Deepa Mehta

6.7 Fire (1996)
6.9 Prithvi/ Earth (1998)
7.0 Jal/ Water (2005)
6.0 Midnight's Children (2012)
4.5 Bollywood/Hollywood
6.0 Funny Boy (2020)

Deepa Mehta (India, 1950) moved to Toronto in 1973 but only two decades later she became a full-fledged filmmaker directing Sam & Me (1991) and Camilla (1994). She rose to prominence with a trilogy started by the sexually-charged Fire (1996) in English, and followed by Prithvi/ Earth (1998) in Hindi, adapted from Bapsi Sidhwa's 1988 novel "Ice Candy Man", which looks at the historical event of India's partition (and related massacres) through the eyes of a rich Parsi girl, and Jal/ Water (2005) also in Hindi, perhaps the best of the three. However, she mostly devoted herself to conventional fare in English: Bollywood/Hollywood (2002), The Republic of Love (2003), and Heaven on Earth (2008).

Midnight's Children (2012) is an adaptation of Salman Rushdie's novel.

Mostly Sunny (2016) is a biopic. Anatomy of Violence (2016) is about a real gang-rape that shook India in 2012. Funny Boy (2020) is an adaptation of Shyam Selvadurai's 1994 novel.

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