Best Movies of 1997

Editor: Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Ratings for the 1997 season

This page is obsolete. Please check this list: Best of the nineties.
8.0 David Lynch: Lost Highway
8.0 Michael Haneke: Funny Games
8.0 Satoshi Kon: Perfect Blue (1997)
7.8 Jafar Panahi: Ayneh/ The Mirror
7.6 John Woo: Face/Off
7.6 Harmony Korine: Gummo
7.6 Manoel DeOliveira: Viagem ao Principio do Mundo/ Journey to the Beginning of the World
7.5 Roberto Benigni: La Vita E` Bella
7.5 Abbas Kiarostami : Ta'ame-gilas/ A Taste of Cherry
7.4 Aleksandr Sokurov : Mother and Son/ Mat i Syn
7.4 Shohei Imamura: The Eel
7.4 Chang-dong Lee: Chorok Mulgogi/ Green Fish (1997)
7.4 Atom Egoyan: Sweet Hereafter
7.4 Takeshi Kitano: Hana-Bi/ Fireworks (1997)
7.4 Hayao Miyazaki: Mononoke Hime/ Princess Mononoke
7.3 Curtis Hanson: L.A. Confidential
7.3 John Sayles: Men With Guns
7.3 Raul Ruiz: Genealogies d'un Crime/ Genealogies of a Crime
7.3 Tsai Ming-Liang: He Liu/ The River
7.2 David Fincher: Game
7.2 Kar-Wai Wong: Happy Together (1997)
7.2 Ang Lee: Ice Storm
7.2 Taylor Hackford: Devil's Advocate
7.2 Neil Labute: In the Company of Men
7.2 Majid Majidi: Children of Heaven
7.1 Richard Donner: Conspiracy Theory
7.0 Tim Blake Nelson: Eye of God (1997)
7.0 Abel Ferrara: Black Out (1997)
7.0 Paul Thomas Anderson: Boogie Nights (1997)
7.0 Hideaki Anno & Kazuya Tsurumaki: Shin Seiki Evangerion Gekijo-ban - Ea - Magokoro o Kimi ni/ Neon Genesis Evangelion Theatrical Edition- Air - Sincerely Yours/ The End of Evangelion (1997)
7.0 Kiyoshi Kurosawa: Cure (1997)
7.0 Gary Burns: The Kitchen Party (1997)
7.0 Pedro Almodovar: Carne Trimula/ Live Flesh (1997)
7.0 Barry Levinson: Wag the Dog
7.0 Wayne Wang: Chinese Box
7.0 Zhangke Jia: Xiao Wu/ Pickpocket (1997)
7.0 Andrew Niccol: Gattaca (1997)
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