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Krentz Ratings:
Critical Blank (1999), 5.5/10
Venom (2000), 5.5/10
Phenotypes in a Polygon (2002), 5.5/10
Avant-Garde (2002), 6/10
Balance of Chaos (2003), 5.5/10
Structures (2008), 5.5/10

The natural disciples of Masayuki Takayanagi were perhaps EXIAS-J (Experimental Improvisers Assocation Of Japan), the quartet of guitarist Hideaki Kondo, bassist Ikegami Hideo, drummer Nishizawa Naoto and saxophonist Tanikawa Teruaki who indulged in improvised droning chaotic cacophony on Critical Blank (october 1999), Venom (january 2000), a duo session between Kondo and Naoto, and Phenotypes In A Polygon (Bishop, 2002), with piano and berimbau added to the quartet. EXIAS-J Electric Conception added second guitarist Tanikawa Takuo and electronic/computer musician Miyazaki Tetsuya to the quartet for the live Avant-Garde (november 2002) and Balance of Chaos (november 2003).

Kondo also released Structures (PSF, 2008) under his own name.

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