Tom Harrell
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Krentz Ratings:
Play of Light (1982), 6/10
Moon Alley (1985), 7/10
Stories (1988), 5.5/10
Sail Away (1989), 7/10
Form (1990), 7/10
Passages (1991), 5.5/10
Upswing (1993), 7/10
Labyrinth (1996), 6/10
Art of Rhythm (1997), 6/10
Time's Mirror (1999), 6/10
Paradise (2000), 7/10
Live at the Village Vanguard (2001), 6/10
Wise Children (2003), 6/10
The Auditorium Session (2005), 5.5/10
Light On (2006), 5.5/10
Prana Dance (2008), 5.5/10
Roman Nights (2009), 5.5/10
The Time of the Sun (2010), 5.5/10
Number Five (2011), 5/10
Colors of a Dream (2013), 7/10
Trip (2013), 5.5/10
First Impressions (2013), 4/10
Something Gold Something Blue (2013), 5/10
Moving Picture (2016), 5/10
Infinity (2018), 5.5/10
Infinity (2019), 7/10

White trumpeter Tom Harrell (1946) played atmospheric cool-toned hard-bop in two-horn settings with expanded rhythm sections.

Play Of Light (february 1982) and Moon Alley (december 1985) set the standard of his carefully sculpted and orchestrated compositions. The free-jazz detour of Form (april 1990), with Joe Lovano on saxophones and the rhythm section of bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Paul Motian, heralded the introspective mood of the more mainstream collections of Stories (january 1988), with Harrell on flugelhorn, and Passages (october 1991), another collaboration with Lovano. Harrell switched to three horns for Upswing (june 1993), with Harrell on flugelhorn, Joe Lovano on tenor and Phil WOods on alto, Labyrinth (january 1996) and the Latin-tinged Art Of Rhythm (july 1997). Continuing that progressione towards more and more complex harmonies, Harrell ventured into big-band jazz with Time's Mirror (march 1999).

A quintet with Jimmy Greene (tenor sax), Xavier Davis (piano), Ugonna Okegwo (bass) and Quincy Davis (drums) released Live At The Village Vanguard (november 2001). Light On (december 2006), Prana Dance (june 2008) and Roman Nights (november 2009) instead featured Wayne Escoffery (tenor sax), Danny Grissett (electric piano), Ugonna Okegwo (bass) and Johnathan Blake (drums). The Time Of The Sun (december 2010) and Number Five (december 2011) were also credited to his quintet.

A sextet, gathering Wayne Escoffery (tenor sax), Jaleel Shaw (alto sax), Ugonna Okegwo (bass), Esperanza Spalding (bass and vocals) and Johnathan Blake (drums), debuted on Colors Of A Dream (april 2013).

Paradise (november 2000) featured Ugonna Okegwo (bass), Adam Cruz and Leon Parker (drums), Freddie Bryant (guitars), Lois Colin (harp), Xavier Davis (piano and percussion), Jimmy Greene (tenor sax), Juliet Haffner (viola) and Belinda Whitney (violin). Wise Children (may 2003) featured a larger ensemble, including vocalist Cassandra Wilson. The Auditorium Session (april 2005) featured the Italian lineup of Maurizio Giammarco (tenor and soprano saxes) Fabio Zeppettella (electric guitar) Dario Deidda (electric bass) and Fabrizio Sferra (drums).

His quartet (saxophonist Mark Turner, bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Adam Cruz) returned for Trip (october 2013).

First Impressions (april 2013) contains Ravel and Debussy compositions.

Something Gold Something Blue (august 2015)

Moving Picture (september 2016).

A sextet with Ben Street (bass), Johnathan Blake (drums), Charles Altura (guitars), Adam Crux (percussion) and Mark Turner (tenor sax) recorded Infinity (september 2018).

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