Amy Heckerling

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7.0 Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
6.0 Look Who's Talking (1989)
6.6 Clueless (1995)
4.5 Loser (2000)

Amy Heckerling made her debut in 1982 with Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a teen comedy and period piece. The film follows the lives of a group of high-school students as they go through a new school year and their sexual experiences. There is Linda the experienced girl (a waitress) who gives advice to the others. There is the shy 15-year old virgin Stacey (also a waitress in the same restaurant) who pretends to be older in order to sleep with an older guy. There is the melancholy and even shier cinema attendant Rat who is in love with Stacey. Unfortunately, Stacey likes Rat's best friend Mike and gets pregnant of him. But Rat is nice and forgives her. There is the good guy, Hamilton, who works at fast-food places but gets fired all the time. Eventually, he will avert a robbery and be promoted to manager. There is Jeff the punk who gets in trouble with the history teacher. The film follows their maturing experiences with a touch of humour but little imagination.

Johnny Dangerously

National Lampoon's European Vacation Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking (1989)

Clueless (1995) returns to the themes of her debut movie, i.e. it is more a patchwork of storylines about a number of teenagers than a full-fledged story.

16-year old Cher is the most popular girl at Beverly Hills High School, a school for rich spoiled kids. Cher is also the most spoiled of all these kids, although her caring father (a famous and powerful lawyer) gives her stern advice and her older step-stepbrother Josh (a previous wife of Cher's father had him from a previous husband), who reads philisophy, is disgusted by her attitude. She says that her job is "to be cool". Cher spends most of her time with her best (black and aggressive) friend Dionne.
Cher's theory is that their two hated teachers would become more gracious if they fell in lover with each other. She succeeds and her theory proves true, thereby making her the hero of the class and getting her a good grade.
Cher, who doesn't have a driver license, is grounded by her father after a third moving violation.
Then, always with Dionne's help, Cher tries to turn a new raw girl, Tai, into beau Elton's girlfriend, despite the fact that Tai and a less popular guy, long-haired Travis, like each other. But this time her tactic backfires: after a party, Cher ends up in Elton's car who confesses to have a crush on her, Cher. Rejected, Elton dumps her in the middle of nowhere and she gets robbed at gunpoint.
Cher, all elegance and make-up, is disappointed in the way boys of her own generation dress and behave. But then Christian comes around, a new schoolmate who looks just like a model. Cher gets a crush on him and wears a sexy new dress for her first date (her father plainly tells him that he will kill him if anything happens to Cher). That date happens to be a party where Josh the serious-minded is also invited. Tai would be left alone if Jose didn't invite her to dance.
Christian comes to visit her and Cher is ready to give in to him, but instead he runs away. Dionne's boyfriend reveals to Cher that Christian is gay. They remain friend and Christian even saves Tai from some punks at the mall.
Cher fails the driving test badly.
Tai is in love with Josh and when Cher tries to change her mind Tai turns against her ("you're a virgin who can't drive"). Only then she realizes that... she (Cher) has always been in love with her stepbrother.
Only then she realizes what a manipulative, superficial, self-absorbed person she is. And becomes a better daughter, sister, friend and person. She even helps her father and Josh with a lawsuit they are working on. And ends up being Josh's girlfriend.
A light comedy in which very little happens. Cher devotes herself to causes that (she thinks) would make people happier, even if it is all based on her (materialistic and superficial) values.

Look Who's Talking (1989)

A accountant who is not married gives birth to Mikey, a baby who provides sarcastic commentary on events.

Molly (1999)

I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

Vamps (2012)

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