Best Movies of 2000

Editor: Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Foreign movies show sometimes a year later, so if you can't find a title, check last year's ratings.

8.5 Bela Tarr: Werckmeister Harmoniak/ Werckmeister Harmonies
8.0 Christopher Nolan: Memento
7.7 Christian Petzold: Die Innere Sicherheit/ The State I Am In (Germany)
7.6 Arturo Ripstein: La Perdicion de los Hombres/ The Ruination of Men
7.6 Edward Yang: Yi Yi/ A One And a Two
7.5 Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu: Amores Perros
Mike Figgis: Time Code
7.4 Zhangke Jia: Zhantai/ Platform
7.4 Fatih Akin: In July
7.4 Wong Kar-wai: In the Mood For Love
7.4 Wen Jiang: Guizi Laile/ Devils on the Doorstep (2000)
7.4 Roy Andersson: Songs From the Second Floor
7.4 Steven Soderbergh: Erin Brockovich
7.3 Neil Labute: Nurse Betty
7.3 Wisit Sasanatieng: Fah Talai Jone/ Tears of the Black Tiger
7.3 Tsui Hark: Time and Tide
7.3 Hong Sang-soo: Oh Soojung/ Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
7.3 Jan Hrebejk: Divided We Fall
7.3 Raul Ruiz: Comedie de l'innocence/ Comedy of Innocence
7.2 Darren Aronofsky: Requiem For A Dream
7.2 Kenneth Lonergan: You Can Count On Me
7.2 Francois Ozon: Gouttes d'Eau Sur Pierres Brulantes/ Water Drops On Burning Rocks
7.2 Jafar Panahi: Dayereh/The Circle
7.1 Bahman Farman-Ara: Smell of Camphor Perfume of Jasmin
7.1 Tran Anh Hung: The Vertical Ray of the Sun
7.1 Manoel De Oliveira: Palavra e Utopia
7.1 Tom Tykwer: Der Krieger und die Kaiserin
7.1 Buddhadeb Dasgupta: Uttara
7.1 Miguel Arteta: Chuck And Buck
7.1 Joel Coen: O Brother Where Art Thou
7.1 Francois Ozon: Under the Sand
7.0 Anders Thomas Jensen: Blinkende Lygter/ Flickering Lights
7.0 John Fawcett: Ginger Snaps
7.0 Julien Temple: Pandaemonium
7.0 Reza Parsa: Before The Storm
7.0 Joao Pedro Rodrigues: O Fantasma
7.0 Olivier Assayas: Les Destinees
7.0 Achero Manas: El Bola
7.0 Lone Scherfig: Italian For Beginners
7.0 Hilary Birmingham: Tully
7.0 Robert Guediguian: The Town Is Quiet/ La Ville Est Tranquille
7.0 Michael Haneke: Cone Inconnu/ Code Unknown
7.0 Aparna Sen: Paromitar Ek Din/ House of Memories (2000)
7.0 Christopher McQuarrie: The Way of The Gun
7.0 Samira Makhmalbaf: Takhte Siah/ Blackboard/ Le Tableau Noir
7.0 Lars Von Trier: Dancer In The Dark
7.0 Cameron Crowe: Almost Famous
7.0 Stephen Frears: High Fidelity
7.0 Stephen Frears: Liam
7.0 Curtis Hanson: Wonder Boys
7.0 Raul Ruiz: Combat d'Amour en Songe/ Love Torn in a Dream
7.0 Robert Zemeckis: Cast Away
6.9 Raymond DeFelitta: Two Family House
6.9 Shinobu Yaguchi: Adrenaline Drive
6.9 Takeshi Miike: Hyoryuu-gai/ City of Lost Souls
6.9 Steven Soderbergh: Traffic
6.9 Paul Morrison: Solomon And Gaenor
6.9 Aileen Ritchie: The Closer You Get
6.9 Greg Harrison: Groove
6.9 Jim McKay: Our Song
6.9 Mary Harron: American Psycho
6.9 Stanley Tucci: Joe Gould's Secret
6.9 Ben Younger: Boiler Room
6.9 Bertrand Tavernier: It All Starts Today
6.9 Rod Lurie: The Contender
6.9 Night Shyamalan: Unbreakable
6.9 Jose Luis Cuerda: La Lengua de las Mariposas/ Butterfly
6.9 Kazuya Tsurumaki: FLCL
6.8 Agnes Jaoui: The Taste Of Others
6.8 Chan-wook Park: Gongdonggyeongbiguyeok Jeieseuei/ Joint Security Area (2000)
6.8 Clint Eastwood: Space Cowboys
6.8 Steven Brill: Little Nicky
6.8 Samantha Lang: The Well
6.8 Gregory Hoblit: Frequency
6.8 Benito Zambrano: Solas
6.8 John Shear: Urbania
6.8 David Maquiling: Too Much Sleep
6.8 Robert Lee King: Psycho Beach Party
6.8 Roger Donaldson: Thirteen Days
6.8 Robert Altman: Dr T & The Women
6.8 Chuck Russell: Bless The Child
6.8 Tarsem Singh: The Cell
6.8 Karyn Kusama: Girlfight
6.8 Jenniphr Goodman: The Tao Of Steve
6.8 Tahmine Milani: Two Women
6.8 Alison Maclean: Jesus' Son
6.8 John Curran: Praise
6.8 Jean-Pierre Marois: Live Virgin
6.8 Jonathan Mostow: U-571
6.8 Regis Wargnier: East-West
6.8 Spike Lee: Bamboozled
6.8 Julian Temple: The Filth And The Fury
6.8 Sofia Coppola: The Virgin Suicides
6.8 Liv Ullmann: Faithless
6.8 Donald Petrie: Miss Congeniality
6.7 Jay Roach: Meet The Parents
6.7 Bahman Ghobadi: A Time For Drunken Horses
6.7 Leos Carax: Pola X
6.7 Frederic Fonteyne: Diamonds
6.7 Lisanne Skyler: Getting To Know You
6.7 Ridley Scott: Gladiator
6.7 Dominic Sena: Gone In Sixty Seconds
6.7 John Singleton: Shaft
6.7 Santosh Sivan: The Terrorist
6.7 Gina Prince-Bythewood: Love & Basketball
6.7 Michael Almereyda: Hamlet
6.7 Steve Buscemi: Animal Factory
6.7 Don Roos: Bounce
6.6 Nisha Ganatra: Chutney Popcorn
6.6 Carlos Diegues: Orfeu
6.6 Elias Merhige: Shadow of the Vampire
6.6 Fernando Perez: Life Is To Whistle
6.6 David Twohy: Pitch Black
6.6 Woody Allen: Small Time Crooks
6.5 Berry Levinson: An Everlasting Piece
6.5 Ki-Duk Kim: The Isle
6.5 Kinji Fukasaku: Battle Royale
6.5 Baz Luhrmann: Moulin Rouge
6.5 Zhang Yimou: Xingfu shiguang/ Happy Times
6.5 Terence Davies: The House of Mirth
6.5 Katherine Dieckmann: A Good Baby
6.5 Doug Lindeman: Angel's Ladies
6.5 Christopher Guest: Best In Show
6.5 Chi Muoi: Catfish In Black Bean Sauce
6.5 Lodge Kerrigan: Claire Dolan
6.5 John Woo: M.I.-2
6.5 Peter Mullan: Orphans
6.5 Peyton Reed: Bring It On
6.5 Spike Lee: The Original Kings Of Comedy
6.5 Laurent Cantet: Human Resources
6.5 Todd Phillips: Bittersweet Motel
6.5 Daniele Thompson: La Buche
6.5 Jordan Walker-Pearlman: The Visit
6.4 Joel Schumacher: Tigerland
6.4 Gus Van Sant: Finding Forrester
6.4 Pedro Costa: No Quarto da Vanda/ In Vanda's Room
6.4 Stephen Daldry: Billy Elliot
6.4 Roland Emmerich: The Patriot
6.4 Max Faerberboeck: Aimee And Jaguar
6.4 Raja Gosnell: Big Momma's House
6.4 Jasmin Dizdar: Beautiful People
6.4 Damien O'Donnell: East Is East
6.4 Philip Haas: Up At The Villa
6.4 Nancy Meyers: What Women Want
6.3 Robert Zemeckis: What Lies Beneath
6.3 William Boyd: The Trench
6.3 Myles Connell: The Opportunits
6.3 Kevin Jordan: Smiling Fish And Goat On Fire
6.3 Todd Phillips: Road Trip
6.3 Emmanuel Finkiel: Voyages
6.3 Jean-Philippe Toussaint: Ice Rink
6.3 Marek Kanievska: Where The Money Is
6.3 Meredith Cole: Achilles' Love
6.3 David Mamet: State and Main
6.3 Michael Dinner: The Crew
6.3 Julia Query: Live Nude Girls Unite
6.2 Tony Barbieri: One
6.2 William Friedkin: Rules Of Engagement
6.2 Takeshi Kitano: Brother
6.2 Greg Berlanti: The Broken Hearts Club
6.2 Eric Blakeney: Gun-Shy
6.2 Melissa Painter: Wildflowers
6.2 Matt Williams: Where The Heart Is
6.2 Julian Henriques: Babymother
6.2 Lorenzo Doumani: Knockout
6.2 Lea Pool: Set Me Free
6.1 Gurinder Chadha: What's Cooking
6.1 James Gray: The Yards
6.1 Wes Craven: Scream 3
6.1 Sarah Kernochan: All I Wanna Do
6.1 Ash: Pups
6.0 Uli Edel: Little Vampire
6.0 Mathieu Kassovitz: Les Rivieres Pourpres
6.0 Joon-ho Bong: Barking Dogs Never Bite
6.0 Rob Sitch: The Dish
6.0 Ang Lee: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
6.0 Carlos Saura: Goya In Bordeaux
6.0 Sam Raimi: The Gift
6.0 Joe Charbanic: The Watcher
6.0 Fina Torres: Woman On Top
6.0 Richard Schenkman: Went to Coney Island
6.0 Don Thompson: Clouds
6.0 Ed Radtke: The Dream Catcher
6.0 John Hancock: A Piece Of Heaven
6.0 Stephen Kinsella: Double Parked
6.0 Jeroen Krabbe: Left Luggage
6.0 Richard Dutcher: God's Army
6.0 Philip Kaufman: Quills
6.0 Michael Cristofer: Original Sin
6.0 Roger Spottiswoode: The 6th Day
6.0 Jean-Jacques Annaud: Enemy At The Gates
6.0 Gary Winick: The Tic Code
6.0 Mary Lambert: In Crowd
6.0 Deborah Warner: Last September
6.0 Coky Giedroyc: Stella Does Tricks
6.0 Andrzej Bartkowiak: Romeo Must Die
6.0 John McNaughton: Condo Painting
6.0 John Schlesinger: The Next Big Thing
6.0 Marion Hansel: The Quarry
6.0 Lou Ye: Suzhou River
6.0 Monika Treut: Gendernauts
6.0 Rod Lurie: Deterrence
6.0 Sander Francken: Papa's Song
6.0 Bruno Dumont: Humanite`
6.0 Nigel Cole: Saving Grace
6.0 Allan Moyle: New Waterford Girl
6.0 George Tillman: Men Of Honor
6.0 Tom Gilroy: Spring Forward
6.0 McG: Charlie's Angels
6.0 Ed Harris: Pollock
5.9 Jon Reiss: Better Living Through Circuitry
5.9 Khyentse Norbu: Cup
5.9 Matthew Warchus: Simpatico
5.9 Nick Gomez: Drowning Mona
5.9 Bonnie Hunt: Return To Me
5.9 Bruno Barreto: Bossa Nova
5.8 Josh Evans: The Price Of Air
5.8 Bobby Farrelly: Me Myself And Irene
5.8 Wolfgang Petersen: The Perfect Storm
5.8 Colette Burson: Coming Soon
5.8 Tom Dey: Shangai Noon
5.8 Nick Park: Chicken Run
5.8 Brian De Palma: Mission To Mars
5.8 Ron Shelton: Play It To The Bone
5.8 James Wong: Final Destination
5.8 Julian Schnabel: Before Night Falls
5.7 Davis Guggenheim: Gossip
5.7 Robert Greenwald: Steal This Movie
5.7 Stewart Raffill: Grizzly Falls
5.7 Mark Hanlon: Buddy Boy
5.7 Betty Thomas: 28 Days
5.7 Kevin Allen: Big Tease
5.6 Jonathan Flicker: Followers
5.6 Ian Merrick: The Sculptress
5.6 Mimi Leder: Pay it Forward
5.6 Alan Rudolph: Trixie
5.6 Randolph Kret: Pariah
5.6 Eric Bross: Restaurant
5.6 John Gallagher: Blue Moon
5.5 Michael Apted: Me And Isaac Newton
5.5 Giuseppe Tornatore: Malena
5.5 John Berry: Boesman & Lena
5.5 Denys Arcand: Stardom
5.5 Tonie Marshall: Venus Beauty Institute
5.5 Laurence Fishburne: Once In The Life
5.5 Michael Ritchie: The Fantastics
5.5 Harold Ramis: Bedazzled
5.5 Bruce Paltrow: Duets
5.5 James Ivory: The Golden Bowl
5.5 Bette Gordon: Luminous Motion
5.5 Rob Cohen: The Skulls
5.5 Paul Verhoeven: The Hollow Man
5.5 John Frankenheimer: Reindeer Games
5.4 John Waters: Cecil B DeMented
5.4 Christian Duguay: The Art Of War
5.4 Boaz Yakin: Remember The Titans
5.4 Roger Mitchell: Titanic Town
5.4 Jeremy Podeswa: The Five Senses
5.4 David McKenna: Get Carter
5.4 Craig Monahan: The Interview
5.4 Hugh Hudson: I Dreamed Of Africa
5.4 Barry Blaustein: Beyond the Mat
5.3 Lasse Hallstrom: Chocolat
5.3 Peter Cohen: Whipped
5.3 Mike Nichols: What Planet Are You From
5.3 Mark Piznarski: Here on Earth
5.3 Stephan Elliott: Eye Of The Beholder
5.2 Janusz Kaminski: Lost Souls
5.2 Danny Boyle: The Beach
5.2 Joe Berlinger: Book Of Shadows
5.2 Steve Rash: Held Up
5.2 Diane Keaton: Hanging Up
5.1 Nora Ephron: Lucky Numbers
5.1 Ron Howard: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
5.1 Eric Schaeffer: Wirey Spindell
5.1 Alain Berliner: Passion Of Mind
5.1 Keenen Ivory Wayans: Scary Movie
5.1 Billy Bob Thornton: All The Pretty Horses
5.0 Craig Mazin: The Specials
5.0 John Swanbeck: The Big Kahuna
5.0 Taylor Hackford: Proof Of Life
5.0 Jason Alexander: Just Looking
5.0 Fernando Trueba: Call 54
5.0 Valerie Breiman: Love And Sex
5.0 Stephen Hopkins: Under Suspicion
5.0 Geoffrey Wright: Cherry Falls
5.0 Takao Okawara: Godzilla 2000
5.0 Gil Cates: Spent
5.0 Adam Collis: Sunset Strip
5.0 David Williams: Thirteen
5.0 Po Chih Leong: Wisdom Of Crocodiles
5.0 Lisa Krueger: Committed
5.0 Rodrigo Garcia: Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her
5.0 Barbara Albert: Northern Skirts
5.0 Carlos Avila: Price Of Glory
5.0 Brian Robbins: Ready To Rumble
5.0 Justin Kerrigan: Human Traffic
5.0 Reginald Hudlin: The Ladies Man
4.9 Shane Meadows: A Room For Romeo Brass
4.9 Thomas Lee: Supernova
4.9 Sally Field: Beautiful
4.9 Nicholas Hytner: Center Stage
4.9 Sergei Bodrov: Running Free
4.8 Jonathan Lynn: Whole Nine Yards
4.8 Edward Norton: Keeping The Faith
4.8 David Raynr: Whatever It Takes
4.7 Brett Ratner: Family Man
4.6 Kris Isacsson: Down To You
4.6 Sue Clayton: The Disappearance of Finbar
4.6 Bryan Singer: X-Men
4.5 Robert Redford: The Legend of Bagger Vance
4.5 Roland Joffe: Vatel
4.5 Lloyd Kaufman: Terror Firmer
4.5 Antony Hoffman: Red Planet
4.5 Dein Perry: Bootmen
4.5 Aaron Harnick: 30 Days
4.5 Christina Andree: Soft Fruit
4.5 Amy Heckerling: Loser
4.5 Martin Campbell: Vertical Limit
4.5 Courtney Solomon: Dungeons And Dragons
4.4 Joan Chen: Autumn In New York
4.4 Scott King: Treasure Island
4.3 Sean Penn: The Pledge
4.2 Chris Koch: Snow Day
4.2 DJ Pooh: 3 Strikes
4.1 Andrew Bergman: Isn't She Great
4.1 Gerard Depardieu: The Bridge
4.0 Rob Schmidt: Crime and Punishment in Suburbia
4.0 Bruno de Almeida: On The Run
4.0 Cameron Crowe: Boy Band
4.0 Kevin Lima: 102 Dalmatians
4.0 Michael Lange: Intern
4.0 Howard Deutch: The Replacements
4.0 Robert Iscove: Boys And Girls
4.0 David McNall: Coyote Ugly
4.0 Gary Fleder: Impostor
4.0 Roger Christian: Battlefield Earth
4.0 Antoine Fuqua: Bait
4.0 Steve Miner: Texas Rangers
4.0 Keith Gordon: Waking The Dead
4.0 Pip Karmel: Me Myself I
4.0 Kenneth Branagh: Love's Labour's Lost
4.0 Peter Segal: Nutty Professor In The Kumps
4.0 Rich Cowan: Basket
4.0 Brian Levant: The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas
4.0 Jon Turteltaub: Disney's The Kid
4.0 Jamie Babbit: But I'm A Cheerleader
4.0 Isaac Eaton: Shadow Hours
4.0 Brian Skeet: The Weekend
4.0 Nicholas Kendall: Mr Rise's Secret
3.8 Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski: Screwed