Stan Getz
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Krentz Ratings:
Quartets (1950), 7/10
Focus (1961), 7/10
Jazz Samba (1962), 6/10
Getz/ Gilberto (1963), 6/10
Sweet Rain (1967), 5.5/10
Captain Marvel (1972), 6/10

White tenor saxophonist Stan Getz (1927), a veteran of Stan Kenton (1944-45), Benny Goodman (1945-46) and Woody Herman (1947-48), was as much responsible for the evolution of bebop into cool jazz as anybody else, because his solo in Early Autumn (december 1948) had provided the template for the genre. He refined that idea on Quartets (april 1950), featuring pianist Al Haig, and containing his own ballad Mar-cia. The high point of his solo career was Focus (july 1961), composed and arranged by Eddie Sauter for strings. Getz was later instrumental in establishing bossanova as a worldwide phenomenon via his two hits: Antonio Jobim's Desafinado, off Jazz Samba (february 1962), a collaboration with guitarist Charlie Byrd, and Antonio Jobim's Girl From Ipanema off Getz/ Gilberto (march 1963), a collaboration with Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto. He was rejuvinated by two collaborations with Chick Corea taken up by long improvisations: Sweet Rain (march 1967), including Corea's Litha and Windows, and Captain Marvel (march 1972), including Corea's La Fiesta, Five Hundred Miles High, Time's Lie and Day Waves. Getz was the protagonist, but the atmosphere was closer to Corea's jazz-rock fusion. Basically, Gets was an articulate guest graciously hosted in Corea's living room.

Getz died in 1991.

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