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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
A Guy Called Gerald Essence (Studio K7) jungle 5/10
A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms (Sea of Words) grunge 6/10
Absurd Minds Deception (Scanner) synth-pop 7/10
Acetone York Blvd (Vapor) alt-rock 6/10
DJ? Acucrack Sorted (E-Magine) techno 6/10
Add N To (X) Add Insult To Injury (Mute) techno 6/10
Adventures In Stereo Monomania (Bobsled) Brit-pop 5/10
Air Virgin Suicides (Source) Genre 6/10
Aix Em Klemm Aix Em Klemm (Kranky) ambient 5/10
Carrie Akre Home (Good Ink) songwriter 5/10
Alabama Thunderpussy Constellation (Man's Ruin) stoner 5/10
Album Leaf An Orchestrated Rise to Fall (Music Fellowship) instrumental 6/10
All Problematic (Epitaph) punk-pop 5/10
Aloha That's Your Fire (Polyvinyl) post-rock 7/10
Amoeba Pivot (Release) dream-pop 6/10
AMP Studio Alien Registration Office (Ochre) ambient 6/10
Angel In Heavy Syrup IV (Monotremata) prog-rock 7/10 M
Apartment 26 Hallucinating (Hollywood) rap-metal 5/10
Apoptygma Bezerk Welcome to Earth (Tatra) techno 5/10
Apples In Stereo The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone (spinArt) pop 6/10
Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis (Deep Elm) emocore 6/10
Aqua Aquarius (MCA) techno 5/10
Arovane Tides (City Centre Offices) ambient 6/10
Joseph Arthur Come To Where I'm From (Virgin) songwriter 6/10
Richard Ashcroft Alone With Everybody (Virgin) songwriter 5/10
Ass Ponys Some Stupid With A Flare Gun (Checkered Past) roots-rock 5/10
Ian Astbury Spirit\Light\Speed (Beggars Banquet) techno 5/10
At The Drive-in Relationship of Command (Grand Royal) funk-rock 6/10
Atomic Bitchwax II (Tee Pee) stoner 5/10
Auch Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Mille Plateaux) techno 6/10
Ayreon Universal Migrator (Transmission) prog-rock 6/10
Steffen Basho-Junghans Song of the Earth (Sublingual) instrumental 7/10
Beautiful South Painting It Red (Go Discs) 4/10
Bellwether Bellwether (Square Dog) alt-country 5/10
Bettie Serveert Private Suit (Hidden Agenda) alt-rock 5/10
Baby Bird Bugged (Echo) songwriter 4/10
Bad Livers Blood And Mood (Sugar Hill) electro/country 6/10
Bad Religion The New America (Atlantic) hardcore 5/10
Badly Drawn Boy The Hour of The Bewilderbeast (Twisted Nerve) songwriter 7/10
Banco De Gaia Igizeh (Six Degrees) electronica 6/10
Barenaked Ladies Maroon (Reprise) pop 6/10
Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks (Subpop) folk 6/10
Beanfield Human Patterns (Streetbeat) electronica 6/10
Adrian Belew Coming Attractions (Thirsty Ear) prog-rock 5/10 R
Belle & Sebastian Fold Your Hands Child (Jeepster) alt rock 7/10
Bent Leg Fatima Bent Leg Fatima (File 13) prog-rock 7/10
Bentley Rhythm Ace For Your Years Only (Parlophone) techno 5/10
Bevis Frond Acid Jam 2 (Woronzow) psyc 5/10
Biosphere Birmingham Frequencies (Headphone) electronica 5/10
Biosphere Cirque (Touch) electronica 6/10
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Petrophonics (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Bjork Selmasongs (Elektra) songwriter 5/10
Black Box Recorder The Facts Of Life (Chrysalis) pop 4/10
Black Heart Procession 3 (Touch & Go) alt-rock 7/10 R
Black Watch Lime Green Girl (Saltwater) psyc-pop 6/10
Blectum From Blechdom The Messy Jesse Fiesta (Deluxe) electronica 7/10
Blonde Redhead Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons (Touch & Go) alt rock 6/10
Blood Brothers This Adultery is Ripe (Second Nature) hardcore 6/10
Blue Rodeo Days in Between (Sire) pop5/10
Bluetones Science & Nature (Superior Quality) Brit-pop 5/10
Richard Bone Ascensionism (Quirkworks) electronica 5/10
Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun (Warner Bros) noise 7/10
Boss Hog White Out (In The Red) garage-rock 7/10
Billy Bragg & Wilco Mermaid Avenue II (Elektra) Genre 6/10 B
Bratmobile Ladies Women And Girls (Lookout) riot-grrrls 5/10
Bright Full Negative (Ba Da Bing) prog-rock 6/10
Bright Eyes Fevers And Mirrors (Saddle Creek) songwriter 6/10
Broadcast The Noise Made By People (Warp) retro-pop 6/10
Caspar Brotzmann Mute Massaker (Thirsty Ear) instrumental 6/10
Franklin Bruno Kiss Without Makeup (Absolutely Kosher) songwriter 5/10
Brutal Truth Goodbye Cruel World (Relapse) grindcore 7/10
BT Movement In Still Life (Nettwerk) house 5/10
Richard Buckner The Hill (Overcoat) songwriter 5/10
LTJ Bukem Journey Inwards (Good Looking) jungle 4/10
Calexico Hot Rail (Quarterstick) desert-rock 7/10
Califone Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (Glitterhouse) alt-rock 7/10
Neko Case Furnace Room Lullaby (Bloodshot) alt-country 6/10
Peter Case Flying Saucer Blues (Vanguard) songwriter 5/10
Cash Audio Green Bullet (Touch And Go) blues-rock 6/10
Cat Power The Covers Record (Matador) songwriter 5/10
Cathode Bob Threadbare (One Mad Son) alt-rock 5/10
Caustic Resin The After Birth (Alias) psychedelic 6/10
Cerberus Shoal Crash My Moon Yacht (Pandemonium) prog-rock 6/10
Chainsaw Kittens The All American (4 Alarm) algm 6/10
Ch'e Sounds Of Liberation (Man's Ruin) stoner 5/10
Richard Chartier Series (Line) concrete 6/10
Cheater Slicks Refried Dreams (In The Red) garage-punk 5/10
Cheer-Accident Salad Days (Skin Graft) prog-rock 6/10
Vic Chestnutt Merriment (Backburner) songwriter 5/10
Meg Lee Chin Piece And Love (Invisible) songwriter 5/10
Chumbawamba What You See Is What You Get (Republic) punkrock 5/10
Cinerama This Is Cinerama (Spinart) pop 5/10
Cinerama Disco Volante (Manifesto) pop 4/10
Circle Prospekt (Resonant) prog-rock 7/10
Cleaner Solaris (Accession) Industrial 5/10
Nels Cline The Inkling (Cryptogramophone) jazz-rock 6/10
Clinic Internal Wrangler (Domino) post-pop 7/10
Coil Queens Of The Circulating Library (Eskaton) industrial 5/10
Coil Constant Shallwness Leads To Evil (Eskaton) industrial 5/10
Coil Musick to Play In The Dark Volume Two (Chalice) industrial 6/10
Cold Something Wicked This Way Comes (Interscope) grunge 5/10
Coldplay Parachuttes (Parlophone) pop 6/10
Collective Soul Blender (Atlantic) mainstream 4/10
Colour Haze CO2 (Elektrohasch) stoner 5/10
Comets On Fire Comets on Fire (COF) psych-rock 7/10
Controlled Bleeding Our Journey's End (MaSo) ambient dub 6/10
Corrosion Of Conformity America's Volume Dealer (Sanctuary) punkmetal 4/10
Corrs In Blue (Atlantic) folk-rock 4/10
Covenant United States Of Mind (Subspace Communications) industrial 5/10
Cradle Of Filth Midian (Koch) black metal 4/10
Graham Coxon The Golden D (Transcopic) songwriter 5/10
Cro-Mags Revenge (Cro-Mag) punkmetal 5/10
Cure Bloodflowers (Fiction) dark-punk 5/10
Current 93 Sleep Has His House (Durtro) industrial folk 5/10
Current 93 Faust (Durtro) industrial folk 5/10
Beth Custer Dona Luz 30 Besos (City Of Tribes) avantgarde 6/10
Czars Before... But Longer (Bella Union) alt-country 6/10
Damage Manual The Damage Manual (Invisible) alt-rock 6/10
Damon & Naomi With Ghost (Subpop) noise-pop 6/10 R
Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia (Capitol) grunge 6/10
Darude Before The Storm (16 Inch) hard house 6/10
Dat Politics Sous-hit (Digital Narcis) post-rock 6/10
Datach'i We Are Always Well Thank You (Caipirinha) drum'n'bass 7/10
Danubians The Danubians (Cuneiform) prog-rock 7/10
Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported (RCA) progressive 6/10
Richard Davies Barbarians (Kindercore) songwriter 5/10
Dead C Dead C (Language) avantgarde 7/10
Dead Voices On Air Frankie Pett Presents The Happy Submarines (Invisible) industrial 4/10
Deadlights Deadlights (Elektra) metal 5/10
Death Cab For Cutie We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes (Barsuk) slo-core 6/10
Death In June Operation Hummingbird (NER) gothic 6/10
Deftones White Pony (Maverick) angry metal 6/10
Deicide Insineratehymn (Roadrunner) death metal 4/10
Vladislav Delay Entain (Mille Plateaux) electronica 7/10
Vladislav Delay Multila (Chain Reaction) electronica 6/10
Delerium Poem (Nettwerk) electronica 5/10
Delgados The Great Eastern (Chemikal Underground) folk-rock 7/10
Delta 72 000 (Touch & Go) r'n'b 6/10 R
Demolition Squad Hit It (Psychotropic) drum'n'bass 7/10
Der Blutharsch The Track Of The Hunted (Tesco) electronica 6/10
Dianogah Battle Champions (Southern) post-rock 6/10
Die Form Extremum (Metropolis) industrial 6/10
Ani DiFranco Revelling/Reckoning (Righteous Babe) songwriter 6/10
Dinner Is Ruined Ray Charles Kinda Party (Sonic Unyon) lo-fi 5/10
Dirty Three Whatever You Love You Are (Touch & Go) instrumental 8/10 R
Disc Transfer (Vinyl Communications) electronica 5/10
Djam Karet Still No Commercial Potential (HC) instrumental 6/10
John Doe Freedom Is (SpinArt) songwriter 5/10
Sally Doherty Empire Of Death (Tiger) songwriter 5/10
Sally Doherty On The Outside (Tiger) songwriter 6/10
Don Caballero American Don (Touch & Go) math-rock 6/10 A
Double U Falling Lanterns (Emperor Jones) avant-rock 6/10
Sarah Dougher The Walls Ablaze (Mr Lady) songwriter 6/10
Donnas Turn 21 (Epitaph) foxcore 6/10
Doves Lost Souls (Heavenly) dream-pop 7/10
Download Effector (Nettwerk) industrial 6/10
Dr Frank Show Business Is My Life (Lookout) punk-pop 4/10
Dr Nerve Ereia (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Drunk Tableside Manners (Jagiaguwar) alt-country 6/10
Duran Duran Pop Trash (Hollywood) Genre 3/10
Dusted When We Were Young (Go Beat) dance 5/10
Dusty Trails Dusty Trails (Atlantic) alt-rock 6/10
Dwarves Come Clean (Epitaph) punk-rock 6/10
Dylan Group Ur-Klang Search (Bubble Core) post-rock 6/10
Early Day Miners Placer Found (Western Vinyl) slocore 6/10
Eat Static Crash And Burn (Mesmobeat) psych 6/10
EC8OR The One And Only High And Low (Digital Hardcore) industrial 6/10
Echoboy Volume One (Mute) avant-pop 6/10
Echoboy Volume Two (Mute) avant-pop 5/10
Eels Daisies Of The Galaxy (Dreamworks) roots-rock 6/10
Einsturzende Neubaten Silence Is Sexy (Mute) industrial 6/10
Elastica The Menace (Deceptive) Brit-pop 5/10
Electric Company Exitos (Tigerbeat6) electronica 6/10
Electric Wizard Dopethrone (MUsic Cartel) stoner-rock 7/10
Electronic Twisted Tenderness (Koch) synth-pop 5/10
Electronic Eye Neurometrik (Alphaphone) techno 4/10
Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade (Thrill Jockey) Genre 5/10
Elevator A Taste Of Complete Perspective (Teenage USA) alt-rock 5/10
Elf Power The Winter is Coming (Arena Rock) psych-pop 6/10
Hanin Elias In Flames (DHR) songwriter 5/10
Elliott False Cathedrals (Revelation) emocore 6/10
Embrace Drawn From Memory (Virgin) pop 5/10
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP (Columbia) rap 7.5/10
Enon Believo (See Thru Broadcasting) alt-rock 6/10
Ensemble Nimbus Garmonbozia (Record Heaven) prog-rock 6/10
Enslaved Mardraum (Osmose) black metal 6/10
Entombed Uprising (Sanctuary) hard-rock 5/10
Entropic Advance Water for Your Eyes (Symbolic Insight) electronica 6/10
Enya A Day Without Rain (Reprise) new age 5/10
Eternals The Eternals (De Soto) post-rock 6/10
Evanescence Origin (2000) (Bigwig) pop-metal 7/10
Everlasting The Way Long Stretch Motorcycle Hymn Highway (Monitor) alt-rock 5/10
Everlasting The Way Songs From An American Movie: Vol 1 (Dreamworks) grunge 6/10
Eyehategod Confederacy of Ruined Lives (Century Media) heavy-metal 6/10
Eyehategod Southern Discomfort (Century Media) heavy-metal 6/10
Eyeless in Gaza Song Of The Beautiful Wanton (Soleilmoon) Genre 5/10
Face To Face Reactionary (Ladyluck) hardcore 5/10
Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo Strange But True (Matador) alt-rock 6/10
Jad Fair & Jason Willett Enjoyable Songs (Alternative Tentacles) alt-rock 5/10
Faith & Disease Beneath The Trees (Projekt) gothic 6/10
Michael Fakesch Marion (Musik Aus Strom) techno 6/10
Fall The Unutterable (Eagle) alt-rock 4/10
Forrest Fang Gongland (Projekt) world-music 6/10
Geoff Farina Reverse Eclipse (Southern) songwriter 5/10
Fastball The Harsh Light of Day (Hollywood) pop 5/10
Fatboy Slim Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars (Astralwerks) techno 5/10
Fennesz Magic Sound (Mego) electronica 6/10
Figgs Sucking In Stereo (Hearbox) power-pop 6/10
Fire & Ice Birdking (Asafoetida) 5/10
Firebird Firebird (Rise Above) hard-rock 6/10
Fishbone The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx (Hollywood) funk-rock 4/10
Flanger Midnight Sound (Ntone) jazz-rock 5/10
Flaying Saucer Attack Mirror (Drag City) ambient 5/10
Flies Inside The Sun Cactus Sky (Metonymic) free-noise 6/10
Flying Luttenbachers Alptraum (Ugexplode) prog-rock 6/10
Ron Flynt Big Blue Heart (Ya Ya) power-pop 6/10
Foehn Hidden Cinema Soundtracks (Fat Cat) ambient 5/10
Sue Foley Love Comin' Down (Shanachie) blues 6/10
Fontanelle Fontanelle (Kranky) instrumental 7/10
DJ Food Kaleidoscope (Ninja Tune) Genre 6/10
For Carnation For Carnation (Touch & Go) math-rock 7/10
Forever Einstein Down With Gravity (Cuneiform) progressive 5/10
Frank & Walters Glass (Setanta) pop 5/10
Freed Unit Gigglegoo (Freed Unit) psych-pop 6/10
Burnt Friedman Con Ritmo (Nonplace) Genre 6/10
Burnt Friedman Plays Love Songs (Nonplace) Genre 5/10
Friends Of Nina Martinez A Place In The Sun (Knitting Factory) 6/10
Frogs Bananimals (4 Alarm) folk-pop 6/10
Fruit Bats Echolocation (Perishable) songwriter 6/10
Fu Manchu King Of The Road (Mammoth) stoner 5/10
Fucking Champs IV (Drag City) instrumental 6/10
Robbie Fulks The Very Best (Bloodshot) alt-country 6/10
Fun Lovin' Criminals Loco (EMI) hip hop 4/10
Funkstorung Appetite Fur Disctruction (K7) techno 6/10
Fuxa Fuxa 2000 (Mind Expansion) psych-rock 5/10
F.Y.P. Toys That Kill (Recess) punk-pop 5/10
Peter Gabriel Ovo (Real World) prog-rock 5/10
Eric Gaffney Brilliant Concert Numbers (Old Gold) songwriter 5/10
Alastair Galbraith Cry (Emperor Jones) songwriter 7/10
Gallon Drunk Black Milk (FM) punk 6/10
Gas Pop (Mille Plateaux) techno 6/10
Giant Sand Rock Opera (OW OM) roots-rock 6/10 R
Eliza Gilkyson Hard Times In Babylon (Red House) songwriter 5/10
Glide Performance (Ochre) instrumental 6/10
Gluecifer Get The Horn (Subpop) garage-rock 5/10 B
Gluecifer Tender Is The Savage (Subpop) garage-rock 6/10
Go-Betweens Friends Of Rachel Worth (Jetset) pop 5/10
Goatsnake Flower Of Disease (Southern Lord) doom 5/10
Godspeed You Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists (Kranky) instrumental 6/10
Golden Golden Summer (Slowdime) roots-rock 6/10
Goldfrapp Felt Mountain (Mute) trip-hop 6/10
Nina Gordon Tonight And The Rest Of My Life (Warner Bros) songwriter 4/10
Goudie Peep Show (Elektra) alt-rock 5/10
Grandaddy The Sophtware (V2) Genre 7/10
Gravitar You Must First Learn To Draw The Real (Monotremata) instrumental 7/10
Gravitar Edifier (Manifold) psych-rock 6/10
David Gray White Ladder (ATO) songwriter 6/10
Green Day Warning (Reprise) punkpop 5/10
David Grubbs The Spectrum Between (Drag City) songwriter 7/10 R/A
Michael Hall Dead by Dinner (Blue Rose) songwriter 6/10
Hanson This Time Around (Mercury) pop 4/10
John Wesley Harding The Confessions of St Ace (Mammoth) Genre 5/10
James Hardway Moors And Christians (Recordings Of Substance) jungle 4/10
Grant Hart Good News For Modern Man (Pachyderm) songwriter 6/10
PJ Harvey Stories From The City (Island) songwriter 6/10
Harvey Danger King James Version (London) power-pop 4/10
Juliana Hatfield Beautiful Creature (Zoe) songwriter 5/10
Sophie Hawkins Timbre (Rykodisc) songwriter 6/10
Heads Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Sweet Nothing) psych 5/10
Reverend Horton Heat Spend A Night In The Box (Time Bomb) Genre 6/10
Hefner We Love The City (Too Pure) folk-rock 5/10
Hellacopter High Visibility (Universal) hard-rock 4/10
Hellworms Crowd Repellent (Alternative Tentacles) alt-rock 6/10
Hepcat Push'N'Shove (Hellcat) ska-punk 6/10
Her Space Holiday Home Is Where You Hang Yourself (Tiger Style) songwriter 6/10 R
High Llamas Buzzle Bee (Duophonic) pop 5/10
High On Fire Art Of Self Defense (Man's Ruin) stoner 6/10
Him Our Point Of Departure (Perishable) post-rock 5/10
Robyn Hitchcock A Star From Bram (Editions PAF) songwriter 5/10
David Holmes Bow Down To The Exit Sign (Go Beat) techno 7/10
Home XIV (Arena Rock) prog-rock 6/10
Bill Horist Songs From The Nerve Wheel (Unit Circle Rekkids) instrumental 6/10
Hot Snakes Automatic Midnight (Swam) alt-rock 7/10
Hungry Ghosts Alone Alone (Smells Like) instrumental 6/10
Ida Will You Find Me (Tiger Style) folk-pop 6/10
Idaho Hearts Of Palm (Idaho) alt-rock 5/10
Idlewild 100 Broken Windows (Food) punk-pop 6/10
Ryoji Ikeda Matrix (Touch) electronica 6/10
Immortal Damned In Black (Osmose) dark metal 4/10
In The Nursery Groundloop (ITN) gothic 6/10
Index Ultra Hard Shadow (COP) industrial 5/10
Tetsu Inoue Active/Freeze (12k) ambient 5/10
Isis Celestial (Escape Artist) industrial 6/10
Isotope 217 Who Stole The I Walkman (Thrill Jockey) post-rock 5/10
Ivy Long Distance (Nettwerk) folk-pop 5/10
Jack Drag Soft Songs LP (Sugar Free) psyc-pop 5/10
Jackie-O Motherfucker Wow (Fisheye) post-rock 6/10
Jackie-O Motherfucker Magick Fire Music (Ecstatic Peace) post-rock 7/10
Jacques To Stars (Setanta) pop 4/10
Jayhawks Smile (Columbia) country-pop 4/10
Japancakes The Sleepy Strange (Kindercore) ambient 6/10
Jazz Butcher Rotten Soul (Vinyl Japan) Genre 4/10
Jennyanykind I Need You (Yep Rock) Genre 5/10
Jets To Brazil Four Cornered Night (Jade Tree) pop 4/10
Joan Of Arc The Gap (Jade Tree) post-rock 7/10
Daniel Johnston Rejected Unknown (Pickled Egg) songwriter 6/10
Juliana's Pony Total System Failure (Zoe) songwriter 6/10
Damien Jurado Ghost Of David (Subpop) songwriter 6/10 R
Edward Ka-Spel Red Letters (Caciocavallo) alt-rock 6/10
Kampec Dolores Sitting On The Buffalo (ReR) world-music 6/10
Karate Unsolved (Southern) post-rock 5/10
Nash Kato Debutante (Will) songwriter 5/10
Mike Keneally Dancing (Exowax) prog-rock 6/10
Dave Kerman & 5uu's Regarding Purgatories (Cuneiform) progressive 5/10
Kid Rock History Of Rock (Atlantic) rap-metal 4/10
Kid 606 Down With The Scene (Ipecac) electronica 7/10
Kid Spatula Full Sunken Breaks (Planet Mu) techno 6/10
Kiln Ampday (Thalassa) instrumental 6/10
King Black Acid Loves A Long Song (Cavity Search) psych 6/10
King's X Please Come Home (Metal Blade) hard-rock 4/10
King Crimson The ConstruKction of Light (Virgin) prog-rock 5/10
Kings Of Convenience Kings Of Convenience (Kindercone) folk-rock 6/10
Kevn Kinney The Flower And The Knife (Capricorn) songwriter 5/10
Richard Kirk Loopstatic (Touch) techno 5/10
Richard Kirk Darkness At Noon (Touch) techno 4/10
Kletka Red Hybrid (Red Note) avant-folk 5/10
Klute Fear Of People (Certificate) drum'n'bass 5/10
Mark Knopfler Sailing To Philadelphia (Warner Bros) songwriter 5/10
Knotworking Knotworking (One Mad Son) songwriter 6/10
Chris Knox Beat (Thirsty Ear) songwriter 5/10
Kreidler Kreidler (Mute) post-rock 6/10
DJ Krush Code4109 (Sony) trip-hop 5/10
Ed Kuepper Smile Pacific (Hot) Genre 5/10
L'Altra Music Of A Sinking Occasion (Aesthetics) folk-pop 7/10
L@N Twoinone (Staalplaat) techno 6/10
Laika Good Looking Blues (Too Pure) prog-rock 7/10
Lambchop Nixon (Merge) roots-rock 6/10
Land Of The Loops Puttering About A Small Hand (Up) experimental 6/10
Lapse Heaven Ain't Happenin' (Southern) alt-rock 7/10
Bill Laswell Dub Chamber 3 (Reachout) dub 5/10
Bill Laswell Lo Def Pressure (Quatermass) ambient dub 6/10
Bill Laswell Dub Chamber (ROIR) dub 6/10
Lazy Cowgirls Somewhere Down The Line (Sympathy) hardcore 6/10
Le Hammon Inferno My First Political Dance Album (Bungalow) techno 6/10
Leatherface Horsebox (B.Y.O.) punk-rock 5/10
Legendary Pink Dots A Perfect Mystery (Caciocavallo) alt-rock 5/10
Less Than Jake Borders And Boundaries (Fat Wreck) ska-punk 5/10
Jackie Leven Defending Ancient Springs (Cooking Vinyl) songwriter 5/10
Liberator Worldwide Delivery (Burning Heart, 1999 - Epitaph) ska 5/10
Libraness Yesterday And Tomorrow's Shells (Tiget Style) alt-rock 6/10
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (Interscope) rap-metal 4/10
Arto Lindsay Prize (Righteous Babe) noise-rock 7/10
Linus Pauling Quartet Ashes In the Bong of God (Fleece) psychedelic 6/10
Liquid Mind Unity (Chuck Wild) ambient 7/10
Live The Distance To Here (Radioactive) hard-rock 4/10
Live Human Elefish Jellyphant (Matador) instrumental hip hop 6/10
Lofty Pillars When We Were Lost (Truckstop) instrumental 6/10
Looper The Geometrid (Subpop) alt rock 6/10
Loud Family Attractive Nuisance (Alias) alt-pop 6/10
Gary Lucas Improve The Shining Hour (Knitting Factory) prog-rock 6/10
Lungfish Necrophones (Dischord) hardcore 5/10
Luomo Vocalcity (Forcetracks) house 6/10
Madonna Music (Maverick) dance 4/10
Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty The Union Themes (Kill Rock Stars) songwriter 6/10
Magic Carpatians Project Denega (Obuh) pan-ethnic 6/10
Makers Rock Star God (Subpop) garage-rock 6/10
Man Or Astroman A Spectrum Of Infinite Scale (Touch & Go) instrumental 5/10 R
Mandible Chatter Measuring The Marigolds (Russell) psych 6/10
Mandragora Pollen (Delerium) progressive 6/10
Aimee Mann Bachelor No 2 (Superego) songwriter 6/10
Mansun Little Kix (Parlophone) Brit-pop 4/10
Maquiladora White Sands (Lotushouse) alt-rock 7/10
Marcy Playground Shapeshifter (Capitol) power-pop 6/10
Marilyn Manson Holy Wood (Nothing) metal 6/10
Marvelous 3 Ready Sex Go (Elektra) power-pop 4/10
J Mascis More Light (Ultimatum) noise-rock 6/10
Matchbox 20 Mad Season (Atlantic) folk-pop 4/10
Mazinga Phaser Dissatisfied Customers Of Hallucination (Idol) psych-rock 6/10
MDFMK MDFMK (Republic) industrial 4/10
Meat Puppets Golden Lies (Atlantic) desert-rock 6/10
Mekons Journey To The End Of The Night (Quarterstick) folk-rock 5/10
Melvins The Crybaby (Ipecac) grunge 5/10
Mermen The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show (Source) instrumental 7/10
Mice Parade Collaborations (Bubble Core) post-rock 6/10
Microphones It Was Hot We Stayed in the Water (K) pop 6/10
Microstoria Model 3 Step 2 (Thrill Jockey) electronica 6/10
Mighty Mighty Bosstones Pay Attention (Island) ska-pop 5/10
Milk Cult Project M-13 (0 To 1) industrial 6/10
Minus 5 In Rock (Book) garage-rock 6/10
Mira Mira (Projekt) shoegaze 6/10
Modest Mouse Moon & Antarctica (Epic) lo-fi pop 7/10
Mojave 3 Excuses For Travellers (4AD) shoegaze 7/10
Mondo Generator Cocaine Rodeo (Southern Lord) stoner-rock 6/10
Monkeywrench Electric Children (Sweet Nothing) garage-rock 6/10
Monster Magnet God Says No (A&M) grunge 5/10
Roy Montgomery The Allegory of Hearing (Drunken Fish) instrumental 8/10 R
Thurston Moore Hurricane Floyd (Sublingual) Genre5/10
Morbid Angel Gateways Of Annihilation (Earache) death metal 4/10
Morcheeba Fragments Of Freedom (Sire) Genre 6/10
Morning 40 Federation You My Brother (Tekito) r & b 6/10
Morphine The Night (Dreamworks) alt rock 7/10
Motorpsycho Let Them Eat Cake (Stickman) progressive 5/10
Mouse On Mars Niun Niggung (Thrill Jockey) progressive 6/10
Movietone The Blossom Filled Streets (Domino) trip-hop 6/10
M2M Shades Of Purple (Atlantic) pop 4/10
Mum Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is Ok (Thule) post-rock 7/10
Murder City Devils In Name And Blood (Subpop) garage-rock 6/10 R
MxPx The Ever Passing Moment (Tooth & Nail) punk-pop 4/10
My Dying Bride The Light At The End Of The World (Peaceville) doom 4/10
Nada Surf Proximity Effect (MarDev) pop 4/10
Nashville Pussy High As Hell (TVT) hard-rock /10
Neina Subconsciousness (Mille Plateaux) glitch-music 6/10
Mike Ness Under the Influences (Time Bomb) folksinger 4/10
New Bomb Turks Nightmare Scenario (Epitaph) Genre 7/10 R
New Model Army Eight (Attack Attack) Genre 4/10
New Pornographers Mass Romantic (Mint) pop 6/10
New Radiant Storm King Singular No Article (Poster Girl) noise-rock 5/10
New Wet Kojak Do Things (Konkurrel) alt-rock 6/10
Martin Newell Spirit Cage (Cherry Red) songwriter 4/10
Nigo Ape Sounds (Source) hip hop 6/10
Nile Black Seeds Of Vengeance (Relapse) death-metal 6/10
No Doubt Return of Saturn (Interscope) Genre 5/10
No Means No One (Wrong) alt-rock 4/10
No Use For A Name More Betterness (Fat Wreck) hardcore 4/10
No-WTO Combo Live From The Battle Is Seattle (Alternative Tentacles) punk-rock 5/10
Nocturnal Emissions Futurist Antiquarism (Staalplat) Genre4/10
Nocturnal Emissions Mort Aux Vaches (Staalplat) Genre4/10
NOFX Pump Up The Valuum (Epitaph) hardcore 5/10
Alva Noto Prototypes (Mille Plateaux) glitch music 6/10
Alva Noto Wohltemperiert (Noton) glitch music 5/10
Alva Noto Cyclo (Noton) glitch music 5/10
KK Null Gev (Staalplaat) noise 5/10
KK Null Discoteca Plasma (Mindfield) noise 5/10
Sinead O'Connor Faith And Courage (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Oasis Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants (Epic) Brit-pop 5/10
Octant Can Alarms And Crickets (Up) new wave 4/10
Of Montreal Horse And Elephant Eatery (Bar None) pop 5/10
Offspring Conspiracy Of One (Columbia) hardcore 5/10
Will Oldham Ode Music (Drag City) folk 6/10
Mark Olson My Own Jo Ellen (Hightone) songwriter 5/10
Oneida Come On Everybody Let's Rock (Jagjaguwar) garage-rock 7/10
Ooioo Gold And Green (Shock City) noise 5/10
Optiganally Yours Presents (Absolutely Kosher) songwriter 6/10
Orange Goblin Big Black (MUsic Cartel) doom-metal 5/10
Orange Peels So Far (Spinart) pop 5/10
Oranger Quiet Vibration Land (Amazing Grease) pop 5/10
Ordo Equilibrio The Wedlock of Roses (Cold Meat) gothic 5/10
Orgy Vapor Transmission (Warner) metal 6/10
Orso Long Time By (Perishable) songwriter 6/10
Joan Osborne Righteous Love (Interscope) songwriter 5/10
Oval Ovalprocess (Thrill Jockey) avant-rock 5/10
Ozric Tentacles The Hidden Step (Stretchy) psych-rock 5/10
Pan American 360 Business 360 Bypass (Kranky) ambient dub 7/10 R
Pantera Reinventing the Steel (Elektra) heavy metal 5/10
Papa Roach Infest (Dreamworks) rap-metal 6/10
Papas Fritas Buildings And Grounds (Minty Fresh) power-pop 5/10
Paul Newman Machine Is Not Broken (My Pal God) instrumental 6/10
Pearl Jam Binaural (Epic) grunge 5/10
Pedro The Lion Winners Never Quit (Jade Tree) songwriter 6/10
Joe Pernice Big Tobacco (Glitterhouse) songwriter 5/10
Persona Maximal (Vinyl Communications) psych-rock 6/10
Persona Uptight (Simulated) psych-rock 7/10
Phantom Surfers XXX (Lookout) garage-surf 5/10
Grant Lee Phillips Ladies Over Oracle (Phillips) songwriter 5/10
Phish Farmhouse (Elektra) progressive 5/10
Photek Solaris (Source) dance 5/10
Photon Band Oh The Sweet Sweet Changes (Darla) alt-rock 5/10
Phylr Halflife (Invisible) industrial 6/10
Piano Magic Artists Rifles (Rocket Girl) psych-pop 6/10
Pineal Ventana Axes To Ice (Unit Circle Rekkids) noise-rock 6/10
Pinehurst Kids Viewmaster (Four Alarm) noise-pop 5/10
Pinetop Seven Bringing Home The Last Great Strike (Truckstop) roots-rock 7/10
Pizzicato Five The Fifth Release (Matador) kitsch 5/10
Placebo Black Market Music (Neurot) dance 5/10
Plaid Trainer (Warp) techno 5/10
Poe Haunted (Atlantic) songwriter 5/10
Poem Rocket Psychogeography (Atavistic) alt-rock 7/10
Pole 3 (Kiff) dub 5/10
Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun (K-Scope) prog-rock 6/10
Portastatic De Mel De Melao (Merge) alt-rock 4/10
Poster Children DDD (SpinArt) Genre 6/10
Pram Museum Of Imaginary Animals (Domino) alt-rock 6/10
Archer Prewitt Gerroa Songs (Carrot Top) songwriter 5/10
Primal Scream XTRMNTR (Astralwerks) psychedelic 6/10
Chuck Prophet The Hurting Business (Cooking Vinyl) 6/10
Queens Of The Stone Age Rated R (Interscope) stoner-rock 6/10
Queers Beyond The Valley Of The Assfuckers (Hopeless) punk-pop 4/10
Quickspace The Death of Quickspace (Matador) post-rock 6/10
Quintron The Unmasked Organ Light-Year of Inifinity Man (Bulb) avant-rock 6/10
Rachel's Full On Night (Quarterstick) (Touch & Go) instrumental 6/10
Radiohead Kid A (Capitol) 6/10
Rage Against The Machine Renegades (Epic) funk-metal 4/10
Rainer Maria A Better Version Of Me (Polyvinyl) alt-rock 6/10
Lee Ranaldo Dirty Windows (Atavistic) songwriter 5/10
Lee Ranaldo & William Hooker Bouquet (Knitting Factory) Genre 5/10
Rancid Rancid (Hellcat) Skapunk 6/10
Rapoon What Do You Suppose (Staalplaat) ambient 5/10
Recoil Liquid (Mute) synth-pop 4/10
Red Snapper Our Aim Is To Satisfy (Warp) trip-hop 5/10
Red Star Belgrade Telescope (Checkered Past) alt-country 5/10
Reef Getaway (Sony) hard-rock 4/10
Blaine Reininger The More I Learn The Less I Know (MaSo) songwriter 5/10
Martin Rev Strangeworld (Sahko) songwriter 6/10
Kimberley Rew Tunnel Into Summer (Gadfly) power-pop 6/10
Marc Ribot Muy Divertido (Atlantic) progressive 6/10
Julie Ritter Songs Of Love And Empire (Luxstar) songwriter 5/10
Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes Vine - Bark & Spore (Timeroom) new age 7/10 R
Steve Roach & Thupten Pema Lama Prayers To The Protector (Celestial Harmonies) new age 6/10
Steve Roach Midnight Moon (Projekt) new age 7/10
Steve Roach Early Man (Projekt) electronica 7/10
Dean Roberts The Grand Cinema (Mille Plateaux) avant-rock 6/10
Mark Robinson Tiger Banana (Teenbeat) songwriter 5/10
Rock*a*teens Sweet Bird Of Youth (Merge) roots-rock 5/10
Rollerball Bathing Music (Road Cone) post-jazz 6/10
Rollins Band Get Some Go Again (Dreamworks) 4/10
Josh Rouse Home (Slow River) songwriter 6/10
Royal Trux Pound For Pound (Drag City) noise-rock 6/10
Ruins Pallaschtom (Sonore) Genre6/10
Bruce Russell Maximalist Mantra Music (Crank Automotive) avantgarde 7/10
Saint Etienne The Misadventures Of Saint Etienne (L'Appareil-Photo) alt rock 5/10
Saint Etienne Sound Of Water (Mantra) dream-pop 6/10
Sandoz Orchestra Terrestrial (Die Stadt) industrial 6/10
Scanner & David Shea Free Chocolate Love (Sub Rosa) electronica 5/10
Schramms 100 Questions (Innerstate) roots-rock 6/10
Scorn Greetings From Birmingham (Hymen) Genre 6/10
Sea & Cake Oui (Clearspot) post-rock 5/10
Peter Searcy Could You Please And Thank You (Time Bomb) songwriter 6/10
Seely Winter Birds (Koch) alt rock 6/10
Brian Setzer Vavoom (Interscope) nostalgia 4/10
764 Hero Weekends of Sound (Up) alt-rock 6/10
Shalabi Shalabi Effect (Alien 8) post-rock 7/10
Shalini We Want Jelly Donuts (Parasol) pop 6/10
Shark Quest Man On Stilts (Merge) alt-rock 6/10
Jules Shear Allow Me (Zoe) songwriter 6/10
Zena Sheck Zemag Daeh (To Yo) noise-pop 5/10
Shellac 1000 Hurts (Touch & Go) alt-rock 5/10
Shelter When 20 Summers Pass (Century Media) hardcore 5/10
Shinjuku Filth Zero Stung (Dorobo) electronica 6/10
Shipping News Very Soon And In Pleasant Company (Quarterstick) math-rock 6/10 A
Shivaree I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head (Capitol) songwriter 7/10
Sick Of It All Yours Truly (Fat Wreck) hardcore 6/10
Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun (Fat Cat) dream-pop 7/10
Silkworm Lifestyle (Touch & Go) noise-rock 6/10 R
Silos Laser Beam Next Door (Blue Rose) alt-country 4/10
Silver Mt Zion He Has Left Us Alone (Constellation) post-rock 6/10
Sin Ropas Three Cherries (Perishable) songwriter 6/10
Talvin Singh Ha (Island) transglobal 6/10
Six By Seven The Closer You Get (Mantra) noise-rock 5/10
Sixteen Horsepower Secret South (Glitterhouse) roots-rock 6/10
6ths Hyacinths and Thistles (Merge) songwriter 7/10
Roni Size In The Mode (Island) jungle 6/10
Skull Kontrol Zzzzzz.... (Touch & Go) hardcore 7/10
Sleater-Kinney All Hands On The Bad One (Kill Rock Stars) riot-grrrrls 6/10
Slumber Party Slumber Party (Kill Rock Stars) psychedelic 6/10
Smashing Pumpkins Machina - The Machines Of God (Virgin) grunge 5/10
Elliott Smith Figure 8 (Dreamworks) songwriter 5/10
Jean Smith Jean Smith (Kill Rock Stars) songwriter 5/10
Patti Smith Gung Ho (Arista) songwriter 6/10
Steven Smith Slate Branches (3 Acre Floor) instrumental 6/10
Smith & Mighty Big World Small World (Studio K7) trip-hop 5/10
Smog Dongs Of Sevotion (Drag City) songwriter 6/10
Snow Patrol Songs For Polar Bears (Jeepster) folk-pop 5/10
Softies Holiday In Rhode Island (K) power-pop 5/10
Sol Invictus The Hill Of The Crosses (Tursa) songwriter 5/10
Songs: Ohia The Lioness (Secretely Canadian) folk 6/10
Songs:Ohia Ghost Tropic (Secrety Canadian) alt-rock 6/10
Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers (Checkered Past) noise-rock 5/10
Sophia Sophia (Cold Meat Industry) gothic 6/10
Soul Fly Primitive (Roadrunner) heavy metal 7/10
Soul-Junk 1956 (5 Minute Walk) alt-rock 6/10
Species Being Orgone Therapy (Chaosophy) prog-rock 6/10
Spice Girls Forever (Virgin) pop 4/10
DJ Spooky & Scanner The Quick And The Dead (Sulfur) electronica 5/10
Spring Heel Jack Treader (Tugboat) jungle 7/10
Spring Heel Jack Disappeared (Thirsty Ear) jungle 8/10
Mark Springer Nature (Exit) trip-hop 6/10
Tobin Sprout Wrinkled Thoughts (Wigwam) songwriter 5/10
Squarepusher Selection Sixteen (Warp) jungle 5/10
Squirrel Nut Zippers Bedlam Ballroom (Mammoth) ska-pop 5/10
Starflyer 59 Everybody Makes Mistakes (Tooth & Nail) pop 6/10
Steely Dan Two Against Nature (Giant) pop-jazz 6/10
Storm And Stress Under Thunder And Fluorescent Light (Touch & Go) alt rock 7/10 B
Subarachnoid Space These Things Take Time (Release) psychedelic 6/10
Subarachnoid Space A New And Exact Map (September Gurls) psych-rock 5/10
Matt Suggs Golden Days Before They End (Merge) songwriter 6/10
Suicide Machines Suicide Machines (Hollywood) ska-punk 5/10
Sun City Girls Cameo Demons And Their Manifestations (Abduction) (Abduction) alt-rock 6/10
Sun City Girls Severed Finger With A Wedding (Abduction) (Abduction) alt-rock 6/10
Sun City Girls The Dreamy Draw (Abduction) (Abduction) alt-rock 6/10
Sun City Girls Superculto (Abduction) (Abduction) alt-rock 6/10
Sun City Girls A Bullet Through The Last Temple (Abduction) (Abduction) alt-rock 6/10
Sunday Munich Vinculum (Precipice) Genre 5/10
Sunn Zero Zero Void (Rise Above) doom 7/10
Sunny Day Real Estate The Rising Tide (Time Bomb) Genre 5/10
Superdrag In The Valley Of Dying Stars (Arena Rock) Genre 5/10
Super Furry Animals Mwng (Flydaddy) Brit-pop 6/10
Swell Feed (Beggars Banquet) roots-rock 5/10
David Sylvian Approaching Silence (Shakti) ambient 7/10
T Power Long Time Dead (Botchit) jungle 5/10
Take 5 Against All Odds (Elektra) pop 3/10
Nobukazu Takemura Sign (Thrill Jockey) electronica 7/10
Tarwater Animals Suns And Atoms (Kitty-Yo) alt-rock 6/10
Teenage Funclub Howdy (Columbia) Brit-pop 5/10
Jimi Tenor Out Of Nowhere (Warp) techno/kitsch 6/10
Terre Thaemlitz Interstices (Mille Plateaux) ambient 5/10
Terre Thaemlitz Fagjazz (Comatonse) ambient 6/10
Terrifying Experience Magnetic Breakthrough (Mental Telemetry) noise-rock 6/10
THD Under a Static Sky (Pendragon) industrial 6/10
Thievery Corporation Mirror Conspiracy (Eighteenth Street Lounge) dub-hop 6/10
Third Eye Foundation Little Lost Soul (Merge) ambient 5/10
David Thomas Bay City (Thirsty Ear) songwriter 6/10
Richard Thomas Soggy Martyrs (Lo) techno 6/10
310 The Dirty Rope (Leaf) post-rock 6/10
Thrones Sperm Whale (Kill Rock Stars) experimental 7/10
Thuja The Deer Lay Down Their Bones (Tumult) avant-rock 6/10
Mary Timony Mountains (Matador) songwriter 5/10
Tin Hat Trio Helium (Angel) avant-rock 6/10
Amon Tobin Supermodified (Ninjatune) dub-hop 6/10
Russ Tolman New Quadraphonic Highway (Weed) songwriter 6/10
Tom Tom Club The Good The Bad And The Funky (Rykodisc) funk 6/10
Tone Structure (Dischord) instrumental 5/10
Tosca Suzuki (G-Stone) trip-hop 6/10
Toshack Highway Toshack Highway (Catapult) post-rock 5/10
Town And Country It All Has To Do With It (Thrill JOckey) post-rock 6/10
Tragically Hip Music @ Work (London) roots-rock 4/10
Trans Am You Can Always Get What You Want (Thrill Jockey) instrumental 6/10
Trans Am Red Line (Thrill Jockey) instrumental 6/10
Treble Charger Wide Awake Bored (RCA) pop 4/10
Tristeza Dream Signals In Full Circles (Tiger Style) instrumental 6/10
Trunk Federation Lay The Hip (Plastique) psyc-rock 4/10
Tsar Tsar (Hollywood) power-pop 5/10
Turing Machine A New Machine For Living (Jade Tree) instrumental 6/10
23 Skidoo 23 Skidoo (Virgin) dance 4/10
Twilight Singers Twilight (Columbia) songwriter 5/10
Two Dollar Guitar Weak Beats And Lame-Ass Rhymes (Smells Like) roots-rock 5/10
Two Lone Swordsmen Tiny Reminders (Warp) techno 6/10
Tyro Audiocards (Mute) alt-rock 6/10
Ulan Bator Ego Echo (Young God) avant-rock 7/10
Ulan Bator Ego Echo (Young God) avant-rock 7/10
Ulver Perdition City (Jester) prog-metal 7/10
Unisex Stratosfear (Double Agent) psych-rock 7/10
Up Bustle And Out Rebel Radio (Ninja Tune) trip-hop 4/10
Usurei Yatsura Everybody Loves (Che) lo-fi pop 4/10
U2 All That You CAn't Leave Behind (Reprise) pop-rock 5/10
Uusitalo Vapaa Muurari Live (Force) techno 6/10
Mika Vainio Kajo (Touch) electronica 5/10
Armand Van Helden Killing Puritans (Armed) house 6/10
Vandermark 5 Burn The Incline (Atavistic) Genre 7/10
VAST Music For People (Elektra) mainstream 5/10
Sven Vath Contact (Ultra) techno 5/10
Jack Vees The Restaurant Behind The Pier (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Versus Hurrah (Merge) alt-rock 6/10
Veruca Salt Resolver (Beyond Music) alt-rock 4/10
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Stop The Panic (Astralwerks) trip-hop 5/10
Vidna Obmana The Surreal Sanctuary (Hypnos) electronica 5/10
Vibracathedral Orchestra Lino Hi (Giardia) drone-music 6/10
Vibracathedral Orchestra Versatile Arab Chord Chart (VHF) drone-music 6/10
Christian Vogel Rescate 137 (Novamute) techno 5/10
Volapuk Polyglot (Cuneiform) progressive 6/10
Volebeats Solitude (Safe House) folk-rock 8/10
Voltaire Almost Human (Projekt) glam-rock 6/10
Steve Von Till As The Crow Flies (Neurot) industrial 6/10
Vue Vue Vue Vue (Subpop) garage-rock 6/10 B
Waco Bros Electric Waco Chair (Bloodshot) Genre 5/10
Wallflowers Breach (Interscope) roots-rock 5/10
We Decentertainment (Liquid Sky) drum'n'bass 6/10
Ween White Pepper (Elektra) pop 6/10
Paul Weller Heliocentric (Island) songwriter 5/10
White Stripes De Stijl (Sympathy) blues-rock 7/10
Chris Whitley Perfect Day (New Machine) songwriter 5/10
Willard Grant Conspiracy Everything's Fine (Rykodisc) alt-country 6/10
Robbie Williams Sing When You're Winning (Chrysalis) pop 4/10
Victoria Williams Water To Drink (Atlantic) songwriter 5/10
Wipers The Power In One (Zeno) psych-rock 5/10
Wisdom Of Harry House Of Binary (Matador) lo-fi pop 5/10
Jah Wobble Beach Fervour Spare (30Hertz) dub-rock 6/10
Jah Wobble Molam Dub (30Hertz) dub-rock 6/10
Shannon Wright Maps Of Tacit (Touch & Go) songwriter 6/10
Xorcist Insects And Angels (Metropolis) electronica 6/10
XTC Wasp Star (TVT) pop 4/10
Trisha Yearwood Real Live Album (MCA) Genre 5/10
Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned (Matador) psych-rock 6/10
Yo-Yo's Uppers And Downers (Subpop) power-pop 6/10
Susumu Yokota Sakura (Skintone) ambient 7/10
Otomo Yoshihide Anode (Tzadik) noise 6/10
Richard Youngs Making Paper (Jagjaguwar) post-rock 6/10
Yume Bitsu Auspicious Winds (K) psych-rock 7/10
Zeke Dirty Sanchez (Epitaph) hardcore 6/10
Zoviet France Decriminalization (Tramway) industrial 5/10
Ratings: 10=best album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan

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