Chuck Mangione
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Krentz Ratings:
Friends and Love (1970), 6/10
Land of Make Believe (1973), 6/10
Chase the Clouds Away (1975), 5.5/10
Bellavia (1975), 5.5/10
Feels So Good (1977), 5.5/10

White flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione (1940) specialized in orchestral ballads that mixed the most atmospheric aspects of bebop music and the most melodic aspects of pop music. The double-LP Friends And Love (may 1970), with the anthemic Hill Where the Lord Hides and the 26-minute pop-folk-jazz-classical fantasia Friends And Love, and Land Of Make Believe (august 1973) for jazz quartet and orchestra, with the twelve-minute Land Of Make Believe and Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor, were live concerts that spanned a vast stylistic territory. Chase the Clouds Away (1975) and Bellavia (1975), instead, pioneered the "smooth" sound of fusion of the 1980s. Mangione achieved mass-market success when he, basically, replicated the lightweight orchestral sound with a jazz quintet of flugelhorn, reeds, guitar, bass and drums on Feels So Good (1977). The catchy Maui Waui and Theme From Side Street, the gentle Hide And Seek and Last Dance, the epic The Eleventh Commandment were summarized in the Feels So Good, one of the biggest hits of the era.
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