Bill Evans

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Krentz Ratings:
New Jazz Conceptions (1956), 5.5/10
Everybody Digs (1958), 5.5/10
Portrait in Jazz (1959), 6/10
Explorations (1961), 7.5/10
Sunday at the Village Vanguard (1961), 6/10
Waltz for Debby (1961), 6/10
Conversations With Myself (1963), 7.5/10
Some Other Time (1968), 5.5/10

Miles Davis' white pianist Bill Evans (1929) had started in a low-key bebop vein with New Jazz Conceptions (september 1956), that contained his Waltz for Debby, and with Everybody Digs (december 1958), that contained his Peace Piece; but, after recording Kind Of Blue (april 1959) with Davis, he formed a trio with bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian that introduced a new democratic dynamics and veered towards an impressionistic sound influenced by European classical music. Unfortunately, LaFaro died after their two albums, Portrait in Jazz (december 1959) and especially Explorations (february 1961). The last performance by the trio of Evans, LaFaro and Motian is documentd on Sunday at the Village Vanguard (june 1961) and Waltz for Debby (june 1961). Evans overdubbed himself at the piano for Conversations With Myself (february 1963).

The double-disc Some Other Time (june 1968) collects unreleased recordings with Eddie Gomez (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums)

Evans died in 1980.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Grandi

Il pianista bianco di Miles Davis Bill Evans (1929) iniziò in una tenue venatura bebop con il suo album d’esordio New Jazz Conceptions (settembre 1956), il quale contiene Waltz for Debbie, e con Everybody Digs (dicembre 1958), che contiene Peace Piece; ma, dopo aver registrato Kind of Blue(aprile 1959)con Miles Davis, formò il suo trio con il bassista Scott LaFaro e il batterista Paul Motian il quale introdusse una nuova dinamica più democratica e virò verso un suono più impressionistico influenzato dalla musica classica Europea. Sfortunatamente LaFaro morì dopo aver registrato i primi due album, Portrait in Jazz (dicembre 1959) e soprattutto Explorations (febbraio 1961). L’ultima esibizione del Bill Evans Trio è stata documentata nell’album Sunday At The Village Vanguard (giugno 1961) e su Waltz for Debbie (giugno 1961). Evans si registrò da solo per l’album Conversation With Myself (febbraio 1963).

Il doppio disco Some Other Time (giugno 1968) raccoglie alcune registrazioni mai rilasciate con Eddie Gomez (basso) e Jack Dejohnette (batteria).

Bill Evans morì nel 1980.

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