What is unique about this cinema database?

Unlike other cinema databases...
  1. ... it provides truly independent opinions. We are critics. We do not promote all films as masterpieces. As a matter of fact, we are aware that the vast majority of recordings are just about mediocre and very few deserve recognition. Directors are often offended by our critiques and their publicists often complain, but that does not change the merits of their films, and therefore our assessment of those films.
  2. ... it is not a trick to sell you videos. We do not flood your screen with banners and all sorts of advertising. We do not flood your screen with links to "buy this videos from CDNOW" and "buy this videos from Amazon" (we actually encourage you not to buy from these incompetent online stores). Our pages have content (often a lot of content).
  3. ... it provides the full plot of each film, not just the first three scenes, unlike most critics (who sometimes have only seen the first three scenes)
  4. ... it is written by competent people. This website is not a fan site devoted to one or a few films, but a comprehensive cinema database that already covers more than 1,000 directors of all countries. The writers are professional critics with 20+ more years of experience and a broad knowledge of cinema.
  5. ... last but not least it is meant to download fast; even on old, cheap, slow machines. We do not assume that everybody has a superfast processor and DSL. We know that most cinema fans cannot afford expensive equipment. We avoid graphics and animation. We know that you are looking for information and not for a display of the website-designer's graphic skills. We pack as much information as possible in a page that will be downloaded as fast as possible.
  6. Yes, i like colors. No, there is no color code. I like bright colors because they keep readers awake when they read my texts :-)

P.S. Why many pages are translated also in Italian and only in Italian? It's a tribute to my country of origin. I wish I could provide translations also in other languages. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to pack more than two languages in a webpage.
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