Tigran Hamasyan

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Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan mix Armenian folk and jazz on World Passion (december 2004), what opens with the lengthy World Passion and What Does Your Heart Want, New Era (august 2007), in a trio with Francois Moutin (bass) and Louis Moutin (drums), with the lengthy fantasias Aparani Par, Gypsyology and Zada Es, and Red Hail (august 2008), with Shoger Jan and especially Serpentine.

The brief vignettes of the solo album A Fable (september 2010) are hardly jazz at all. He moved closer to prog-rock on Shadow Theater (june 2012) and ventured into metal-jazz on Mockroot (may 2014), with him increasingly on electronic keyboards and (alas) vocals. Luys i Luso (october 2014) is an album of old Armenian folk songs and features the Yerevan State Chamber Choir.

He redeemed himself on Atmospheres (june 2014), featuring trumpeter Arve Henriksen, guitarist Eivind Aarset and keyboardist Jan Bang, and on the solo An Ancient Observer (composed and recorded between 2013 and 2016), an album of real jazz piano.

The Call Within (september 2019), instead, sounds like a follow-up to Mockroot.

He also scored the film They Say Nothing Stays the Same (2019).

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