Ira Sachs

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7.2 Forty Shades of Blue (2005)
6.5 Married Life (2007)
6.8 Keep the Lights On (2012)
6.5 Love Is Strange (2014)
7.0 Little Men (2016)
5.5 Frankie (2019)
6.5 Passages (2023)

Ira Sachs (USA, 1965) debuted with The Delta (1997).

Forty Shades of Blue (2005)

Married Life (2007) is John Bingham's novel "Five Roundabouts to Heaven" (1953).

Keep the Lights On (2012)

Love Is Strange (2014) is a quiet family melodrama about a struggling gay couple. The two maintain a dignified composure throughout their little tragedy, never resorting to anger.

The middle-aged George and the elderly Ben get married. Their families are happy, but the church isn't: George is the music teacher at a Catholic institution, and is soon dismissed. The couple has to move out of their expensive apartment, which involves that they get separated for the first time in many years: Ben moves in with his nephew's family, which includes his wife, who is a writer, and a restless teenager; while George moves into a noisy household. Ben is a painter and starts painting again. He witnesses a little family drama when the boy is caught stealing books from school with his buddy. Ben faints and falls badly, injuring his shoulder. The orthopedic points out that he should see a cardiologist. Ben dies shortly afterwards, just when George had been luck enough to find a new place that they could have afforded. The teenager brings him the last unfinished painting by Ben.

Little Men (2016)

Frankie (2019)

Passages (2023)

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