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Jaddanbai Hussain was a Muslim singer based in Kolkata who shares with Gauhar Jaan the honor of being one of the first recorded voices of Indian music. After debuting in Lahore in Playart Phototone's Raja Gopichand (1933), she moved to Mumbai to act in Moti Gidwani's Insaan Ya Shaitan (1933) for Imperial Studios and in Ramnik Desai's Nautchwali/ Dancing Girl (1934) for Sagar Movietone (in which her daughter Nargis Dutt debuted at the age of five). In 1936 Jaddanbai started her own production company, Sangeet Film, and launched the career of her daughter Nargis Dutt (born Fatima Rashid from her third marriage). Jaddanbai, more comfortable as a composer and actress/singer, composed the music of Chimanlal Luhar's Talash-e Haq/Search For Truth (1935), in which she played multiple roles, and of her own films Hridaya Manthan/ Call Of The Soul (1936), Madame Fashion (1936), which debuted Suraiya as a child actress, Jeewan Swapna/ Journey's End (1937) and Moti Ka Haar/ Pearl Necklace (1937). She was the rare female film director with Thiruvaiyaru Panchapakesa Rajalakshmi, and the rare female composer with Saraswati Devi.

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