Ahmad Jamal

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Krentz Ratings:
Poinciana (1955), 7/10
But Not For Me (1958), 6/10
Blue Moon (2012), 6/10
The Awakening (2017), 7/10

A follower of Garner's "impressionistic" school, Chicago's pianist Frederick "Ahmad Jamal" Jones (1930) was a master of ambience and dynamics. A sense of existential suspense scars the catchy melodies of Ahmad's Blues (may 1952), and, after the fashionable conversion to Islam (1952), New Rhumba (may 1955), and the two hits from the live album But Not for Me (january 1958), Nat Simon's Poinciana (october 1955) and George Gershwin's But Not for Me.

Jamal continued delivering impressive recordings, notably Blue Moon (2012).

Frederick "Ahmad Jamal" Jones died in 2023.

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