Vijay Bhatt

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Vijay Bhatt (India, 1907) debuted in the silent era as a producer and screenwriter. In 1933 Bhatt and others started Prakash Pictures in Mumbai. He debuted as director with Khwab Ki Duniya aka Dreamland (1936), State Express (1938), Leatherface aka Farzande Watan (1939), the biopic Narsi Bhagat (1940), Ek Hi Bhool (1940). Bhatt specialized in Hindi adaptations of the "Ramayana" such as Bharat Milap (1942) and Ram Rajya/ Kingdom of Rama (1943), the only film that Gandhi ever watched.

In between he also directed the historical Mughal-era musical Baiju Bawra (1952), starring Meena Kumari and written by Zia Sarhadi, about a legendary vocalist of Indian classical music and with a soundtrack of classical ragas scored by composer Naushad Ali, a film that introduced Indian classical music in Indian cinema.

He then made the historical Vikramaditya (1945), about the king of Avanti, Samaj Ko Badal Dalo (1947), and the mythological Rambaan (1948).

He returned to the theme of Indian classical music with Goonj Uthi Shehnai/ The Call of the Shehnai (1959), which yielded several hit songs composed by Vasant Desai, and had another blockbuster, Himalaya Ki God Mein/ Lap of the Himalayas (1965).

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