Best Movies of 1991

Editor: Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Ratings for the 1991 season

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7.8 Theo Angelopoulos: The Suspended Step of the Stork (1991)
7.8 Lars Von Trier: Zentropa (1991)
7.6 Wim Wenders: Bis ans Ende der Welt/ Until the End of the World (1991)
7.5 Krzysztof Kieslowski: La Double Vie de Veronique/ The Double Life of Veronica (1991)
7.4 Ridley Scott: Thelma and Louise
7.4 Joel Coen: Barton Fink (1991)
7.4 Chen Kaige: Bian Zou Bian Chang/ Life on a String
7.3 Luc Besson: La Femme Nikita (1991)
7.3 Jean-Pierre Jeunet : Delicatessen
7.3 Kar-Wai Wong: Days of Being Wild
7.3 Julie Dash: Daughters of the Dust
7.2 Terry Gilliam : Fisher King (1991)
7.1 Yimou Zhang : Dahong Denglong Gaogao Gua/ Raise of the Red Lantern
7.1 John Sayles: City of Hope (1991)
7.0 Agnieszka Holland: Europa Europa (1991)
7.0 Alfonso Cuaron: Solo con Tu Pareja (1991)
7.0 Jonathan Demme: The Silence of the Lambs
7.0 Leos Carax: Les Amants du Pont Neuf/ The Lovers on the Bridge (1991)
7.0 Manoel DeOliveira: A Divina Comedia/ Divine Comedy
7.0 Takeshi Kitano: 3-4x Jugatsu/ Boiling Point (1991)
7.0 Julie Dash: Daughters of the Dust (1991)
7.0 John Singleton: Boyz N the Hood (1991)
7.0 Barry Levinson: Bugsy (1991)
7.0 Chantal Akerman: Nuit et Jour (1991)
7.0 Gus VanSant: My Own Private Idaho (1991)
7.0 Nina Menkes: Queen of Diamonds (1991)
7.0 Jacques Rivette: La Belle Noiseuse (1991)
7.0 Arturo Ripstein: The Woman of the Port (1991)
7.0 Stanley Kwan: Actress (1991)
7.0 Kenneth Branagh: Dead Again (1991)
7.0 Philippe Garrel: J'Entends plus la Guitare (1991)
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