Pramathesh Barua

Best films:
6.8 Devdas (1935)

Pramathesh Barua (India, 1903), the son of a royal family of Assam, studied in Kolkata and, after a stint in Europe, abandoned politics and turned to acting and directing movies. His first role was in Debaki Bose's silent movie Panchashar (1929). He set up his own studio in Kolkata, and Debaki Bose directed its first movie, Aparadhi/ The Culprit (1931), a landmark work of Bengali cinema. Sushit Mazumde directed Ekada (1932), which Barua produced and scripted. Following the commercial failure of first talkie, Bengal 1983 (1932), Barua joined New Theatres. He directed their first talkie, Rooplekha (1934), which also featured a flashback. He pioneered socially-aware cinema with Devdas (1935), based on Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay's popular novel "Devdas", first made in Bengali and then remade in Hindi in 1936. He also directed Manzil (1936), photographed by Bimal Roy, Mukti (1937), Adhikar (1938), the comedy Rajat Jayanti (1939), Rajat Jayanti (1939), Zindagi (1940), Shapmukti (1940), Uttrayan (1941), etc. He died in 1951.

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