Debaki Bose

Best films:
6.9 Aparadhi/ The Culprit (1931)

Debaki Bose (India, 1898), started out as screenwriter for Kolkata director Dhiren Ganguly's Kamonar Agun/ Flames of Flesh (1930) and then directed Aparadhi/ The Culprit (1931), produced and acted by Pramathesh Barua, one of the best Indian films of the decade (released in both Bengali and Hindi). He also directed the 15th-century biopic Chandidas (1932) in Bengali, the first Indian film with music (which remade two years later by Nitin Bose became New Theatres' first big hit), Puran Bhagat/ The Devoted (1933) in Hindi, an early action musical of Indian cinema, Meerabai (1933), Rajrani Meera (1933) in Hindi, the comedy Dulari Bibi (1933) in Hindi and Urdu, Seeta (1934), the first Indian talkie shown at an international film festival (the Venice film festival), Sunhera Sansar (1936), and Sagar Sangamey/ The Holy Island (1959). He was an evangelist of Bengali folklore. He died in 1971.

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