Goran Paskaljevic

6.8 Beach Guard in Winter (1976)
The Dog Who Loved Trains (1977)
The Days on Earth Are Flowing (1979)
Poseban Tretman (1980)
Twilight Time (1982)
The Elusive Summer of '68 (1984)
Guardian Angel (1987)
Time of Miracles (1989)
7.0 Tango Argentino (1992)
Someone Else's America (1995)
7.2 Cabaret Balkan (1998)
6.4 How Harry Became a Tree (2001)
Midwinter Night's Dream (2004)
6.6 The Optimists (2006)
Honeymoons (2009)
When Day Breaks (2012)
5.8 Land of the Gods (2016)
Despite the Fog (2019)

After a number of shorts and TV movies, Goran Paskaljevic (Yugoslavia, 1947) directed Cuvar Plaže u Zimskom Periodu/ Beach Guard in Winter (1976), Pas Koji je Voleo Vozove/ The Dog Who Loved Trains (1977), Zemaljski Dani Teku/ The Days on Earth Are Flowing/ These Earthly Days Go Rolling By (1979), which employed only non-actors, Special Treatment/ Poseban Tretman (1980) Suton/ Twilight Time (1982), Varljivo Leto '68/ The Elusive Summer of '68 (1984), Andjeo Cuvar/ Guardian Angel (1987), Vreme Cuda/ Time of Miracles (1989), and Tango Argentino (1992).

He left Yugoslavia in 1992 and made Tuda Amerika/ Someone Else's America (1995). He returned to Yugoslavia to make Bure Baruta/ Cabaret Balkan/ The Powder Keg/ (1998), but then made Kako je Hari Postao Drvo/ How Harry Became a Tree (2001) in Ireland. He was again in Serbia to make San Zimske Noci/ Midwinter Night's Dream (2004) and Optimisti/ The Optimists (2006), which contains five episodes.

Medeni Mesec/ Honeymoons (2009)

Kad Svane Dan/ When Day Breaks (2012)

Dev Bhoomi/ Land of the Gods (2016), set in India’s high Himalayas,

Nonostante la Nebbia/ Despite the Fog (2019)

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