Sofia Coppola

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6.8 The Virgin Suicides (1999)
7.0 Lost in Translation (2003)
6.5 Marie Antoinette (2006)
6.3 Somewhere (2010)
7.0 Bling Ring (2013)
6.9 The Beguiled (2017)
6.6 On the Rocks (2020)

Francis Ford Coppola's daughter Sofia Coppola (USA, 1971) debuted as a director with The Virgin Suicides (1999), an adaptation of Jeffery Eugenides' novel "The Virgin Suicides".

Lost in Translation (2003)

Bob arrives in Japan and stays at a modern hotel. His hosts are very kind, but he doesn't speak Japanese at all, so he has to rely on translators. A young couple is staying at the same hotel, the woman, Charlotte, lonely and unsatisfied. Bob is in Japan to shoot a commercial, but even that simple job presents its challenges if one does not understand the language: he takes orders from the director via an interpreter who obviously translates only parts of what the director actually says. Bob's visit is so well organized that he even receives the embarrassing visit of a prostitute. Charlotte's husband, John, is a photographer. She has the whole day to spend by herself in the big city, and can't enjoy any of it. Neither can Bob, who spends his spare time at the hotel bar. At the hotel, John and Charlotte meet a teenage stars how is delirious about John's photographic talent. He is successful, Charlotte is nobody. Charlotte is even disgusted by how stupid the star is. Charlotte eventually approaches Bob at the bar. It turns out Bob has a wife and children, and he chose to make a lot of money with the commercial rather than do a play. She is a philosophy graduate, but now she's living the life of a housewife. The following day she is again roaming the streets of the city, staring at teenagers in videogame arcades. That night Charlotte and John have a drink with the star, but she is so bored by the conversation that she leaves the table and walks to Bob's. The following day John takes off for a business trip, and young Charlotte has a chance to hang out with the middle-aged stranger. From parties to karaokes to smoking a joint to just driving around, they found a common mission: to discover their true self. Bob takes Charlotte to the hospital because she has a black toe, but they can't understand a word of what the staff tells them. They are always together, but they are just friends. They begin to fall in love with Japan, whereas just a few days earlier they were dying to get out of there. Charlotte catches Bob with a girl singing in his room, and she is clearly disappointed if not hurt (he doesn't even remember how the girl got in his room). When the time comes for him to go back to his country and his family, they hug a long time.
(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Giuliano)

Lost In Translation (2003)

Bob arriva in Giappone e alloggia in un hotel moderno. Quelli che lo ospitano sono molto gentili, ma lui non parla per niente giapponese, quindi deve affidarsi agli interpreti.

Una giovane coppia alloggia nello stesso hotel; la ragazza, Charlotte, si sente sola e insoddisfatta.

Bob si trova in Giappone per girare uno spot pubblicitario, ma anche una cosa così semplice comporta le sue difficoltà se non si parla la lingua: prende disposizioni da un regista tramite un interprete che ovviamente traduce solo parzialmente quello che gli viene detto. Tuttavia, la permanenza di Bob è talmente ben organizzata da "meritargli" addirittura un’imbarazzante visita da parte di una prostituta nella sua stanza.

Il marito di Charlotte, John, è un fotografo. Lei ha tutto il giorno a sua completa disposizione per girare la città, ma non se la gode per niente. Lo stesso vale per Bob, che passa il suo tempo libero al bar dell’hotel.

Sempre nell’hotel, John e Charlotte incontrano un’ attrice idolo dei teen-ager che è entusiasta del talento di John nella fotografia. Lui è di successo, Charlotte si sente come se fosse nessuno ed è disgustata da quanto quell’attricetta sia scema.

Alla fine Charlotte si avvicina a Bob nel bar. Si scopre che Bob ha moglie e figli, e che piuttosto che girare un film ha preferito guadagnarsi un sacco di soldi per girare uno spot pubblicitario. Lei è laureata in Filosofia, ma adesso sta facendo la vita della casalinga. Il giorno seguente Charlotte sta di nuovo vagando per le strade della città, guardando gli adolescenti nelle sale giochi; la stessa sera lei e suo marito prendono qualcosa da bere insieme all’attrice, ma si annoia talmente tanto da andarsene dal tavolo per raggiungere quello di Bob. Il giorno dopo John deve lasciare la città per questioni di lavoro, così la giovane Charlotte ha davanti a sé l’occasione per uscire con "lo straniero di mezz’età".

Dalle feste ai Karaoke, dal fumare uno spinello al guidare senza meta, i due si trovano una missione da compiere: scoprire chi sono veramente. Charlotte si fà male ad un dito del piede e Bob la porta all’ospedale, ma non riescono a capire una parola di quello che lo staff dice loro. Da quel momento Bob e Charlotte stanno sempre insieme, ma solo per amicizia. Cominciano ad innamorarsi del Giappone, nonostante un paio di giorni prima avrebbero fatto di tutto per andarsene da lì. Quando Charlotte scopre Bob con una donna (la cantante del piano bar , ndt) nella sua camera, si sente, se non addirittura ferita, molto delusa (lui non si ricorda neanche come in che modo si è portato la donna in camera).

Quando per Bob arriva il momento di tornare al suo paese e dalla sua famiglia, lui e Charlotte si salutano con un lungo e malinconico abbraccio.

After the biopic Marie Antoinette (2006), she directed Somewhere (2010), a rather somnolent film that attempts a portrait of a lonely Hollywood star. Not much happens in the film, and what happens is fragmented and hardly interesting. Johnny is a famous Hollywood actor who drives around in a Ferrari and stays at a luxury hotel. He hires two blonde pole dancers but falls asleep in his bed while they are performing. His life is fairly uneventful. He falls from the stairs at a party and breaks his arm. He hires pole dancers again and watches them perform while lying in his bed. His ex wife Layla brings him their daughter Cleo. He takes her to the skating rink where she practices. He thinks that someone is following him and someone keeps texting him, presumable a disgruntled ex girlfriend. He attends a party and picks up a sexy girl but then falls asleep after undressing her. His secretary arranges a photo session with his co-star and a press conference for his new movie. The female co-star of the movie hates him. He has sex with his neighbor Shannon. When he comes out of her apartment, he finds his daughter sitting in front of his door. Layla left town and is asking him to deliver Cleo to her summer camp. Johnny and his childhood friend Sammy entertain Cleo with some games. He has to go to Italy for an award and takes Cleo with him. When they arrive, they are treated like royalty, but he is also confronted by an old lover, Sylvia. Cleo resents that Sylvia sleeps with Johnny. He attends the award ceremony and then they secretely fly back to Los Angeles, where they take the same hotel room. She cooks breakfast for him and Sammy. He removes the cast from his arm. He starts driving Cleo to the camp but his Ferrari breaks down, so they have to wait until it's fixed. Cleo cries when they drive towards Las Vegas because her mother didn't say when she's coming back. Johnny takes her gambling in a casino. Then summons a taxi to drive her to the camp while he takes a helicopter back home. Before taking off he tells Cleo that he is sorry for not having been around but the noise of the helicopter hides his words. He gets back to the hotel alone. He calls Layla crying and asking her for help. She cannot help him. He checks out from the hotel and drives to the countryside. He stops the car and starts walking.

The Bling Ring (2013)

the musical comedy A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

The Beguiled (2017) is an adaptation of Thomas Cullinan's "The Beguiled" (1966), already made into a movie by Don Siegel in 1971.

On the Rocks (2020)

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