Mehboob Khan

Best films:
6.5 Andaz (1949)
7.0 Mother India (1957)

Hindi director Mehboob Khan (India, 1907), after a collaboration with screenwriter Zia Sarhadi that yielded Deccan Queen (1936), Manmohan (1936), Jagirdar/ Landlord (1937), Bahen (1941), the musical Anmol Ghadi/ Precious Moment (1946), scored by Naushad Ali and starring the singing stars Suraiya and Noor Jehan next to male singer-actor Surendra, and Anokhi Ada (1948), and a collaboration with screenwriter Wajahat Mirza that yielded the costume dramas Al Hilal/ Judgement of Allah (1935) and Watan (1938), the latter with a veiled theme of social protest, and the Ek hi Raasta/ The Only Way (1939), also about social injustice, Aurat/ Woman (1940), starring Nargis Dutt and Sunil Dutt, and after Roti/ Flatbread (1942), scripted by Rama Shankar Choudhury and notable for Anil Biswas' western-style symphonic score, set up his own Mumbai-based production company, Mehboob Productions. Taqdeer (1943) and Andaz (1949) turned actress Nargis Dutt (born Fatima Rashid) into a star. He then directed Bollywood blockbusters written by Ali Raza such as the musical Aan/ Royal Prestige/ Savage Princess (1951), which was the first Technicolor film of Indian cinema (scripted by Ali Raza) and the most expensive Indian-made film yet, and Amar/ Immortal (1954), starring Dilip Kumar and actress Madhubala (born Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi). His career culminated with the epic Mother India (1957), written by Wajahat Mirza, starring actress Nargis Dutt and actor Sunil Dutt, and with music by Naushad Ali, a remake of his own Aurat (1940), the film that truly inaugurated the dacoit/bandit genre. He died in 1964.

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