Julien Temple

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7.0 Absolute Beginners (1986)
7.0 Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)
6.8 The Filth And The Fury (2000)
7.0 Pandaemonium (2000)

Julien Temple (Britain, 1953), after short documentaries about rock band the Sex Pistol and several music videos, directed the musical Absolute Beginners (1986), adapted from Colin MacInnes' book about the "swinging London" of the 1950s. Running Out of Luck (1985) stars Mick Jagger.

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) is a satirical comedy, half musical and half sci-fi movie, which parodies the vanity and the shallowness of the consumer society, and its hypocritical myths.

Three aliens are adrift in space, heading towards the Earth. They are horny: they keep searching for sexy girls. Meanwhile, in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, the typical silly "valley girl" Valerie is getting ready to have sex with her fiance' and housemate Ted, a surgeon, but he gets home tired. The following morning she reveals to her best friend and coworker Candy that she hasn't had sex in two weeks, which sounds atrocious to the valley girls in the shop. Candy diagnoses a crisis: Ted needs a new woman, therefore Valerie has to change her looks. Candy changes her hairstyle and clothes, and a new sexy Valerie heads home to surprise Ted, but it's Ted who surprises her: he shows up with another woman. Valerie kicks him out and goes on a rampage, smashing most of his belongings. The following day the three aliens on the spaceship happen to focus on her while she is suntanning by the swimming pool and they get so excited when she takes her bra off that they cause the spaceship to crash... in her swimming pool. She is not all that shocked. Determined not to be upset, she dives in the pool and hits the spacecraft, losing consciousness. The aliens save her and bring her into the spacecraft. When she revives, she screams terrified, but it soon becomes obvious that these aliens are harmless and quite goofy. They introduce themselves as Mac (the captain), Zeebo, and Wiploc. She invites them to have breakfast and they quickly learn by simply watching television and repeating what they see and hear. Meanwhile she calls a friend, Woody, an eccentric surfer, to drain her pool so that the aliens can repair their spacecraft. While she is outside, Ted calls and leaves a message that he's coming back to beg her forgiveness. Valerie freaks out and takes the aliens to Candy's salon. Candy is initially frightened but then rises to the occasion and transforms the three beastly aliens into three handsome boys. Candy convinces Valerie to go out and party with the three aliens. Other girls don't know that they are aliens and hit on them. They can mimic anything that human boys do and say. Valerie herself is attracted to Mac. Ted gets home before them and, finding a mess in the house, suspects a burglary and abduction. He calls the police but the police arrive at the same time as Valerie and her aliens. The police see them arguing and decide that it's a simple domestic dispute and escort Ted out. That night Mac makes love to Valerie. She has a wild dream (shot in black and white) in which the Earth is invaded by aliens, vampyres and robots, and she tries to call the police using a giant telephone. The following day the pool is drained and the aliens fix the spacecraft, but Woody the surfer lures Zeebo and Wiploc to the beach, where an event is scheduled to choose the best blond. The aliens have no concept of money and end up robbing a gas station and then take off in Woody's van causing damage all over town. Mac tries in vain to stop them. Valerie rushes to help. They both get arrested, while Zeebo and Wiploc are injured when they finally crash the car. Upon learing that Zeebo and Wiploc are being taken to Ted's hospital, Valerie asks Mac to use his superhuman powers to make the two cops fall in love with each other, so they can escape. Mac and Valerie arrive just in time to stop Ted from dissecting Zeebo and Wiploc after finding out that they have two hearts in the chest. Mac uses his supernatural powers to confuse Ted's mind. The aliens are finally free to take off in their spacecraft. Mac uses his supernatural powers to make Ted promise to marry Valerie. But Valerie realizes that she truly loves Mac and asks to be taken with them to their planet Jhazalla.

He continued to make music videos and documentaries about rock music, and then made Bullet (1996).

Amid rockumentaries such as The Filth And The Fury (2000) and Joe Strummer - The Future Is Unwritten (2007), he made a historical costume film about poets Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, Pandaemonium (2000).

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