Jacqueline Audry
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Jacqueline Audry directed the original Gigi (1948): Gaston is a bored, unhappy young baron. His life changes when he takes the beautiful teenager Gigi to the ice skating rink. She has been raised by two aristocratic courtesans (her grandmother and an experienced friend) to become a courtesan herself. For Gaston Gigi is just a funny child, but, when all Paris learns that Gaston has been dumped by his lover, the two scheming old women start thinking of Gigi as his new lover. Initially Gaston is not amused, and, when he starts liking the idea, Gigi is annoyed: she wants candies not jewels. But eventually she becomes Gaston's lovers and follows into the footsteps of her two mentors. Gaston is so won over by the now sophisticated young lady that he decides to marry her.
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