Joe Roth
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Joe Roth: American Sweethearts A studio executive is desperate because an eccentric director refuses to show the film that the studio paid a fortune to make and that features a famous Hollywood couple who are going through divorce. The studio executive hires a publicist to handle the event at which the director will finally unveil the film to the press. The publicist has to deal with the couple, the vain Gwen and the manic depressed Eddie and can only count on the help of Gwen's sister, Kiki, as sweet and modest as her famous sister is arrogant and hypocrite. Eddie tried to kill Gwen riding a motorcycle into the restaurant where she was having dinner with her new boyfriend, a Spanish man. Eddie has been cured in a clinic and is now reluctant to reopen to the world. The publicist (Lee) convinces him and Kiki convinces Gwen. The publicist is very happy when the reporters spot Eddie spying on his wife in the middle of the night because it means additional publicity. Gwen uses Kiki to mediate with Eddie, as if she wanted to get back together. Gwen doesn't know that once Eddie, drunk, kissed Kiki and that Kiki still cherishes that moment. The spanish lover shows up uninvited and hits Eddie in a fit of jealousy. All of this is manipulated by Lee to maximise press coverage. A small detail is that nobody has yet seen the director or the film.
Kiki finally gives herself to Eddie but Eddie still seems obsessed with his ex wife. Kiki, disgusted by both, sends them to hell. Eddie, desperate, climbs on the roof and threatens to jump, and Lee almost kills him while trying to save him. The press, needless to say, goes nuts. Finally, the director arrives with the film. But, instead of a film, the director has made an embarrassing documentary on Gwen's betrayal of Eddie and of the couple's eventual break-up. Gwen, furious, tries to salvage herself in front of the press by announcing that she gets back with Eddie, but Eddie shocks her by telling her and everybody else that he loves Kiki. Kiki clarifies with Gwen in front of everybody (the three are on stage and the press behaves like a crowd at theater). Gwen, hipocrite, kisses Eddie, and the audience claps. But it is Gwen's last desperate attempt at saving her reputation: Eddie chooses Kiki.
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