Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

6.5 La Promesse/ The Promise (1996)
7.2 Rosetta (1999)
7.0 Le Fils/ The Son (2002)
7.0 L'Enfant/ The Child (2005)
6.5 Le Silence de Lorna/ Lorna's Silence (2008)
7.0 The Kid (2011)
6.8 Deux Jours Une Nuit/ Two Days One Night (2015)
6.9 L'Enfant/ The Unknown Girl (2016)

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (Belgium, 1954)

La Promesse/ The Promise (1996)

Rosetta (1999) is the terrifying portrait of a woman who is turned into a selfish monster by her poverty. She is cruel and feels no compassion for others, not even the ones who are kind to her. She dreams not of becoming rich but just of living a normal life.

A girl is fired from a job because the company needs to downside and she's the only one on a temporary contract that can be easily fired. She gets furious because she has worked hard and done nothing wrong. They have to resort to force to kick her out. She crosses a dangerous highway and enters a wood, where she hides her good shoes and wears boots to walk in the muddy forest along a lake. Rosetta lives in a trailer of a caravan park with her mother. Her mother is a recovering alcoholic. Rosetta gets mad when see finds traces of beer. She can guess that a man came with beer to have sex with her mother. Rosetta cannot buy food but fishes illegally in the lake with worms found in the mud and a broken bottle. Rosetta, who is in pain during her menstruation time, wanders around looking for a job. The kid who works at a waffle stand, Riquet, follows her to the caravan park. She initially rejects him violently. He has to physically pin her to the ground in order to tell her the news: the boss just fired a worker and there is an opening for her. She immediately takes the job, passing in front of the woman who has been fired, a woman who missed work because her baby was sick. Rosetta shows no compassion for the woman. Her daily routine always includes changing shoes in the woods. Back home, she finds her mom performing oral sex to the landlord, presumably in exchange for alcohol. Rosetta pays rent with her first salary. Rosetta has decided to send her mother to a rehabilitation clinic, but her mother escapes. Rosetta chases her. Her mother throws her in the lake, and Rosetta almost drowns in the quicksands. Now that she doesn't have to take care of her mother, Rosetta visits Riquet, who behaves like a real friend. She sleeps at her place and smiles thinking that she finally has a normal life: a job, a friend... But she gets fired again, and again it's unfair because she's a good worker. She walks to the woods and changes her boots again to walk to her trailer, where she is now alone. Riquet comes to visit her while she is fishing illegally. Scared that it could be the landlord, she loses the trap for fishing in the water. Riquet immediately tries to recover it but gets stuck in the quicksands. Rosetta hesitates a lot before helping him: if he dies, there would be a job opening for her. However, in the morning he is still generous and friendly to her. But she knows that he is cheating the owner of the business and she betrays him to get him fired. She is physically standing next to the boss when he fires him, eager to take his place. Now she has her job but she has to run away from Riquet who stalks her riding around her in a motorcycle. She shows no remorse for having betrayed her only friend, the man who tried to help her. Back home she finds her mom lying unconscious outside the trailer. She calls her boss to tell him that she quits. Then she turns the gas on as if to commit suicide but the gas runs out. She walks to the landlord to buy another canister of gas. Riquet shows up when she is dragging the heavy canister back home. He rides around her without speaking to make her feel ashamed. Eventually, Rosetta breaks down and finally starts crying. He hugs her.

Le Fils/ The Son (2002)

L'Enfant/ The Child (2005)

Le Silence de Lorna/ Lorna's Silence (2008)

The Kid (2011)

Deux Jours Une Nuit/ Two Days One Night (2015)

L'Enfant/ The Unknown Girl (2016)

Le Jeune Ahmeddi/ The Young Ahmed (2019)
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