Jeethu Joseph

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, /10

Jeethu Joseph (India, 1972) became the most famous director of Malayalam cinema with Detective (2007), Mummy & Me (2010), My Boss (2012), Memories (2013) and especially Drishyam (2013), of which several remakes were made in India. Georgekutty is a happy husband with a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. Their first daughter Anju is about 16 years old, the younger daughter is about 7 years old. Georgekutty runs a small cable TV company, and his biggest hobby is to watch movies in his office. He dropped out of school after fourth grade. Watching movies is his way of learning. Georgekutty’s peaceful life is suddenly disrupted by Varun, the son of police inspector general Geetha Prabhakar. Georgekutty’s daughter Anju met him at a nature camp. Varun was filming almost every girl at the camp just for fun. What Anju did’t expect is that Varun also secretly filmed her naked while she was taking a shower. While Georgekutty is away, Varun uses the video to blackmail Anju to meet him at night in a room behind Georgekutty’s house. Anju tells her mother and together they meet Varun. They beg in vain Varun to delete the video. When he refuses, they try to grab the phone. Varun is killed by accident in the fighting. The wife and the daughter bury the corpse in their backyard, watched by little Anu. When Georgekutty comes home the following day, the wife tells him what happened. He sets out to erase all evidence of the murder and creates an alibi for his family, all based on things he learned from watching movies. He thus accumulates witnesses (his neighbors, a bus driver, a restaurant owner) willing to swear that the family was away on that fateful night. Geetha discovers that her son is missing and begins to investigate. Georgekutty's family is interrogated, one by one, and they all repeat the alibi prepared by Georgekutty. Geetha, however, senses that the alibi is fake and suspects the family. She arrests the whole family and proceeds to have them tortured. The adults resist the torture but little Anu eventually surrenders and reveals where the corpse is buried. The police dig in the backyard but only find the carcass of an animal. The family is puzzled as much as Geetha is disappointed. The media, upon discovering the torture, create a scandal. Geetha has to resign and the family is released. Geetha and Georgekutty meet: Geetha apologizes to him for the torture, and Georgekutty implicitly confesses that his family is responsible for the murder. As he leaves, a flashback shows that he moved the corpse of the murdered Varun from his backyard to the place where the new police station was being built.

It was followed by Oozham (2016) and Aadhi (2018).

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