Prince Lasha
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Krentz Ratings:
The Cry (1962), 7/10
Inside Story (1965), 7/10
The Mystery of Prince Lasha (2005), 5/10

Texas-born reed player Prince Lasha (1929), active both on the East and West Coast, coined a more relaxed form of Ornette Coleman's free jazz on The Cry (november 1962), in a quartet with alto saxophonist Sonny Simmons. After playing on Elvin Jones' Illumination (1963) with John Coltrane's rhythm section (Jones, bassist Jimmy Garrison and pianist McCoy Tyner), he further downplayed the viscerality of the free-jazz masters in the quartet (Herbie Hancock on piano, Cecil McBee on bass) of Inside Story (1965).

Lasha stopped performing in 1983. after more than 20 years, he recorded The Mystery of Prince Lasha (april 2005).

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