Santosh Siva

6.8 Halo (2001)
6.8 The Terrorist (1998)
6.6 Malli (1998)
6.6 Nine Emotions/ Navarasa (2005)
6.0 Before the Rains (2007)

Santosh Sivan (India, 1964) debuted in Hindi with Story of Tiblu (1988), but then spent the next decade working as a cinematographer, and becoming one of the most celebrated of Indian cinema, before directing the children's film Halo (1996), again in Hidi.

He then directed in Tamil Bayangaravaathi/ The Terrorist (1998) about an aspiring suicide bomber who happens to be a teenage woman.

Malli (1998) was another children's movie, this time in Tamil.

Ashoka (2001) is a mediocre biopic in Hindi of the emperor of the Maurya Empire.

He was more active as a cinematographer for other directors than as a director.

Anandabhadram (2005) is a horror movie in Malayalam.

Nine Emotions/ Navarasa (2005) in Tamil is another of his best.

Then came: Prarambha/ Beginning (2007) in Kannada, the lavish period piece Before the Rains (2007) in English, set in British India in 1937, Tahaan (2008) in Hindi, Urumi (2011) in Malayalam, the war movie Inam/ Ceylon (2013) in Tamil, set during the civil war in Sri Lanka, etc.

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