Claude Sautet
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Claude Sautet (France, 1924) debuted with Bonjour Sourire/ Hello Smile (1956) and collaborated with Georges Franju on Les Yeux sans Visage (1959).

The gangster movie Classe Tous Risques/ The Big Risk (1960) was adapted from Jose' Giovanni's novel.

He worked on the screenplays for Jacques Deray's Symphonie pour un Massacre (1963) and Borsalino (1970).

L'Arme a` Gauche (1965)

Les Choses de la Vie/ Things of Life (1970) started his collaboration with actress Romy Schneider.

Max et les Ferrailleurs/ Max and the Junkmen (1971)

Cesar et Rosalie (1972)

Vincent, Francois, Paul et les Autres (1974)

Mado (1976)

Une Histoire Simple/ A Simple Story (1978)

Un Mauvais Fils (1980)

Garcon/ Waiter (1983)

Quelques Jours Avec Moi/ A Few Days with Me (1988)

Un Cur en Hiver/ A Heart in Winter (1992)

Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud/ Nelly and Mr Arnaud (1995)

He died in 2000.

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