Best Movies of 1990

Editor: Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Ratings for the 1990 season

This page is obsolete. Please check this list: Best of the nineties.

8.2 John Woo: Dip Huet Gai Tau/ Bullet in the Head
7.5 Abel Ferrara: King of New York
7.5 Yimou Zhang : Ju Dou
7.3 Abbas Kiarostami: Namayeh Nazdik/ Close-Up
7.2 Nikita Mikhalkov: Urga/ Close to Eden
7.1 Tim Burton: Edward Scissorhands
7.0 David Lynch: Wild At Heart
7.0 Joel Coen: Miller's Crossing
7.0 Martin Scorsese: Good Fellas (1990)
7.0 Pedro Almodovar: Atame/ Tie Me Up(1990)
7.0 Gianni Amelio: Porte Aperte/ Open Doors
7.0 Howard Franklin: Quick Change
7.0 Mike Leigh: Life is Sweet
7.0 Youssef Chahine: Iskandariya Kaman wa Kaman/ Alexandria Again and Again
7.0 Kathryn Bigelow: Blue Steel
7.0 Bertrand Tavernier: Daddy Nostalgia/ These Foolish Things
7.0 Charles Burnett: To Sleep with Anger
7.0 Jane Campion: Angel at my Table
7.0 Barbet Schroeder: Reversal of Fortunes
7.0 Penny Marshall: Awakenings
7.0 Heinz Emigholz: Der Zynische Koerper/ The Holy Bunch
7.0 Chris Columbus: Home Alone
7.0 Richard Linklater: Slacker
7.0 Nicolas Roeg: The Witches
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