Edgar Wright

7.0 Hot Fuzz (2007)
7.2 Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)
6.8 World's End (2013)
7.0 Baby Driver (2017)

Edgar Wright (Britain, 1974) debuted with three genre parodies, the Western A Fistful of Fingers (1995), the horror Shaun of the Dead (2004) and the police thriller Hot Fuzz (2007).

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) is an adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's six graphic novels of the "Scott Pilgrim" series. Wright employs creative and sometimes innovative ways to adapt a graphic novel: split screens, computer-like signs on people and objects, cartoon-like descriptions of sounds, abrupt scene changes, etc. The pace of the action is hyper-kinetic, and, visually, the film is sheer sensory overload. Wright throws into the cauldron kung-fu movies, videogames, rock videoclips, Bollywood musicals, gangster movies, horror movies, sci-fi movies, TV comedies, and of course cartoons. A lame sentimental ending ruins the momentum that has been built over 100 minutes of nonstop visual invention.

22-year-old Scott Pilgrim is dating a high-schooler, 17-year-old ethnic Chinese high-school student Knives. He introduces them to his rock band Sex Bob-Omb, which consists of vocalist and guitarist Stephen and wild female drummer Kim, as well as to introverted Neil, who lives in the house where they rehearse. Knives is amazed by the power of their music. Scott shares a home with Wallace, who is slightly older than him. Wallace is not excited at the news that Scott is dating a girl. Scott's younger sister Stacey calls, shocked to find out that Scott is dating a high-schooler, and even Chinese. Scott introduces Knives to his housemate Wallace, specifying that Wallace is gay. Scott and Knives walk into a record store and one of the clerks, Julie, invites Scott to a party, mocking him as "babysitting" Knives. They walk around. Knives tells him that she never kissed. Scott takes her to see the house where he grew up. Then Scott dreams to be in the desert and a red-haired girl skateboards past him. He wakes up. He is in bed with Wallace and Wallace's boyfriend, whose name is also Scott. He has an appointment with Knives at the library, where he sees a red-haired girl on skates. Knives notices that Scott freezes. After rehearsing, the bandmates and Neil go to a party where Scott meets Comeau, a slightly older young man who knows everybody. He recognizes the girl from a confused sketch that Scott drew and tells him that her name is Ramona and she's at that party. Scott walks around and finds her standing alone against a wall. Scott strikes a casual conversation which bores her to death. He then stalks her around the party until she leaves. Julie tells Scott that Ramona is new in town and works for Amazon. Everybody else tells him that she's wild and she has men at her feet. Julie forbids him to date Ramona based on the fact that Scott always ends up breaking up and we learn that he also dumped drummer Kim. Julie is Stephen's ex-girlfriend. Back home Scott tells his housemate Wallace that the red-haired girl of his dream is real. Seconds later his sister Stacey calls, furious that Scott is thinking of juggling two girls. (Somehow Wallace has the ability to inform Stacey in a split second). Scott orders something from Amazon hoping that Ramona will be the one delivering it at his house. Scott also finds a strange email from a guy named Matthew challenging him to a duel, but Scott deletes the him as boring. The naive Knives is still excited about hanging out with Scott and the band. Stephen informs Knives that Sex Bob-Omb is going to a battle of the bands that may result in a record contract, and Knives gets more excited than Scott himself. Scott gets really excited when Ramona finally delivers the package. He asks her for a date. They meet in the evening, but it starts snowing so she invites him to her place. They kiss and almost have sex but she pulls back. Scott tells her about the band and the battle of the bands. Ramona shows up at the club and sister Stacey, who is there with her boyfriend Jimmy, introduces her to Knives, who, as excited as always to see Scott, kisses him in front of everybody and in particular Ramona. Wallace and Stacey stare at Scott with an accusatory look. Scott panics and walks backstage. The band performs well but suddenly a young ethnic Indian man erupts from the sky, the Matthew who challenged him to a duel. They begin an acrobatic kung-fu fight as Matthew introduces himself as Ramona's evil ex-boyfriend. Ramona, from the balcony, explains how she met Matthew through a series of cartoons. Matthew intones an Indian-style song and stages an Indian-style dance, backed by four sexy girls, while throwing fireballs at Scott (somewhere between a Bollywood musical and the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"). Scott somehow manages to win the duel (in scenes reminiscent of "Superman" cartoons) and Ramona, after pointing out that Scott's housemate Wallace is seducing Stacey's boyfriend Jimmy, grabs Scott from stage. Knives was so excited that she fainted and missed the whole duel. She wakes up in time to hear that Sex Bob-Omb are declared the winners, but Scott is gone. Scott is on a bus with Ramona, who tells him that, in order to date her, he will have to defeat her evil ex-boyfriends, and there are still six of them. Nonetheless, Scott walks home all happy, welcomed like in a TV comedy show by an audience clapping, laughing and cheering. His housemate Wallace, who just slept with Jimmy, gives Scott an ultimatum to break up with Knives. Scott meets Knives who invites him to her birthday dinner and to meet her parents, but Scott breaks her heart telling her that he wants to leave her. Ramona visits Scott but Scott is intimidated when he sees that she dyed her hair blue. Scott tells Ramona about how he broke up with his previous girlfriend but a voiceover tells us that he is lying: the girl dumped him and it was brutal. Scott takes Ramona for a walk. They suddenly enter a movie set and Scott is attacked by Ramona's ex-boyfriend, a famous actor. Scott, attacked by this movie star and by his gang, has to demonstrate again his kung-fu skills. Scott wins again. But his romantic life gets further complicaged by a phone call of his ex, Envy, the girl who cheated on him. She has become the singer of a band called The Clash At Demonhead that is advertised everywhere. She literally comes out of a poster of the band while Scott is with Ramona to tell him that she is jealous. Scott swears to never think of Envy again but his band has to play at the same gig. Knives is so obsessed with getting Scott back that she dyes her hair blue and starts dating Neil. They show up at the concert. Knives is also a fan of pop star Envy. Scott's band plays to an indifferent audience that came to listen to Envy's band. After the concert, the two bands are summoned back stage. Scott, Ramona, Envy and Knives find themselves all in the same room. It turns out that Envy's boyfriend Todd, her band's guitarist, is one of Ramona's ex-boyfriends. Todd is a pompous asshole. When he punches Knives, Scott attacks him. Todd has alien white eyes and psychic powers that come from being a vegan. Their duel (with sci-fi movie overtones) begins on a stage, each playing his instrument. Scott manages to win by having Todd executed for secretly eating meat. Shortly afterwards Scott is attacked by vicious lesbian ninja Roxy: one of Ramona's ex-boyfriends was a girlfriend. This actually turns into a kung-fu duel between Ramona and Roxy. When Scott intervenes, Ramona suggests how to beat Roxy and Roxy explodes and a shower of coins drops from the sky. Scott gets disgusted by Ramona's sex life. Feeling insulted, Ramona leaves him but first tells him who the next evil boyfriends are. Next, it's two twin djs that confront them at a concert. Sex Bob-Omb play their loud rock music against tornadoes of electronic music and images unleashed by the twins. Somehow Scott manages to turn the tornado against them and the audience hails him the winner. Knives in the audience, still in love with him, but Scott still ignores her and pursues Ramona again. However, Ramona is back with her seventh ex-boyfriend, who happens to be the very record executive Gideon whom the band has been trying to impress. He offers them a record contract on the spot. Stephen and Kim sign in a hurry while Scott protests that it's a sell-out: he gets replaced on the spot by Neil. Ramona leaves in Gideon's limo. Scott has lost both his girlfriend and his band. He soon also loses his place: Wallace asks him to move out. Gideon invites Scott to check out his new club and the opening act: the Sex Bob-Omb. Scott is shocked to see his band turned into a mainstream act. Scott challenges Gideon and starts a riot, fighting simultaneously multiple bouncers. Gideon is about to win when, out of the blue, Knives intervenes. She has turned into a flying ninja warrior. She attacks Ramona while Scott attacks Gideon. Scott stops Knives and Ramona but is killed by Gideon. Ramona appears to him in the same desert of the first hallucination and confesses that Gideon has control over her mind. Scott finds himself inside a videogame and uses the "1-up" option to re-enter Gideon's club, very much alive. Scott challenges Gideon with a flaming sword, but this time not for the love of Ramona but for his own self-respect. Chaos erupt. His band starts playing punk-rock like before the sell-out. Knives jumps on Ramona brandishing two swords, ready to kill her, and Scott saves Ramona. Then he resumes his fencing duel with Gideon. Gideon is about to win but Ramona and Knives join the fight until Gideon collapses. Scott kicks him in the face and another shower of coins falls from the sky. Stephen, knowing that their record contract is dead, grabs as many coins as possible. Scott is now confronted by his own self, "Nega Scott". Scott reconciles with himself. Ramona, tired of people getting hurt over her, says goodbye to Scott. Knives, however, encourages Scott to follow her.

World's End (2013)

Baby Driver (2017)

Last Night in Soho (2021) is a psychological horror thriller.

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