Joseph Ruben

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The Pom Pom Girls (1976)
Joyride (1977)
Our Winning Season (1978)
Gorp (1980)
Dreamscape (1984)
The Stepfather (1987)
True Believer (1989)
7.0 Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)
The Good Son (1993)
Money Train (1995)
5.4 Return to Paradise (1998)
5.0 The Forgotten (2004)
Blindsided (2013)
The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017)

Joseph Ruben (USA, 1950) directed The Sister-in-Law (1974), The Pom Pom Girls (1976), Joyride (1977), Our Winning Season (1978), Gorp (1980), Dreamscape (1984), The Stepfather (1987), True Believer (1989).

Sleeping with the Enemy (1991) is a masterful horror thriller.

Then came: The Good Son (1993), Money Train (1995), Return to Paradise (1998).

The Forgotten (2004) is a political thriller with an implausible plot.

A woman, Kelly, grieves over the death of her child, but everybody around her, starting with her own husband, tells her that she never had a child. The child is only a figment of her imagination. She claims that tapes have been erased, photographs destroyed, newspapers altered. Her psychologist threatens to hospitalize her. She then looks for help from the father of another child, a girl who was killed in the same plane crash. The man, Ashley, does not remember having a daughter and calls the police. While the police is escorting her out of the house, some sinister government agents take custody of her. But in the meantime Ashley has remembered: someone erased his memory, but he can now remember his daughter. He runs outside and helps Kelly escape. Kelly is now wanted as a delusional woman who needs medical help and by the government for obscure reasons that make even the police suspicious. Kelly and Ashley reunite and begin an underground investigation on the plane crash and why the government erased the memories of everybody. Kelly is now sure that the children are still alive. But things are getting worse: there are agents everywhere chasing them. Kelly confronts her husband: but now he doesn't even remember that he ever had a wife. There is only one person who is beginning to believe her: the police officer in charge of finding her. Kelly's psychologist is also looking for her and seems to cooperate with the police, but maybe it's only a way to make sure they don't find her before the government does. Kelly and Ashley manage to capture one of the agents and sort of torture him to get the truth: he has only time to say that it's all an experiment before a mysterious force sucks him up into the sky. (But leaves Kelly and Ashley unharmed). The policewoman finds them and believes them, but she too is sucked away. A bionic man finds them. To save Kelly, Ashley crashes with the bionic man down a high-rise building, but both bodies disappear. Everybody is always sucked in the air except her. The psychologist finds Kelly and admits he "knows", and begs the bionic man, who has reappeared intact, to "end it". The bionic man needs her to forget her son or the experiment will fail and he will be accountable for the failure. He uses his superpower on her memory, but she stills clings on her son's memory. The bionic man loses and is sucked away. She is free, walks home and finds her son, as well as Ashley and his daughter. Ashley doesn't seem to remember anything.

Blindsided/ Penthouse North (2013)

The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017)

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