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Artist Album Title (Label) Genre Rat.
Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
A Hawk And A Hacksaw The Way The Wind Blows (Leaf) ethnic 5/10
Barry Adamson Stranger On The Sofa (Central Control) songwriter 5/10
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain (End) folk-metal 7/10
Ahleuchatistas What You Will (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Jessica Bailiff Feels Like Home (Kranky) songwriter 6/10
Eef Barzalay Bitter Honey (SpinArt) songwriter 6/10
Beirut Gulag Orkestar (BaDaBing) songwriter 7/10
Belbury Poly The Owl's Map (Ghost Box) synth-pop 5/10
Belle And Sebastian The Life Pursuit (Matador) Brit-pop 5/10
Bird Show Lightning Ghost (Kranky) post-rock 6/10
Frank Black Fast Man Raider Man (Back Porch) songwriter 5/10
Black Heart Procession The Spell (Touch & Go) post-rock 6/10
Richard Bone Vespera (Quirkworks) ambient 6/10
Boris Dronevil Final (Misanthropic Agenda) drone 6/10
Boxhead Ensemble Nocturnes (Atavistic) instrumental 7/10
Carla Bozulich Evangelista (Constellation) songwriter 7/10
Brightblack Morning Light (Matador) psych folk 7/10
Thomas Buckner Totem (Mutable) avantgarde 7/10
Built To Spill You In Reverse (Warner Bros) noise-rock 7/10
Calexico Garden Ruin (Quarterstick) post-rock 5/10
Camera Obscura Let's Get Out Of This Country (Merge) brit-pop 6/10
Christina Carter Electrice (Kranky) ambient 7/10
Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Anti) songwriter 6/10
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Etiquette (Tomlab) songwriter 6/10
Cat Power The Greatest (Matador) songwriter 5/10
Cathedral The Garden Of Unearthly Delights (Nuclear Blast) doom-metal 6/10
Cerberus Shoal The Land We All Believe In (North East Indie) prog-rock 5/10
Charalambides A Vintage Burden (Kranky) psych-folk 6/10
Richard Chartier Levels Inverted (Line) concrete 7.5
Richard Chartier Incidence (Raster-Noton) concrete 6/10
Circle Miljard (Ektro) prog-rock 7/10
Chris Clark Body Riddle (Warp) IDM 6.5/10
Clipse Hell Hath No Fury (Star Trak) hip-hop 7/10
Colour Haze Tempel (Elektrohasch) stoner 6/10
Comets On Fire Avatar (Subpop) psych-rock 7/10
Corea Quien Encuentra a la Madre Conoce a los Hijos (Error) screamo 6/10
Cult of Luna Somewhere Along the Highway (Earache) post-metal 7/10
Current 93 Black Ships Ate The Sky (Durtro) folk 6/10
Cursive Happy Hollow (Saddle Creek) emocore 6/10
Cut Chemist The Audience Is Listening (Warner) hip-hop 7/10
Dale Cooper Quartet Parole De Navarre (Diesel Combustible) post-rock 7/10
Daughters Hell Songs (Hydra Head) noise-rock 6/10
Dear Hunter Act I - The Lake South The River North (Triple Crown) prog-rock 6/10
Der Blutharsch When Did Wonderland End? (Tesco) gothic 6/10
Destroyer Destroyer's Rubies (Merge) pop 6/10
DJ Olive Sleep (Room40) ambient 6.5/10
Don Caballero World Class Listening Problem (Relapse) post-rock 5/10
Toby Driver In the L..L..Library Loft (Tzadik) songwriter 8/10
Bob Dylan Modern Times (Columbia) songwriter 6/10
East River Pipe What Are You On (Merge) songwriter 5/10
Envy Insomniac Doze (Rock Action) screamo 7/10
Erase Errata Nightlife (Kill Rock Stars) funk-punk 7/10
Alejandro Escovedo The Boxing Mirror (Back Porch) songwriter 7/10
Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor (Atlantic) rap 6/10
Fiel Garvie Caught Laughing (Words on Music) Brit-pop 5/10
Final 3 (Neurot) industrial 6/10
Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics (Warner) psych-pop 5/10
Fred Frith Impur (ReR) prog-rock 7/10
Lisa Germano In the Maybe World (Young God) songwriter 6/10
Grizzly Bear Yellow House (Warp) psych-folk 6/10
Guillemots Through The Windowpane (Polydor) Brit-pop 6/10
Sean Hayes Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star (self) songwriter 6/10
Jim Haynes Telegraphy By The Sea (Helen Scarsdale Agency) glitch 7.5/10
Tim Hecker Harmony in Ultraviolet (Kranky) electronic 5/10
Matthew Herbert Scale (K7) electronica 6/10
His Name Is Alive Detrola (Silver Mountain) power-pop 6/10
Home Sexteen (Home) lo-fi pop 6/10
Intelligent Shanghai Mono University Intelligent Shanghai Mono University (Subjam) laptop 7/10
Islands Return to the Sea (Rought Trade) retro-pop 6.5/10
Iz Em (ReR) prog-rock 6/10
Johan Johannsson IBM 1401 A User's Manual (4AD) synth-pop 6/10
Daniel Johnston Lost and Found (Sketchbook) songwriter 5/10
Simon Joyner Skeleton Blues (Jagjaguar) songwriter 6/10
Steffen Basho-Junghans Late Summer Morning (Strange Attractors) instrumental 7/10
Junior Boys So This Is Goodbye (Domino) synth-pop 6/10
K-Space Going Up (Ad Hoc) prog-rock 6/10
Kayo Dot Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue (Robotic Empire) post-rock 7/10
Knife Silent Shout (Mute) electro 6/10
Lambchop Damaged (Merge) country-soul 6/10
Mark Lanegan Ballad Of The Broken Seas (V2) songwriter 5/10
Liars Drum's Not Dead (Mute) post-rock 7/10
Loose Fur Born Again In The USA (Drag City) post-rock 6/10
Loscil Plume (Kranky) ambient 7/10
Mammatus Mammatus (Holy Mountain) stoner 6/10
Mars Volta Amputechture (Universal) prog-rock 6/10
Matmos Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast (Matador) electronica 6/10
Stephen Merritt Showtunes (Nonesuch) pop 5/10
Minus 5 Minus 5 (Yep Roc) pop 5/10
Mogwai Mr Beast (Matador) post-rock 6/10
Mr Geoffrey And JD Franzke Get A Room (Extreme) plunderphonics 6/10
Mudhoney Under A Billion Suns (Sub Pop) grunge 4/10
Mujician There's No Going Back Now (Cuneiform) free-jazz 6/10
Naing Naing Toothbrush Fever (ReAktion) prog-rock 6/10
Necks Chemist (ReR) instrumental 6/10
Joanna Newsom Ys (Drag City) songwriter 8/10
Nimby Songs For Adults (ReR) prog-rock 5/10
Pauline Oliveros Lion's Eye/ Lion's Tale (Deep Listening) avantgarde 6/10
Oneida Happy New Year (Jagjaguwar) post-rock 6/10
Paper Chase Now You Are One Of Us (Trost) emo 7/10
Claudio Parodi Horizontal Mover (Extreme) avantgarde 6/10
Pearl Jam Pearl Jam (J-Records) grunge 6/10
Benoit Pioulard Precis (Kranky) songwriter 5/10
Pretty Girls Make Graves Elan Vital (Matador) power-pop 6/10
Primal Scream Riot City Blues (Sony) blues-rock 4/10
Puppetina Piewacket (ReR) prog-rock 7/10
Quasi When The Going Gets Dark (Touch & Go) power-pop 5/10
Red Crayola Introduction (Drag City) psych-rock 6/10
Robert Rich Electric Ladder (Soundscape) ambient 6/10
Matt Rogalsky Memory Like Water (Xperimental Intermedia) electronic 6/10
Ruins Of Beverast Rain Upon The Impure (Van, 2006) black metal 7/10
Serena-Maneesh Serena-Maneesh (Playlouder) shoegaze 7/10
718 Nowise Assault (Subjam) laptop 6/10
DJ Shadow The Outsider (Universal) hip-hop 4/10
Paul Simon Surprise (Warner) songwriter 6/10
Slow Learner In There Time They Are Magnificent (Slow Learner) songwriter 6/10
Smoke & Mirrors White Roses Painted Red (Aural Fixation) electronica 6/10
Sonic Youth Rather Ripped (Goofin') noise-rock 6/10
Sparklehorse Dreamt For Light Years (Astralwerks) pop 7/10
Spektr Near Death Experience (Candlelight) post-metal 6.5/10
Stalaggh Nihilistik Terrror (Autopsy Kitchen) noise 7.5/10
Strokes First Impressions of Earth (RCA) alt-rock 5/10
Supersystem A Million Microphones (Touch & Go) dance-punk 6/10
Thermals The Body The Blood The Machine (Subpop) garage 6/10
To Live and Shave in LA Noon and Eternity (Menlo Park) noise 7/10
Tool 10,000 Days (Volcano) grunge 5/10
Town And Country Up Above (Thrill Jockey) post-rock 6/10
TV On The Radio Return To Cookie Mountain (4AD) Genre 7/10
Uzeda Stella (Touch and Go) post-rock 6/10
Tom Verlaine Around (Thrill Jockey) songwriter 5/10
Volcano the Bear album Classic Erasmus Fusion (Beta-Lactam Ring) acid-rock 7/10
Scott Walker Drift (4AD) songwriter 7/10
M. Ward Post-war (Merge) songwriter 6/10
We Are Wolves Non-Stop Je Te Plie en Deux (Fat Possum) dance-punk 6/10
White Flight White Flight (Range Life) songwriter 7.5/10
Keith Fullerton Whitman Lisbon (Kranky) ambient 7/10
Bob Wiseman Theme and Variations (Recording Club) songwriter 6/10
Yo La Tengo I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass (Matador) alt-rock 6/10
Neil Young Living With War (Reprise) songwriter 6/10
Zombi Surface To Air (Hypertension, 2006) prog 7/10
Ratings: 10=best album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan

TM, ®, Copyright © 2006 Piero Scaruffi

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