/10
Friends Of Nina Martinez Atarceder (Knitting Factory) 6/10
Peter Frohmader Fossil Culture (Cuneiform) electronic 7/10 B
Front Line Assembly Implode (Metropolis) industrial 5/10
Frosted Ambassador Frosted Ambassador (Kindercore) psych-rock 5/10
Fugazi Instrument (Dischord) hardcore 6/10
Funki Porcini The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds (Ninja Tune) trip hop 6/10
Fuxa Inflight Audio (Mind Expansion) psych-rock 5/10
Alistair Galbraith & Matt De Gennaro Wire Music (Corpus Hermeticum) avantgarde 6/10
Gardener New Dawning Time (SubPop) Alt rock 7/10 R
Sue Garner & Rick Brown Still (Thrill Jockey) prog-rock 6/10
Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour (F-Communications) techno 5/10
Gay Dad Leisure Noise (London) glam-pop 4/10
Howard Gelb Hisser (V2) desert rock 6/10
Gene Revelations (Polydor) Brit-pop 4/10
Gene Loves Jezebel VII (Robison) Genre 4/10
Lisa Gerrard & Peter Bourke The Insider (Sony) songwriter 6/10
Ghost Snuff Box Immanence (Drag City) Psychedelic rock 6/10 R
Ghost Turn In Turn On Free Tibet (Drag City) Psychedelic rock 7/10 R
Giant Sand Chore Of Enchantment (Ow Om - Thrill Jockey, 2000) desert rock 7/10 R
Gluecifer Head To Head Boredom (Devil Doll) garage-rock 7/10
Go Watcha Doin' (Subpop) Garage-rock 6/10 R
Goatsnake Goatsnake (Rise Above) doom 5/10
Godflesh Us And Them (Earache) industrial 5/10
Godspeed You Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada (Kranky) Ambient rock 6/10
Gomez Liquid Skin (Virgin) roots rock 5/10
Golden Super Golden Original Movement (Slowdime) instrumental 6/10
Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up The Girl (Warner Bros) punk-pop 5/10
Goodness These Days (Good Ink) grunge 5/10
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Spanish Dance Troupe (Mantra) prog-rock 6/10
Grandaddy The Broken Down Comforter Collection (V2) lo-fi pop 7/10
Green Pajamas All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed (Camera Obscura) psychedelic 6/10
Green Pajamas Seven Fathoms Down And Falling (Woronzow) psychedelic 5/10
Green Pajamas Melancholy Sun (Camera Obscura) psychedelic 4/10
Groove Armada Vertigo (Pepper) downtempo 6/10
Dave Grubbs Apertura (Blue Chopsticks), avant rock 6/10
Dave Grubbs Coxcomb (Rectangle) songwriter 6/10
Guided By Voices Do The Collapse (TVT) alt rock 5/10
Guitar Wolf Jet Generation (Matador) punk-rock 6/10
Gus Gus This Is Normal (4AD) techno 6/10
Guttermouth Gorgeous (Nitro) hardcore 6/10
Gwar We Kill Everything (Metal Blade) heavy metal 5/10
Half Film The Road To The Crater (Devil In The Woods) slocore 5/10
Hall Of Fame First Came Love Then Came The Tree (Amish) post-rock 5/10
Handsome Family In the Air (Carrot Top) alt-country 7/10
Hang Ups Second Story (Restless) pop 5/10
Ben Harper Burn To Shine (Virgin) songwriter 5/10
Beth Hart Screamin' For My Supper (Atlantic) songwriter 4/10
Hash Jar Tempo Under Glass (Drunken Fish Avant rock 8/10 R
Paul Haslinger Score (RGB) Electronica 7/10
Jon Hassell Fascinoma (Water Lily Acoustics) ambient 6/10
Haujobb Ninetynine (Offbeat) Industrial 6/10
Richie Hawtin Decks, EFX & 909 (Novamute) Genre 5/10
Sean Hayes A Thousand Tiny Pieces (Snailblue) songwriter 6/10
H-Blockx Fly Eyes (Risk) heavy metal 4/10 B
Health & Happiness Show Sad And Sexy (Cropduster) alt-country 6/10
Hefner The Fidelity Wars (Too Pure) folk-rock 5/10
Hellacopters Grande Rock (SubPop) Rock and roll 5/10 R
Herbalizer Very Mercenary (Ninja Tune) trip-hop 6/10
Kristin Hersh Sky Motel (4AD) Genre6/10
Hi Fi Killers Jamaica (Loosegroove) funk 4/10
High Llamas Snowbug (V2) pop 5/10
Him Sworn Eyes (Perishable) post-rock 7/10
Robyn Hitchcock Jewels for Sophia (Warner) songwriter 6/10
Hood The Cycle Of Days And Season (Domino) lo-fi pop 5/10
Hosemobile What Can & Can't Go On (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Penelope Houston Tongue (Reprise) songwriter 5/10
Rowland Howard Teenage Snuff Film (Reliant) instrumental 6/10
Howie B Snatch (Pussyfoot) trip-hop 7/10
Danielle Howle Catalog (Kill Rock Stars) songwriter 6/10
H2O FTTW (Epitaph) 5/10
Human Drama Solemn Sun Setting (Triple X) gothic 7/10
Hurricane #1 Only the Strongest Will Surive (Sire) 4/10
Lida Husik Mad Flavor (Alias) songwriter 6/10
Ida Retsin Family Volume One (Muss My Hair) folk-pop 6/10
Idaho Alas (Buzz) Alt rock 6/10 R
Idlewild Hope Is Important (Food) punk-pop 7/10
If Bwana Clara Nostra (Pogus) drones 7/10
Ryoji Ikeda 20' To 2000 (Noton) electronica 6/10
Ryoji Ikeda 99: 1999 (Noton) electronica 6/10
Illusion Of Safety Mort Aux Vaches (Staalplaat) industrial 5/10
In The Labyrinth Walking On Clouds (Record Heaven) prog-rock 6/10
In The Nursery Man With A Movie Camera (ITN) Genre5/10
Incredible Expanding Mindfuck IEM (Delerium) psychedelic 6/10
Incubus Make Yourself (Immortal) funk-rock 6/10
Indigo Girls Come On Now Social (Epic) folk 5/10
Innerzone Orchestra Programmed (Planet E) techno 7/10
Tetsu Inoue Fragment Of Dots (Tzadik) ambient 5/10
Tetsu Inoue Waterloo Terminal (Caipirinha) ambient 6/10
Isolationist Isolationist (Jazz Fudge) hip-hop 4/10
Isotope 217 Utonian Automatic (Thrill Jockey) post-jazz 5/10
Jackie-O Motherfucker Fig. 5 (Road Cone) post-rock 7/10
Joe Jackson Symphony No 1 (Sony) classical 6/10
Jaloppy Walking Off Naked (Womb Tunes) Genre 5/10
James Millionaires (Mercury) dance-pop 4/10
Jamirocqai Synkronized (Epic) funk-soul 5/10
Japancakes If I Could See Dallas (Kindercore) ambient 6/10
Jimmy Eat World Clarity (Capitol) emocore 5/10
Joan Of Arc Live in Chicago 1999 (Jade Tree) post-rock 6/10
John Stuart Mill Forget Everything (SeeThru Broadcasting) alt-rock 6/10
Freedy Johnston Blue Days Black Nights (Elektra) songwriter 6/10 R
Simon Joyner The Lousy Dance (Truckstop) songwriter 7/10
June Of 44 Anahata (Touch & Go) Alt rock 6/10
June Of 44 In The Fishtank (Konkurrent) Alt rock 6/10
Juno This is the Way It Goes And Goes And Goes (Desoto) post-hardcore 7/10
Damien Jurado Rehearsals For Departure (Subpop) songwriter 6/10
Paul K Saratoga (Alias) alt-blues 6/10
Katatonia Tonight's Decision (Peaceville) doom 6/10
Katies Spongebath (Elektra) power-pop 3/10
Mike Keneally Nonkertompf (Exowax) prog-rock 6/10
Kevorkian Death Cycle A+0(m) (Metropolis) industrial 4/10
Tara Key & Rick Rizzo Dark Edson Tiger (Thrill Jockey) instrumental 7/10 R
Khan Silent Movie Silent Scream (Caipirinha) electronica 5/10
Khan 1-900-Get-Khan (Matador) electronica 5/10
Kid Silver Dead City Sunbeams (Jetset) songwriter 6/10
Kingsbury Manx Kingsbury Manx (Overcoat) psych folk 7/10
Kinski Spacelaunch for Frenchie (Kinski) psych 6/10
Klangkrieg Das Fieber der Menschlichen Stimme (Audioview) electronica 6/10
KMFDM Adios (Wax Trax) industrial 6/10
Chris Knox Almost (Dark Beloved Cloud) songwriter 4/10
Knoxville Girls Knoxville Girls (In The Red) garage-rock 6/10
Korn Issues (Epic) Genre 6/10
Michael Krassner Michael Krassner (Truckstop) songwriter 5/10
Pete Krebs Sweet Ona Rose (Cavity Search) songwriter 6/10
David Kristian Room Tone (Alien8) electronica 6/10
David Kristian Beneath The Valley Of The Modulars (Alien8) electronica 6/10
Peter Kruder Peace Orchestra (K7) trip-hop 6/10
DJ Krust Coded Language (Mercury) jungle 6/10
Kula Shaker Peasants Pigs And Astronauts (Columbia) Brit pop 5/10
Illyah Kuryahkin Thirtycabminute (Arena Rock) songwriter 6/10
Labradford E Luxo So (Kranky) Ambient rock 6/10 M
Ladybug Transistor The Albemarle Sound (Merge) pop 6/10
Lakuna Castle Of Crime (4AD) Genre 5/10
Lali Puna Tricoder (Darla) post-rock 7/10
Lamb Fear Of Fours (Mercury) trip-hop 6/10
Mark Lanegan I'll Take Care Of You (Subpop) songwriter 6/10
Bill Laswell Imaginary Cuba (Wicklow) ambient dub 5/10
Bill Laswell Charged (Apollo) dub 5/10
Bill Laswell Permutation (Ion) dub 4/10
Bill Laswell Invisible Design (Tzadik) ambient dub 5/10
Lazy Cowgirls Rank Outsider (Sympathy) hardcore 6/10
Le Tigre Le Tigre (Mr Lady) riot-grrrls 6/10
Keith Leblanc Freakatorium (On-U-Sound) Genre5/10
Leftfield Rhythm And Stealth (Hard Hands) techno 5/10
Lenola My Invisible Name (Tappersize) psychedelic 6/10
Less Than Jake Hello Rockview (Capitol) Ska-punk 6/10
Alan Licht Rabbi Sky (Siltbreeze) avant-rock 6/10
Lies Underdogs and Infidels (Kill Rock Stars) gothic 5/10
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt (LOad) noise 6/10
Lights In A Fat City Memory Ground (City of Tribes) Electronica 6/10
Lightwave Cantus Umbrarum (Horizon) cosmic 7/10
Lilys Zero Population Growth (Darla) garage-rock 7/10
Limp Bizkit Significant Other (Interscope) rap-metal 7/10
Liquid Mind Balance (Chuck Wild) ambient 6/10
Live Human Monostereosis (Fatcat) instrumental hip hop 7/10
DJ Logic Project Logic (Ropeadope) avant-rock 6/10
Lonesome Organist Cavalcade (Thrill Jockey) songwriter 6/10
Long Beach Dub Allstars Right Back (Dreamworks) reggae 5/10
Looper Up A Tree (Subpop) songwriter 6/10 L
Los Lobos This Time (Hollywood) roots-rock 4/10
Los Straitjackets The Velvet Touch (Yep Rock) instrumental 5/10
Love As Laughter Destination 2000 (K) Alt-rock 6/10 R
Love Battery Confusion Au Go-Go (C/Z) grunge 5/10
Love Is Colder Than Death Atopos (Chrom) gothic 6/10
Low Secret Name (Kranky) slocore 7/10
Low Christmas (Tugboat) slocore 6/10
Lowercase The Going Away Present (Punk In My Vitamins) post-rock 6/10
L7 Slap-Happy (Wax Tadpole) 5/10
Gary Lucas @Paradiso (Oxygen Music Works) prog-rock 6/10
Lullaby For The Working Class Song (Bar/None) chamber folk 6/10
Luna The Days Of Our Nights (Elektra) pop 6/10
Lunachicks Luxury Problem (Go-Kart) heavy-metal 4/10
Lungfish Unanimous Hour (Dischord) hardcore 5/10
John Lurie African Swim/ Manny & Lo (Strange & Beautiful) prog-rock 5/10
Luscious Jackson Electric Honey (Capitol) Soul 6/10
Lynnfield Pioneers Free Popcorn (Matador) 5/10
Macha See It Another Way (Jetset) psychedelic 7/10
Madder Rose Hello June Fool (Thirsty Ear) Psyc-pop 7/10 R
Magic Carpatians Project Ethnocore (Fly Music) pan-ethnic 6/10
Magic Carpatians Project Ksiega Utopii/ The Book Of Utopia (Obuh) pan-ethnic 6/10
Magnetic Field 69 Love Songs (Merge) songwriter 7/10
Make-Up I Want Some (K) funk-punk 7/10
Make-Up Save Yourself (K) funk-punk 5/10
Man Or Astroman Eeviac (Touch & Go) Instrumental rock 5/10
Barbara Manning In New Zealand (Revolver) songwriter 6/10
Marine Research Sounds From the Gulf Stream (K) pop 6/10
Masters Of Reality How High The Moon (Malicious Vinyl) blues-rock 5/10
Masters Of Reality Welcome To The Western Lodge (Spitfire) hard-rock 4/10
Material Intonarumori (Axiom) progr-rock 4/10
Matmos The West (Deluxe) electronica 6/10
John McEntire Reach The Rock (Hefty) Alt rock 6/10
Megadeth Risk (Capitol) speedmetal 5/10
Mekons I Have Been To Heaven And Back (Touch & Go) Alt rock 5/10
Mekons Where Were You (Quarterstick) Genre 5/10
Melvins The Maggot (Ipecac) Grunge 5/10 R
Melvins The Bootlicker (Ipecac) Grunge 6/10
Mentallo And The Fixer Algorythum (Metropolis) industrial 6/10
Metallica San Francisco Symphony (Vertigo) speedmetal 4/10
Mice Parade Ramda (Bubble Core) post-rock 7/10
Microphones Don't Wake Me Up (K) pop 6/10
Justin Mikulka Sequels and Opposites (One Mad Son) songwriter 5/10
Millencolin Pennybridge Pioneers (Burning Hearts) punk-pop 4/10
Ministry Dark Side Of The Spoon (Warner Bros) industrial 5/10
Misery Loves Co Your Vision Was Never To Share (Earache) gothic 4/10
Miss Murgatroid Bella Neurox (Worrybird) experimental 6/10
MK Ultra The Dream Is Over (Artichoke) pop 5/10
Mocket Proforma (Kill Rock Stars) Alt rock 6/10
Mogwai Come On Die Young (Chemical Underground) Genre 6/10 L
Moby Play (Mute) Techno 6/10
Model 500 Body and Soul (R&S) techno 6/10
Mogwai Come On Die Young (Matador) instrumental 7/10
Momus The Little Red Songbook (Le Grand Magistery) songwriter 6/10
Momus Stars Forever (Le Grand Magistery) songwriter 4/10
Monaural Monitor Interference (BaDaDing) Ambient 6/10 L
Money Mark Push The Button (FFRR) funk 6/10
Monroe Mustang The Elephant Sound (Jagjaguwar) alt-rock 6/10
Roy Montgomery True (Kranky) songwriter 7/10 M
Roy Montgomery 324 E. 13th St #7 (Drunken Fish) songwriter 8/10 R
Motion Picture For a Distant Movie Star (Words On Music) folk-rock 6/10
Motor Totemist Guild City Of Mirrors (Cuneiform) Prog-rock 6/10
Moviola Durable Dream (Spirit Of Orr) alt-rock 5/10
Mr T Experience Alcatraz (Lookout) punk-pop 4/10
Muffs Alert Today Alive Tomorrow (Honest Don's) garage 5/10
Muslimgauze Box Of Silk And Dogs (Staalplaat) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Fakir Sind (Soleilmoon) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Hand Of Fatima (Soleilmoon) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass (Soleilmoon) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme (Staalplaat) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes (Fishes) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Observe With Sadiq Bey (Staalplaat) Genre4/10
Muslimgauze Return To The City Of Djinn (Third Eye) Genre4/10
Muz Banana In Portuguese (Tekito) instrumental 6/10
Mu-ziq Royal Astronomy (Astralwerks) Genre 6/10
Muse Showbiz (Mushroom) alt-rock 6/10
Nina Nastasia Dogs (Socialist) songwriter 6.5/10
Nebula Let It Burn (Tee Pee, 1997 - Relapse) stoner-rock 6/10
Nebula To The Center (Sweet Nothing) stoner-rock 6/10
Neina Formed Verse (Mille Plateaux) glitch-music 6/10
Mike Ness Cheating At Solitaire (Time Bomb) songwriter 5/10
Neurosis Times of Grace (Relapse) industrial 6/10
Bob Neuwirth Havana Midnight (Diesel Motor) songwriter 6/10
Sheila Nicholls Brief Strop (Hollywood) songwriter 5/10
Nightmares On Wax Carboot Soul (Warp) trip-hop 5/10
Nightstick Death To Music (Relapse) stoner 6/10
Nine Inch Nail Fragile (Interscope) industrial 7/10
Novak Novak (Kitty Kitty) noise-rock 6/10
Nu-Dub Players Just Landed (Scape) Genre 6/10
KK Null 0.0004 (Vinyl Communications) noise 5/10
Numb Language Of Silence (Metropolis) industrial 5/10
Tara Jane O'Neil Peregrine (Quartersticks) songwriter 7/10
Jim O'Rourke Eureka (Drag City) avant-pop 6/10
Octant Shock-No-Par (Up) new wave 5/10
Of Montreal The Gay Parade (Bar None) pop 6/10
Ohm Voices (Two Ohm Hop) alt-rock 6/10
Old 97's Fight Songs (Elektra) Roots-rock 5/10
Old Time Relijun Utereus And Fire (K) lo-fi 7/10
Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage (Flydaddy) pop 7/10
Oneida Enemy Hogs (Turnbuckle) garage-rock 5/10
Ooioo Feather Float (Shock City) noise 6/10
Orange Goblin Time Traveling Blues (MUsic Cartel) doom-metal 5/10
Orange Humble Band Humblin' (Half A Cow) power-pop 6/10
Orange 9mm Pretend I'm Human (NG) funk-metal 4/10
Orbital The Middle Of Nowhere (FFRR) Techno 6/10
Organum Birds Wings (Matchless) Genre 5/10
Beth Orton Central Reservation (Arista) songwriter 6/10
Out Of Worship Sterilized (Perishable) post-rock 7/10
Outrageous Cherry Out There In The Dark (Del-Fi) psych-rock 6/10
Oval Wohnton (Thrill Jockey, max$7 Genre 6/10
Ozric Tentacles Waterfall Cities (Stretchy) prog-rock 5/10
Pablo's Eyes All She Wants Grows Blue (Swim) industrial 6/10
Pan Sonic A (Blast First) electronica 7/10
Panacea Phoenix Metabolism (Position Chrome) steptech 6/10
Panacea Brasilia (Caipirinha) steptech 6/10
Papa M Live From A Shark Cage (Drag City) instrumental 8/10 R
Paradise Lost Host (EMI) synth-pop 4/10
Andrea Parker Kiss My Arp (Mo Wax) jungle 7/10
Andrea Parkins Slippage (Knitting Factory) instrumental 6/10
Pavement Terror Twilight (Matador) lo-fi pop 5/10
Pelt Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky (VHF) psychedelic 6/10
Pennywise Straight Ahead (Epitaph) punk-pop 5/10
Pere Ubu Apocalypse Now (Thirsty Ear) New Wave 7/10
Joe Pernice Chappaquiddick Skuyline (Subpop) folk 5/10 B
Brendan Perry Eye Of The Hunter (4AD) songwriter 8/10 L
Pet Shop Boys Nightlife (EMI) synth-pop 5/10
Tom Petty Echo (Warner Bros) songwriter 5/10
Phantom Engineer Phantom Engineer (Paperhouse) avant-rock 5/10
Joe Phelps Blackbird (Pacifico) roots-rock 6/10
Philharmonie The Last Word (Cuneiform) Progressive 6/10 M
Philosopher's Stone Apparatus (Kranky) Avantgarde 5/10
Phranc Milkman (Phancy) folksinger 4/10
Piano Magic Low Birth Weight (Rocket Girl) psych-pop 6/10
Pieters, Stapleton & Russell Sex/Machine (Metonymic) improvised 6/10
Pig Genuine American Monster (Victor) industrial 5/10
Pinback Pinback (Ace Fu) alt rock 5/10
Pineal Ventana Malpractice (Unit Circle Rekkids) noise-rock 5/10
Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork (Warp) techno 5/10
James Hardway A Positive Sweat (Recordings Of Substance) jungle 5/10
James Plotkin/ Brent Gutzeit Mosquito Dream (Kranky) Ambient 6/10 B
P.O.D. The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown (Atlantic) rap-rock 5/10
Pole CD 2 (Kiff) dub 6/10
Robert Pollard Speak Kindly (Fading Captain Series) alt rock 6/10
Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream (K-Scope) prog-rock 5/10
Poster Children New World Record (SpinArt) Genre 5/10
Sam Prekop Sam Prekop (Thrill Jockey) songwriter 7/10
Presidents Of The USA II (Columbia) funk-rock 4/10
Pretenders Viva El Amor (Warner Bros) alt-rock 5/10
Archer Prewitt White Sky (Carrot Top) songwriter 5/10
Primordial Undermind Universe I've Got (Camera Obscura) psychedelic 7/10
Primus Antipop (Interscope) prog-rock 5/10
Stephen Prina Push Comes To Love (Drag City) songwriter 5/10
Project Pitchfork Eon:Eon (EastWest) industrial 5/10
Prolapse Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes (Jetset) noise-rock 6/10
Promise Ring Very Emergency (Jade Tree) emocore 5/10
Purple Ivy Shadows White Electric (Krave) country 4/10
Purr Machine Ging Ging (Cargo) Genre 6/10
Puya Fundamental (MCA) rap-metal 5/10
Quasi Field Studies (Up) pop 6/10
Queensryche Q2K (Atlantic) prog-metal 4/10
Quintron These Hands Of Mine (Skin Graft) avant-rock 6/10
Rachel's Selenography (Touch & Go) Instrumental 6/10 M
Radar Bros The Singing Hatchet (See Thru Broadcasting) slocore 6/10
Rage Against The Machine The Battle of Los Angeles (Epic) funk-metal 7/10
Rainer Maria Look Now Look Again (Polyvinyl) alt-rock 6/10
Raison d'Etre Collective Archives (Cold Meat Industry) Genre6/10
Rapoon Navigating By Colour (Staalplaat) ambient 5/10
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication (Warner Bros) funk-rock 4/10
Red Krayola Fingerpainting (Drag City) psych-rock 6/10
Red Star Belgrade Fractured Hymnal (Checkered Past) alt-country 5/10
Red Stars Theory Life In A Bubble Can Be Beautiful (Touch & Go) psychedelic 8/10 R
Reef Rides (Sony) hard-rock 5/10
Refrigerator Glitter Jazz (Shrimper) alt-rock 5/10
Rentals Seven More Minutes (Maverick) punk-pop 6/10
Replikants Slickpahonics (5RC) noise-rock 6/10
Retsin Sweet Luck Of Amaryllis (Carrot Top) alt-rock 6/10
Reveille Laced (Elektra) rap-metal 5/10
Rhombus Of Doom Rhombus Of Doom (Magneto) acid-rock 6/10
Jonathan Richman I'm So Confused (Vapor) Genre 4/10
Stan Ridgway Anatomy (Birdcage) songwriter 5/10
Bill Rieflin Birth Of A Giant (First World) progr-rock 5/10
Rinocerose Installation Sonore (V2) techno 6/10
Steve Roach Light Fantastic (Hearts of Space) new age 6/10
Steve Roach & Vir Unis Body Electric (Projekt) new age 6/10
Steve Roach Truth & Beauty - Lost Pieces vol 2 (Timeroom) electronica 5/10
Steve Roach Slow Heat (Timeroom) electronica 7/10
Steve Roach Atmospheric Conditions (Timeroom) electronica 7/10
Dean Roberts All Cracked Medias (Mille Plateaux) avant-rock 6/10
Rock*a*teens Golden Time (Merge) roots-rock 5/10
Rockfords 2000 (Epic) grunge 5/10
Rollerball Einaugige Kirsche (Road Cone) post-jazz 7/10
Royal Trux Veterans of Disorder (Drag City) alt rock 6/10
Ruins Vrresto (Sonore) Genre6/10
Saint Etienne Places To Visit (SubPop) Synth-pop 5/10
Saints Everybody Knows The Monkey (Amsterdamned) punk-rock 5/10
Salamander Red Mantra (Camera Obscura) psychedelic 7/10
Salaryman Karoshi (City Slang) post-rock 5/10
Santana Supernatural (Arista) latin-rock 6/10
Satisfact The Third Meeting At The Third Counter (K) alt-rock 5/10
Saturnine American Kestrel (VictoriaLand) folk-pop 5/10
Scala Compass Heart (Touch) synth-pop 5/10
Scanner Lauwarm Instrumentals (Sulphur) electronica 7/10
Dave Schramm Hammer And Nails (Catamount) songwriter 6/10
Scott 4 Works Project LP (Folk Archive) roots-rock 6/10
Screeching Weasel Emo (Panic Button) punk-pop 5/10
Scritti Politti Anomie & Bonhomie (Virgin) soul 4/10
Seaweed Actions And Indications (Merge) Genre 5/10
Sebadoh The Sebadoh (SubPop) Alt rock 5/10 B
Sense Field Part Of The Deal (GrapeOS) emocore 4/10
September Plateau Occasional Light (E+J) ambient 6/10
764-Hero Get Here And Stay (Up) Genre 6/10
7% Solution Gabriel's Waltz (X-Ray) psychedelic 6/10
Ron Sexsmith Whereabouts (Interscope) songwriter 6/10
Sick Of It All Call To Arms (Fat Wreck) hardcore 6/10
Simon Says Jump Start (Hollywood) grunge 5/10
Simply Red Love And The Russian Winter (East West) soul 4/10
16 Volt Supercool Nothing (Edel) industrial 5/10
Skull Kontrol Deviate Beyond All Means Of Capture (Touch & Go) hardcore 7/10 B
Skunk Anansie Post-Orgasmic Chill (Virgin) Funk-rock 6/10
Slackers The Question (Hellcat) ska-punk 6/10
Luke Slater Wireless (NovaMute) techno 6/10
Slaves The Devil's Pleasures (Troubleman Unlimited) Genre 6/10
Sleater-Kinney The Hot Rock (Kill Rock Stars) Alt rock 5/10
Sleep Enfolded in Luxury (Metonymic) noise 6/10
Sleepyhead Brighter Shore (Sealed Fate) folk-pop 7/10
Slipknot Slipknot (Roadrunner) death-metal 7/10
Sloan Between The Bridges (Murderrecords) pop 4/10
Slotek Hydrophonic (WordSound) dub 6/10
Smash Mouth Astro Lounge (Interscope) ska-pop 5/10
Smithereens God Save The Smithereens (Koch) power-pop 5/10
Steven Smith From Ashes Come (3 Acre Floor) instrumental 6/10
Smog Knock Knock (Drag City) songwriter 6/10 B
Sneaker Pimps Splinter (Virgin) trip-hop 6/10
Snog Third Mail From The Sun (Metropolis) electronica 6/10
Sol Invictus In A Garden Green (Tursa) songwriter 5/10
Solex Pick Up (Matador) songwriter 7/10
Songs: Ohia Axxess & Ace (Secretely Canadian) folk 6/10
Sonic Youth Goodbye 20th Century (SYR) alt rock 5/10
Sorrow Sleep Now Forever (Piski Disk) goth-pop 6/10
Sotos Sotos (Gazul) prog-rock 6/10
Soul Junk 1955 (Homestead) alt rock 6/10
Sound Drunk On Confusion (Tekito) instrumental 7/10
Sound In Action Trio Design In Time (Delmark) punk-jazz 6/10
Source Direct Exorcise The Demons (Astralwerks) jungle 6/10
Spaceheads Angel Station (Pandemonium) prog-rock 6/10
Spacetime Continuum Double Fine Zone (Astralwerks) techno 4/10
Spahn Ranch Beat Noir (Cleopatra) industrial 6/10
Spain She Haunts My Dreams (Restless) slo-core 6/10
Speaker/Cranker Speaker/Cranker (Holophon, 1999) (Holophon) instrumental 6/10
Species Being Yonilicious (Grauspace) Progressive 7/10
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion & Dub Narcotic Sound Sideways Soul (K) garage-blues 6/10
Spin Doctors Here Comes The Bride (DAS/Universal) prog-rock 4/10
Spirits Burning New Worlds By Design (Gazul) instrumental 6/10
Splendid Have You Got a Name For It (Mammoth) folk-rock 5/10
Split Lip Rayfield In The Mud (Bloodshot) alt-country 6/10
Sponge New Pop Sunday (Beyond/BMG) grunge 4/10
DJ Spooky File Under Futurism (Caipirinha) electronica 7/10
DJ Spooky Kaotik: Transgression (Manifold) illbient 5/10
Spring Heel Jack Treader (Tugboat) jungle 7/10
Mark Springer Capture (Exit) trip-hop 6/10
Tobin Sprout Let's Welcome The Circus People (Wigwam) songwriter 5/10
Squarepusher Budakhan Mindphone (Warp) jungle 6/10
Squeeze Domino (Quixotic) pop 4/10
ST 37 I Love To Talk (Emperor Jones) psychedelic 5/10 B
Staind Dysfunction (Elektra) grunge 5/10
Starfish Pool Rituals For The Dying (U-Cover) techno 6/10
Starfish Pool Kinetic (Daft) techno 5/10
Starflyer 59 Fashion Focus (Tooth & Nail) shoegaze 4/10
Stars Of The Lid Avec Laudenum (SubRosa) ambient 6/10
State of Grace Sometimes (State of Grace) dream-pop 5/10
Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip (Warner) speedmetal 6/10
Stereo Total My Melody (Bungalow) Genre 5/10
Stereolab Cobra And Phases Group (Elektra) Alternative rock 6/10
Stereophonics Performance And Cocktails (V2) Brit-pop 5/10
Sting Brand New Day (A&M) Genre 5/10
Stone Temple Pilots No 4 (Atlantic) grunge 5/10
Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers Perfidious Albion (Soleilmoon) Genre 5/10
Robin Storey & Randy Greif Nail Of Pious Bride (Soleilmoon) Genre 6/10
Storm And Stress Under Thunder And Fluorescent Light (Quartersticks) alt-rock 6/10
Stratotanker The Miracle Of Flight (Anisette) prog-rock 6/10
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Rock Art And The X-Ray Style (Hellcat) world-music 5/10
Subarachnoid Space and Walking Timebombs The Sleepless Sickness (E+J) Psychedelic 7/10 R
Nikki Sudden Seven Lives Later (Idiot Savant) songwriter 5/10
Suede Head Music (Sony) Brit-pop 4/10
Sugar Ray 14:59 (Atlantic) funk-metal 5/10
Super Furry Animals Guerrilla (Flydaddy) Brit-pop 5/10
Superchunk Come Pick Me Up (Merge) punk-pop 5/10
Super_Collider Head On (Medicine) techno 6/10
Supergrass Supergrass (Parlophone) Brit-pop 4/10
Supersuckers The Evil Powers Of Rock'N'Roll (Twenty14) punk-pop 5/10
Matthew Sweet In Reverse (Volcano) songwriter 6/10
Sweet Water Suicide (GoodInk) Genre 6/10
Switchblade Symphony The Three Calamities (Cleopatra) goth rock 5/10
Switchhitter Academy (Framed) post-hardcore 6/10
David Sylvian Dead Bees On A Cake (Virgin) pop 5/10
Tadpoles Whirlaway (Camera Obscura) Psychedelic 7/10
Takako Minekawa Fun 9 (Emperor Norton) synth-pop 5/10
Nobukazu Takemura Funfair (Bubblecore) electronica 6/10
Nobukazu Takemura Milano (Thrill Jockey) electronica 6/10
Nobukazu Takemura Scope (Thrill Jockey) electronica 6/10
Tall Dwarfs Fifty Flavours Of Glue (Flying Nun) pop 6/10
Tarentel From Bone To Satellite (Temporary Residence) post-rock 7/10
Techno Animal & Porter Ricks Symbiotics (Mille Plateaux) electronica 6/10
Tek 9 Simply (SSR) jungle 4/10
Omar Faruk Tekbilek One Truth (Hearts Of Space) New Age /10
Jimi Tenor Organism (Warp) techno/kitsch 6/10
10,000 Maniacs The Earth Pressed Flat (Bar None) folk-rock 5/10
Terre Thaemlitz Replicas Rubato (Mille Plateaux) ambient 6/10
Terrifying Experience Supreme Radial (AAJ) noise-rock 6/10
Texas The Hush (Mercury) disco-pop 4/10
Terre Thaemlitz Love For Sale (Mille Plateaux) ambient 5/10
The The Naked Self (Nothing) songwriter 5/10
Therapy? Suicide Pact (Ark 21) Genre 5/10
Thingy To The Innocent (Absolutely Kosher) songwriter 6/10
Third Ear Blind Blue (Elektra) roots-rock 5/10
David Thomas Mirror Man (Thirsty Ear) songwriter 5/10 M
Richard Thomas Seven Point Plan To Destroy Astrology (Lo) techno 5/10
Richard Thompson Mock Tudor (Capitol) songwriter 6/10
Those Bastard Souls Debt & Departure (V2) Genre 6/10
Three Mile Pilot Songs From An Old Town We Once Knew (Cargo) alt-rock 6/10
Sound System (Capricorn) funk-rock 5/10
Thrush Hermit Clayton Park (Sonic Unyon) pop 5/10
Tied & Tickled Trio EA1 EA2 (Payola) post-rock 6/10
Tiger Rosaria (Tugboat) punk-rock 4/10
Tight Bro's From Way Back When Runnin Thru My Bones (Kill Rock Stars) garage-rock 6/10
Tin Hat Trio Memory Is An Elephant (Angel) instrumental 7/10
Tindersticks Simple Pleasure (Quicksilver, 1999) dream-pop 5/10
To Rococo Rot The Amateur View (Mute) Genre 6/10
Today Is The Day In The Eyes Of God (Relapse) Alt-rock 6/10 R
Tone Rec Coucy-Pack (SubRosa) post-rock 6/10
Tortoise + The Ex In The Fishtank (Konkurrent) Alt rock 6/10
Fuzz Townshend Far In (Stinky) dance 5/10
MC Trachiotomy Robot Alien or Ghost (Bulb) rap 7/10
Tram Heavy Black Frame (Jetset) slo-core 6/10
Trance Mission A Day Out Of Time (City Of Tribes) Electronica 7/10 B
Trance To The Sun Urchin Tear Soda (Precipice) gothic 6/10
Trans Am Future World (Thrill Jockey) Alt rock 6/10 R
Transient Waves Sonic Narcotic (Fat Cat) ambient 6/10
Travis The Man Who (Independiente) pop 4/10
Trembling Blue Stars Broken By Whispers (Shinkansen - Subpop, 2000) dance-pop 6/10
Trespassers W Leaping The Chasm (Organic) alt-rock 6/10
Treiops Treyfid Reach The Explosion (Deep Reverb) alt-rock 5/10
Tribes Of Neurot Grace (Neurot) industrial 6/10
Tricky Juxtapose (Island) Genre 5/10
Tricolor Mirth + Feckless (Atavistic) post-jazz 6/10
Tristeza Spine And Sensory (Makoto) instrumental 7/10
Mick Turner Marlan Rosa (Drag City) instrumental 7/10 R
Twisted Science Deep and Warm (Lo) techno 5/10
Type O Negative World Coming Down (Roadrunner) Genre 6/10
Peter Ulrich Pathways And Dawns (Projekt) goth-pop 6/10
Unida Coping With The Urban Coyote (Man's Ruin) hard-rock 6/10
Univers Zero The Hard Quest (Cuneiform) Progressive 6/10 B
Unwound A Single History (Kill Rock Stars) noise-rock 6/10
Urban Dance Squad Artantica (Virgin) funk-metal 5/10
U.S. Maple Talker (Drag City) avant-rock 7/10
Uz Isme Doma Usi/Ears (Skoda) prog-rock 6/10
DJ Vadim Life From the Other Side (Ninja Tune) hip-hop 5/10
Steve Vai The Ultra Zone (Epic) prog-rock 5/10
Mika Vainio Ydin (Wavetrap) electronica 6/10
Armand Van Helden 2 Future 4 U (Ffrr) house 6/10
Vandermark 5 Simpatico (Atavistic) Genre 7/10
Vas Deferens Organization Idiot Parade (Eerie Materials) psychedelic 7/10
Vas Deferens Organization Drug Bubbles (Tekito) instrumental 6/10
Vas Deferens Organization & Electric Company More Pelvis Wick For The Baloney Boners (Tekito) instrumental 6/10
Velvet Crush Free Expression (Bobsled) power-pop 4/10
Verbena Into the Pink (Capitol) hard-rock 6/10 B
Vidna Obmana The Shape of Solitude (Multimood) ambient 6/10
Vidna Obmana True Stories (Mirage) ambient 5/10
Violent Femmes Freak Magnet (Beyond) roots-rock 4/10
Christian Vogel Busca Invisibles (Tresor) techno 6/10
Voodoo Glow Skulls Exitos al Cabron (Grita) ska-core 5/10
Waco Bros Waco World (Bloodshot) Genre 5/10
Walkabouts Trail Of Stars (Glitterhouse) roots-rock 6/10
TW Walsh How We Spend Our Days (Made) songwriter 6/10
We Livin' The Lore (Voices Of Wonder) hard-rock 5/10
Greg Weeks Fire In The Arms Of The Sun (BaDaDing) songwriter 6/10
Ween Paintin' The Town Brown (Elektra) Genre 7/10
Towa Wei Last Century Modern (Elektra) techno 5/10
Bill Weita Subsidized Time (Heliocentric) psych 6/10
Wellwater Conspiracy Brotherhood Of Electric (Time Bomb) psych-rock 6/10
Paul Westerberg Suicaine Gratifaction (Capitol) songwriter 7/10
Wheat Hope And Adams (Sugar Free) folk-rock 7/10
White Stripes White Stripes (Sympathy) blues-rock 6/10
Wilco Summer Teeth (Reprise) folk-rock 7/10
Scott Wilkie Boundless (Narada) New age 6/10
Willard Grant Conspiracy Mojave (Rykodisc) alt-country 7/10
Doug Wimbish Trippy Notes For Bass (On-U-Sound) Genre5/10
Windsor For The Derby Difference And Repetition (Young God) Ambient 6/10
Wingtip Sloat If Only For The Hatchery (VHF) lo-fi pop 7/10
Paul Winter Celtic Solstice (Living Music) World music /10
Witchman Inferno (Invisible) drum'n'bass 5/10
Jah Wobble Full Moon Over The Shopping Mall (30Hertz) dub-rock 6/10
Jah Wobble Deep Space (30hertz) Genre 5/10
Shannon Wright Flight Safety (Touch & Go) songwriter 6/10
:Wumpscut: Boeses Junges Fleisch (Beton Kopf Media) industrial 5/10
Steve Wynn My Midnight (Zero Hour) Genre 6/10
Xorcist Nomad (Pendragon) electronica 6/10
XTC Apple Venus vol 1 (TVT) pop 6/10
Susumu Yokota Images (Skintone) ambient 6/10
Otomo Yoshihide Cathode (Tzadik) noise 5/10
Yume Bitsu Yume Bitsu (Ba Da Bing) psych-rock 8/10
Zen Guerrilla Trance States In Tongues (Subpop) Garage-rock 7/10

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