Guru Dutt

Best films:
7.3 Kaagaz Ke Phool/ Paper Flowers (1959)
7.1 Pyaasa/ Thirst (1957)

Hindi director Guru Dutt (India, 1925), real name Gurudatta Padukone, who had trained under Gyan Mukherjee, directed the chrime thriller Baazi/ Gamble (1951), produced by Dev Anand, Jaal (1952), starring Anand, Baaz/ Falcon (1953), the first one in which he also acted, with music by Omkar Prasad Nayyar, Aar Paar (1954), scripted by Nabendu Ghosh with music by Nayyar, Mr & Mrs '55 (1955), starring himself and actress Madhubala, scripted by Abrar Alvi and with music by Nayyar, and Sailaab (1956). He also produced the thriller C.I.D. (1956), directed by Raj Khosla.

Then came Pyaasa (1957), one of the decade's masterpieces, and Kaagaz Ke Phool/ Paper Flowers (1959), the first Indian film in Cinemascope and perhaps even better than the others despite failing with the audience.

Dutt then produced Chaudhvin Ka Chand/ Moon of the Fourteenth Day (1960), directed by Mohammed Sadiq and especially Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam/ The Master, the Wife, and the Slave (1962), directed by Abrar Alvi and starring Meena Kumari, Waheed Rehman and Gutt himself, based on Bimal Mitra's Bengali novel "Saheb Bibi Golam" (1953) with music by Hemant Kumar.

Dutt died in 1964, possibly a suicide. He had only directed eight films.

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