Liliana Cavani

7.0 Il Portiere di Notte (1974)
5.0 Ripley's Game
5.0 L’ordine Del Tempo

Liliana Cavani (Italy, 1933) debuted with the television movies Francesco d'Assisi (1966) and Galileo (1968), and the the political allegory I Cannibali (1970), which is loosely based on Sophocles' "Antigone". After L’Ospite/ The Guest (1971) and the Tibetan biopic Milarepa (1973), she directed her main work, Il Portiere di Notte/ The Night Porter (1974) After Al di la` del Bene e del Male/ Beyond Good and Evil (1977), La Pelle/ The Skin (1981), which is an adaptation of Curzio Malaparte's novel, Oltre la Porta/ Beyond the Door (1982), she made Interno Berlinese/ The Berlin Affair (1985), based on Junichiro Tanizaki's novel "Quicksand".

She became mainly a director of operas. She still directed the films Francesco (1989), Dove Siete? Io Sono qui/ Where Are You? I'm Here (1993) and Il Gioco di Ripley/ Ripley's Game (2002), an adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel.

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