Kanjibhai Rathod

Best films:
, /10

Kanjibhai Rathod started out assisting Suchet Singh at Oriental Film in Mumbai and then moved to Dwarkadas Sampat's Kohinoor Film where he achieved the status of Mumbai's first professional film director. He directed the nationalist Bhakta Vidur (1921) that was banned and became a sensation (an allegory against colonial rule with the hero representing Gandhi and the evil tribe representing the British), and then the mythological fantasy one of the first historical dramas, Sinhagad (1923), Gul-e-Bakavali/ Flower of Bakawali (1924), written in Gujarati by Mohanlal Dave, and the crime thriller Kala Naag (1924), based on a famous murder case. He was one of the first directors to create political allegories, historical dramas and crime thrillers. Rathod also directed Baap Kamai/Fortune and the Fools (1926), the film that revealed the 16-year-old singer and actress Gohar Khayyam Mamajiwala (a Shia Muslim).

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