Benny Carter
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Krentz Ratings:
Central City Sketches (1987), 7/10
Harlem Renaissance (1992), 6.5/10

Benny Carter (1907) was (with Johnny Hodges) one of the most reliable alto saxophonist of the swing era, but mainly he was a composer of relaxed, atmospheric and catchy pieces such as Blues in My Heart (september 1931), Symphony in Riffs (october 1933), Dream Lullaby (december 1934), When Lights Are Low (june 1936), Cow Cow Boogie (composed in 1942). Since 1932 his orchestra featured Wayman Carver, the first major flute soloist of jazz music (Devil's Holiday, october 1933)

From 1941 Benny Carter became a composer of Hollywood movie soundtracks. When he returned to jazz, he began to compose extended orchestral suites a` la Duke Ellington and he continued until well into his eighties: Kansas City Suite (september 1960) for Count Basie, the six-movement suite Central City Sketches, performed by the American Jazz Orchestra on Central City Sketches (february 1987), Harlem Renaissance (1992) and Tales of the Rising Sun (1992), both on Harlem Renaissance (february 1992) performed by a jazz big band and a chamber orchestra with string section.

Carter died in 2003.

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