Jonathan Lynn

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7.2 My Cousin Vinny (1992)
7.0 The Fighting Temptations
4.8 Whole Nine Yards
5.0 Wild Target

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Jonathan Lynn

Clue (1985)

the delightful romantic comedy My Cousin Vinny (1992)

In a small town of the South, a teenager and his friend are accused of robbery and murder. The teenager calls his family and they send to help him his New York cousin, who just started practicing law. The New York "lawyer" arrives in town driving an old car, wearing a black leather jacket and accompanied by his attractive but hot-tempered girlfriend, Lisa, who also happens to be an expert in automobiles. The trial does not start well for the defendant because the judge is an old-fashioned southerner who takes issue with the New Yorker's casual style and repeatedly finds him in contempt, a charge that takes the "lawyer" repeatedly to the local jail. Each time the girlfriend has to pay bail for him, but something always keeps Vinny from obeying the judge's orders, which results in one visit to the jail after the other. Vinny is also quite naif and relies on his girlfriend to find out how the law works. In between sessions, Vinny gets to know the conservative and violent mentality of the town's citizens who do not welcome his liberal city manners.
One of the teenagers recuses him and chooses another attorney, but it turns out this attorney is even worse, because he gets nervous in front of the court. On the other hand, Vinny finally catches some sleep in jail and starts kicking. He may not know much about the law, but he does know how to deal with ordinary folks and discredits one by one all the witnesses of the defense.
Finally, after countless arguments between the lawyer and his girlfriend that threaten to destroy their relationship, and after countless sarcasm between the judge and the lawyer, the lawyer sees the light: tire tracks left by the robbers prove that it could not have been his cousin to commit the murders. The key witness is his own girlfriend, who has to be literally dragged in court to offer her testimony, despite her hostile attitude towards the lawyer. The timing couldn't be better because the judge had begun to doubt the lawyer's credentials and the lawyer was fabricanting one lie after the other. The judge releases the youth and congratulates the lawyer, whom he recognizes as a prestigious New York attorney (his pacified girlfriend has pulled another of her tricks).
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